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Chapter 2: 'The Angel of Amestris'

To truly understand, you must rewind, and live the past to recall what you've tried not to forget. Until the world ceases to turn, people will only remember what they think is important. What about life? What about the people who don't think that it's important enough? What shall happen to there past? It lays forgotten, yet its record still continues to spin, nonetheless…

-|-|-|-|-|-|- Roy; 23 -|-|-|-|-|-|- Arashi; 18 -|-|-|-|-|-|-

Round after round of gunshots could be heard all through the city. Shouting echoed through the streets hauntingly, almost like a ghost…

Crack. "I am serious, Roy! Don't set that building on fire!" Roy looked from the building to Arashi.

"The General said—"

"I don't give a damn about what he said, Roy." She grimaced, rubbing the back of her head. "With each freakin' thing you set on fire, I have to put the damn thing out." She smiled then, admiring the old building that Roy was just about to set on fire. "Plus, it's not our job to destroy this city."

"Actually, it is, Arashi." She scowled at him, putting her red gloves in the pocket of her uniform.

"Really? Dammit… Fine. Go ahead. But next time," Crack. She watched as the building was set ablaze, "you're cleaning up the mess, got it?"

He nodded, rolling his eyes. "Okay, okay. Just come on. We have to go." Arashi rolled her eyes and cracked her knuckles, leaning down then putting her palms on the ground.

"Geez, don't rush me." The burning building instantly filled with water, the burning stopping immediately. The building crumbled, falling to the ground.

Arashi turned to Roy. "Happy?" He rolled his eyes, waving for Arashi to get up.

"I already told you we have to go." She sighed, getting up.

"We get there when we get there, Roy. Plus," She said, rubbing her stomach, "I'm hungry…"

"Well, the faster we go, the quicker you can eat. So—" He looked around for Arashi, who disappeared.

"That's all ya had to say!" Arashi was about 100 meters ahead, waving at him. "And you're calling me slow! C'mon!"

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"Hey Roy! So you and your girlfriend are back?" Maes Hughes yelled, waving at Roy and a scowling Arashi.

"I'm not his girlfriend!" Maes nodded. "And I never will be!" He thought for a moment.

"Oh, sorry… Mr. and Mrs. Mustang." Roy had to hold Arashi back from hurting Maes.

"I'm going to hurt you, Hughes! You'll be dead before I'm finished with you!" Roy sighed, used to this.

"Calm down, Arashi…" Maes still grinned, waggling his eyebrows.

"Don't worry, Arashi. Roy will find a way to 'calm you down', alright." Arashi struggled harder, reaching her hands towards Maes.

"Lemme go, Roy! I wanna strangle this idiot's perverted ass!" Maes held up his hands in surrender.

"Okay, I give up. I'm sorry Arashi." She scoffed, Roy letting her go as she crossed her arms.

"Damn straight, Hughes."

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"Mhm?" They had returned to their tent (there was two to a tent), and they were going to sleep.

"We're going to full-out war tomorrow, right? Ya know, with the bang-bang and stuff?"

"Uh huh." He heard her sigh, thinking.

"Okay… It's important I tell you something." He turned on his side and looked at her from the other side of the tent.

"Yeah? What is it?" He heard her laugh a little.

"You sound drunk."Roy scowled into the darkness.

"Gee, thanks. That's what I want to hear at about 3:00am. I'm radiating with glee." She laughed again, yawning.

"Well, I need you to do something for me." He turned on his side and looked at her from the other side of the tent.

"What? I'm not drunk, Arashi."

"I'm not talking about that…" Her eyes were trained on the ceiling, even as she spoke. "I need ya to watch over Rikky if I don't make it back." Roy's eyes widened as he leaned up and looked at her.

"What?" Arashi turned to him.

"You know what I said. Rikky's only thirteen, and if I die—"

"You're not going to die, Arashi." She shrugged.

"Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? I just know you'll make it out." Roy looked at her incredulously.

"What makes you so sure." She looked at him and grinned.

"Because you're you. It's just your personality. I, on the other hand, am the kind to die early. You know, by implosion or something…" She trailed on, yawning again. "Just say you will, okay?"

"Fine. But you're not going to die, Arashi." She raised an eyebrow at him.

"What makes you so sure?" A grin slowly spread across his face.

"I'm not going to let your sorry ass die."

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"Make sure you completely surround them! Don't let anybody through, got it?" Arashi shouted, "Close off all exits!"

"Yes, m'am." The soldiers saluted her, running off. Arashi sighed, running her hands through her hair. She quickly drew a transmutation circle on the wall beside her and placed her hand on it.

"Time to get this party started!" She held out her hand as a shining spear made of ice materialized.

"Wow, I haven't used this thing in a long time." She mused, her expression then suddenly serious. "And I didn't want to use it again…"

Suddenly, one of the soldiers appeared from behind her. "Major Timberlan! There is an emergency!"


"At the Southern Gate!"

"Dammit… Don't just stand there looking goofy! Show me!"

"Yes, m'am!"

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"W-who did this?" Arashi looked at the dead soldiers, strewn (A/N: Did I just write that…?) everywhere. She turned to the soldier.

"Well, we suspect it's—" A gunshot rang out, the man falling down into the soil. Arashi whipped her head around, gasping the spear firmly.

She faced the man bravely, but she could feel herself shaking. "W-what do you want, Ishvalan?" The dark-skin man grinned, holding up the gun.

"To kill all of you State Alchemist!" Arashi was hardly able to transmute a wall to block the bullet. She smiled at the guy half-heartedly.

