Short yet sweet ending 3
I hope you guys enjoyed my story! Thank you all for sticking with it even though it took me freakin months to post new chapters... Lesson learned: always FINISH a story before posting it!

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A few months had passed and I was home again. I had just returned to work and all was well. My father was living a few blocks down in his own apartment and Mozzie often got into fights with him about anything with a history. It was quite comical when they did, especially after a few glasses of wine. Here I was overlooking the New York City skyline with my beautiful wife on a warm summer's night. Breezes tussled our hair and blew her long locks along my body. I kissed her head as she turned in my arms and wrapped her slender ones around my neck, bringing me in close and kissing me on the lips. She pulled back and I pulled forward, digging in further into her soft lips. I pulled apart and stepped away.

"I'll get us some wine." I smirked about to step away. Kate stopped me by grabbing my arm and bringing me back to her.

"No Neal, no wine." She got closer to me, pecking me on the lips.

"Common Kate, tomorrows Saturday and we don't have to work. It's a beautiful night." I tried to convince.

"I don't think the FBI would approve of alcohol intake by someone who isn't even born yet."

I chuckled for a minute but then looked back at her with wide eyes.

"You…You mean?" I asked. Kate nodded, biting her lip for a moment with excited eyes. "Kate that's wonderful!"

"Sure is daddy!" She replied in giggles.

Family, friends, and another baby on the way. What more could a conman ask for? Perhaps there were times when people with a past like me could have happy endings such as these. Fate is a conman in itself, one not even the smartest could ever trick and I was finally willing to accept it.


Again thank you all and I am hopeful to see you guys again soon! I'm working on another story thats going to be comical for the most part about the White Collar gang stuck together without power in a snowstorm and reminiscing about their hilarious past experiences! This time it will be posted BEFORE the I post the chapter =3

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