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"Daddy, Daddy!" I heard a high pitched squeal coming from down the hall, followed by quick pacing footsteps that bounced lightly against the hard wood floor. Glancing up from the sink where I was pouring some water into a glass I looked the way to where a little girl with silky brown curls and big, dark blue eyes that glistened with spirit, was coming at me with my fedora hat perched on her head. Laughing, I kneeled down to the ground and caught her in my arms. Her smile was wide as she held the hat on her head to keep it from falling in front of her eyes.

"Well well, isn't it the little miss mini me?" I asked slightly amused with her enthusiasm and balanced her on my knee. She giggled up at me and reached up with my hat in her tiny hands and tried to place it on my head, missing both times. She scrunched her face up and I leaned my head down to her to reach. She then placed it on my head and taped it slightly. I lifted my head back up and smiled to her, kissing her on the cheek. Her laughter radiated in a happy and carefree echo before she stood up, her height barely even as tall as my height kneeling down.

"Daddy, why are you so tall? Will I ever be that tall?" She asked just as Kate entered the room. I glanced toward her for a minute and went to answer her before I was interrupted by my love's voice.

"Ally, daddy really isn't that tall. He just wants people to think he is. He wears mommy shoes, the really high ones." Kate said quietly, leaning into Ally's ear for her to hear. Ally started laughing and Kate gave me a triumphant glare with a smirk before turning toward the sink. I just shook my head and stood up, walking toward Kate.

"They are not mommy shoes, they are Italian leather dress shoes." I corrected, glancing toward Kate. I went over to her and kissed her cheek. "Good morning to you to." I took the glass from the kitchen counter and took a sip, watching Ally from a distance. How much of us she really was, she had my blue eyes but just a twinge darker and a mixture of Kate's and mine hair. Her rosy pink cheekbones highlighted her face like a bright sunset.

"Daddy, when are we gonna gooooo?" She wined, giving me wide puppy eyes as she bounced up and down. I put my glass down and took a few steps forward myself, bending over.

"As soon as my daughtttterrrr gets her shoes onnnn." I wined back, bouncing in place like she did. Ally's eyes brightened as she turned and started running out of the kitchen down the hall, calling out a hopeful 'ok' behind her shoulder. I straightened out and smiled as Kate was watching me by the counter, leaning casually on it. Her eyebrows were raised.

"I've never seen a daughter of a con artist get so excited over going to the FBI agency." Kate said sarcastically. I walked to her and placed my hands over her small forearms and rubbed them lightly.

"What can I say? Shes like me, loves the rush of adrenaline when causing trouble with the feds." I repeated back to her with a form of my own sarcasm. "We Caffreys just thirst for trouble." I narrowed my eyes toward Kate and leaned in to kiss just below her cheek.

"Except when theres guns involved." She said gently, her beautiful smile still there.

"Except when theres guns involved." I echoed back to her. Just then I heard Ally enter the room as Kate pulled me to one side of her. She held her arms up with an ecstatic gleam in her eyes. I looked to Kate and she chuckled, motioning toward Ally's shoes. One was black and one was white. Ally was only 4, she really didn't have that 'everything has to match' opinion yet. I laughed along as Kate went over to Ally and picked her up, exiting the room with the child in her arms. My smile stayed as I turned and looked out the window over the sink. Today was Ally's first day coming to work with me. She had never been there before, and for some reason she was happy to go.

She had been bugging me with 'can I go daddy please?' ever since she could speak. How much she reminds me of Kate. I remember when I almost lost Kate for good, turns out it was a trap. The plane blowing up was real, but "Kate" wasn't really Kate. After Fowler was under arrest, police found Kate hidden away in his basement in a cage like cell. It was completely horrible. I was just happy she wasn't dead. The moments in which I thought she was gone were the worst in my life, there was no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel. Everything was just black. Not even Peter could get through to me, I just sat there. Kate and I married each other a few months later, then came Ally. Elizabeth and Peter had a child also, though he is older than Ally by two years. Turns out El was pregnant before the plane crashed. They named him after Elizabeth's father, Michael James. Although I managed to escape the FBI's grasp and anklet I still managed to keep my job there. They needed me after all. I turned when I heard the sound of footsteps coming into the kitchen, Kate had placed Ally in the correct shoes. I went over to Ally and smiled.

"You ready now there mix and match?" I asked, dumping the water from the glass as I placed it in the sink. She nodded with a little 'uh huh'. I walked over to the dining room table where my jacket was and slipped my arms into the sleeves, looking down to Ally as I ruffed her hair up. Ally smiled softly.

"Daddy, why do you always wear that jacket when you leave? And the hat." She asked me, pointing at me.

"So daddy can impress his little work friends." I answered and pulled her jacket from the back of a chair, holding it in back of her as she pushed her arms in the child sized grayish pink wool pea coat. I kneeled down to Ally's level and started buttoning it for her. He noticed Ally's small head of curls tilt to the size.

"How can I impress them?" She asked. I chuckled and shook my head, how much she was like him in many ways. I looked up and spotted Kate leaning against the wall, looking quite diverted from where she was calmly standing. I looked back to Ally, pulling off one of my 'famous Caffrey' smirks and angled my head.

"You don't need to worry about it, they'll be impressed with you either way." I said with happiness, poking her button nose with my long finger. "Lets go." I got up and took my daughter's warm, small hand in mine. Kate came over and kissed us both as we started down the hall. It was a slow week anyway, nothing was going on in the white collar unit but those stupid mortgage fraud cases and we got tons of them every day it seemed. It would be a pretty boring day. I looked down at Ally, who was bouncing with excitement as she walked.

"How well can you play detective?" I smirked as we made our way to the office down the street.

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