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Rachel's POV

Getting your heart broken is a lot worse than taking a bullet. And trust me, I've done that. But when your heart breaks, it can take forever for it to mend. The mending hasn't even begun for me. I'm still suffering, and the truth is, I think I'm going to be for a long time. We had been together for 5 amazing months until we ended things. He was perfect. He looked after me, he cared for me. We had a great time together. We had a lot in common. We both loved the same music, the same movies. We even shared a love for cars. He just didn't love me. I loved him, with all my heart. That's when reality sunk in. In a life like this, you can't get close to people, because all they do is get hurt. The life of a hunter is harder than anyone knows. But I'll never forget the day I first met him. My friend and I had just finished up a hunt and were celebrating at a bar.

Flash Back

March 2005

"Well Rach, another one bites the dust" Sarah said, lifting her shot glass.

"Absolutely" I said, and touched my glass to hers.

I looked around the bar hoping to meet someone interesting. Slim pickin's I guess. I looked back at the bar and raised my eyebrows. There he was. Trouble written all over him and that's exactly what I liked about him. He wore a brown leather jacket that just screamed hotness to the highest level. I had a sudden urge to go over to him. But instead I went over to the bar. All of which, Sarah didn't take note of. I went over to the bar and asked for a glass of Whiskey. When it was handed to me, I turned to find him staring at me. I looked at him and smiled, and he returned it. I sat down next to him and he scooted closer to me.

"Hi" he said.

"Hi" I said.

"Whiskey? Wow" he said.

"Yeah I don't really seem like the type to drink that huh? I probably seem more like a martini kind of girl" I said.

"Yeah you do. So, what brings you here?" he asked.

"Well, I'm traveling with a friend" I replied, pointing at Sarah.

"And your friend doesn't mind that you've ditched her to sit over here with me?" he asked.

"Honestly I don't think she's even noticed yet. When she's buzzed she doesn't notice much" I laughed, and he joined in.

"I'm Dean" he said.

"Rachel" I said.

"So, why did you come over here?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Well, if you want the honest truth, I just couldn't keep away from you" I smiled.

"Wow you sure do speak your mind" he laughed. I smiled at him. I looked over at Sarah and she was not happy.

"I'll be right back" I said. I got up from my bar stool and walked over to her.

"What the hell were you doing?" she asked, angry.

"I was talking to that guy over there" I replied, showing her when he wasn't looking.

"WOW!" she shouted, but not loud enough for anyone to hear.

"I know" I smiled.

"Well don't let me a buzz kill. Go back over there" she said. I did exactly that. I sat back down on my stool.

"Sorry about that. I had to tell her something" I said.

"That's cool" he said. We talked for about an hour. We discovered that we both loved Led Zeppelin and that we both shared a love for classic cars.

"Well I should probably get going" I said, getting up from my stool.

"Wait, um, I'd like to see you again" he said.

"Yeah, I would too" I smiled. He gave me his number and I gave him mine.

"Bye, Dean" I said and left the bar. But not before I heard him say:

"Bye, Rachel"

End of Flash Back

We met again soon after that in Michigan, three weeks later. I wasn't hunting, so I thought I would go where ever I wanted to. Sarah decided to tag along. We went to a bar after we got a room at a motel. When I walked in, I saw Dean.

Flash Back

March 2005

Sarah and I walked into the bar. As I looked around I smiled to myself when I saw who was there. Dean was sitting at the bar, staring into space. I walked over to him but he didn't notice me.

"Thinking about someone?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled.

"I didn't think I'd be seeing you so soon" he replied.

"Oh come on, don't be so negative" I smiled. Sarah walked over to us and I smiled at her.

"Dean this is my friend Sarah. Sarah this is Dean" I said, introducing them.

"Hi" he said.

"Hey. Listen Rach, I'm going back to the room. I have a headache. So, I'll see you in the morning" she said.

"Okay, I'll see you later. Here take the car" I said, giving her the keys. She waved at Dean, winked at me while smiling and left. I knew exactly what she was doing, so I made a mental note to thank her later.

"I guess it's just us then" he said. I smiled at him and got a beer. We talked for a while and then he asked me something I wasn't expecting.

"Do you want to get out of here?" he asked. I smiled at him and nodded. He took my hand I lead me out to the parking lot. I looked at his car and whistled.

"So, this is the girl I have competition with?" I asked.

"Yeah this is my baby" he said. We drove back to his motel. This town had two different motels and he just happened to staying at a different one. He opened the door to his room and I walked in. He walked in behind me and turned me around to face him. I looked him in the eyes and he leaned in to kiss me. Soon I felt his lips touch mine and I kissed him back. I felt his lips on my neck as I was undoing his shirt.

End of Flash Back

Eventually I found out he was a hunter. When he found out I was to I was excepting him to leave me. But he didn't. Sarah decided to only join me when I needed her. She took my car considering I was with Dean. Dean even told me everything about his family. Including his brother, Sam. Those 5 months were the best months of my life. Until the day when my whole life fell apart. Dean and I had just finished killing some vampires.

Flash Back

August 2005

Dean had gone to get some food. I was pacing around the room thinking of what to tell him. If I don't now, then I'll never do it. Dean walked in and I smiled at him. He came over and kissed me, softly.

"Alright let's eat" he said, putting the bag on the table.

"Dean I have to tell you something" I said, nervously.

"What is it, babe?" he asked.

"I'm just going to say it" I said.

"Okay" he smiled.

"Dean… I love you" I said. He looked at me and then down at his feet. He shook his head and I started getting worried.

"Dean, you could say something" I said, walking up to him.

"What do you want me to say, huh? I… I… well I don't" he said, not being able to say that he loved me.

"So, where was this going? If you can't tell me you love me then why are we even together?" I asked, welling up. Just then there was a knock on the door. He opened it and in walked Sarah. I had called her for support in case things didn't go the way I wanted them to. Guess I really did need her now. She looked at me and then she looked at Dean. I ran out of the room, crying.

"Rach, wait" she said, but I slammed the door hard, signaling I wanted to be left alone. I couldn't believe this was happening. Once I had composed myself I went back to the room, I didn't even realise it had been an hour. I knocked on the door, and Dean opened it in nothing but his boxers. He looked at me, shocked to see I was back.

"Can I come in?" I asked. When he didn't open the door any further I got worried.

"Dean, what's going on? Let me come in" I said, pushing myself inside. I stopped in my tracks, looking at the bed. Sarah was sitting up, with the sheet wrapped around her. I started crying again, and she went into the bathroom. She came out fully dressed and I was to busy packing up my things, while Dean was trying to convince me of what happened.

"Baby, please. Just hear me out" he said.

"NO! I obviously mean nothing to you so you can forget it" I said, grabbing my keys from Sarah, and leaving.

End of Flash Back

Sarah and I eventually made up. She told that she didn't plan it and that she didn't and still doesn't have any feelings for Dean. That it just happened. I don't know what made me forgive her, maybe because she was my friend. But now I've lost her. She was killed by a demon. I couldn't believe that I wasn't able to save her. But I'm happy that we made up before that happened. I couldn't imagine if I lost her with her thinking I hated her. I never saw Dean again after what happened. I thought about calling him, asking him to meet me. But I couldn't do it. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't.