"You're not going to kill us all, dude." She pressed her palms to the ground, a cage forming around the man and inclosing him.

"What the hell?" She walked up to the angry man, her hands resting on her hips.

"Tell me what you guys have planned." The Ishvalan grinned maliciously.

"Why would I tell you?" Arashi sighed, rubbing the back of her head.

"Didn't want to do this…" She placed her hands on the side of the cage, icy spikes protruding from the top and sides of the cage. "That's why. Now tell me, unless you want to die, of course." The guy laughed nervously.

"What are you, fourteen? You couldn't possibly have the guts to kill me!"

Arashi scowled. "I'm eighteen, for your information, idiot. Geez…" She put her hands on the cage and the spikes sharpened. "And I can kill you. Now tell me." The guy seemed truly frightened now.

"W-we're planning an invasion of A-Amestris." Arashi's eyes widened. "Now please l-let me go!"

"No! When is it?"

"I-in about t-three hours."

"Three hours? Dammit!" Arashi yelled. "Where?"

"T-the Northern B-b-border." Arashi's eyes widened, and then they softened.

"I'm sorry I have to do this…" The guy's eyes widened.

"No…no…please!" Arashi looked away.

"You killed my friends…" She put her hands on the cage again, bringing the spikes down. "Ashikarazu…" (I'm sorry.)

(KIMBLEY, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!)(^running 4 his life^ No way in hell!)(DIE!)(^another explosion^ See ya!)(Yeah, in hell!)

"Armstrong!" the heavy-muscled man turned to Arashi.

"Yes, Miss Timberlan?" he asked, punching a guy straight in the face.

"We need to go to the Northern Border, I'll explain on the way!" She kept her eyes on the road ahead. "Do you know where Roy is? We have to go and find him!"

"What? An invasion?" Arashi nodded.

"At the Northern Border." Roy looked from her to Armstrong. He nodded as they started running towards the border.

"Do you have a plan?" Roy asked Arashi, her face serious.

"I'm making this up as I go, really. I haven't got a single clue." Roy rolled his eyes. Arashi looked at Roy and Armstrong, and then smiled. "But I have one now."

"Which is…?"

"Okay. Roy, you protect the east side of the Northern Border, Armstrong, you the west, and I'll take the suckers on from the front. Oh, and Roy?"


"I might need you to fulfill that promise." Roy looked at her, as did Armstrong.

"You're going to…"

"I'm going to try."

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"Miss Timberlan, I can see them coming." Arashi nodded towards Armstrong.

"Okie. Got the plan?" He nodded, running off. "Well," she cracked her knuckles, "Time ta go."

She watched (and heard) as the sound of cracks of fire and yelling about 'The Armstrong Family Line' filled her ears.

"Well, I can see the little buggers coming." She stood in front of the crowd, her arm stretched out in front of her.

"Halt." Damn, that didn't work… She put her arm down, scowling. "Okay, if I don't hurry, they'll run me over… again, damn." She waited until they got closer and closer, until they were about 100 meters away from her.

She sighed, slapping her hands together and slamming them onto the ground. "Well, here goes!"

A giant ice box appeared around the 150 people. Arashi limped up to it, a grim expression on her face.

"Ashikarazu. I really don't want to do this… but I have to." She placed her hands firmly on the box.

"Please, forgive me." Spikes fell down in the ice prison. Her eyes widened, as she fell to her knew as the box around the dead men crumbled. (A/N: Let da bodies hit da floor…)

She buried her face in her hands, crying. "I killed all those people… I-I'm a murderer…" She whispered before blacking out from all the energy the last few minutes had taken.

"Miss Timberlan!"


Fast-forward to the present…

"You, with Mustang and that Armstrong guy, single-handedly stopped the Ishvalans from coming into Amestris." Kimbley said, grinning. Arashi looked away from him, a sad expression etched on her face. Kimbley noticed this and cackled harshly.

"What? You're not proud of it? Afterwards, everyone revered you as a hero! They showered you with gifts, praise, and you got promoted!" Arashi scowled at him.

"Unlike you, I don't like to be a killer." Kimbley raised an eyebrow, grinning.

"You could've fooled me, cutie. You killed 150 plus people at one time!" He leaned back in his chair and put his arms behind his head. "I've only been able to kill about 50 people, and I'm the one in jail here." Arashi's scowl deepened.

"I'll say it again. I'm not a killer, Crimson. I only did it for Amestris, got it?" Kimbley laughed.

"Truly? Can you seriously say you didn't feel any hatred towards those Ishvalans?" Arashi was silent.

"Yes, I hated them for killing my friends, but that doesn't mean I wanted to kill all of them!" Kimbley grinned again, a malevolent look dancing in his golden eyes.

"So you're telling me that you never wanted to get revenge on them? That you never thought about getting even?" She sighed, crossing her legs.

"I never said that. It's human nature to want revenge." She crossed her arms. "I just know how to suppress it."

"Mmm…" Arashi looked up at the ceiling, thinking for a second.

"You were in the rebellion, right?" Kimbley grinned and his eyes lit up.

"Of course I was! What do you think I'm in this hell hole for? Robbing a candy store?" Arashi rolled her icy-blue eyes.

"I quote: 'No need to be mean, chick.'"She mocked, a grin on her face. Kimbley grimaced.

"Okay, it's weird when you say that to a guy." She smirked, raising an eyebrow.

"Whoever said I thought of you as a guy, Crimson?" He cringed, like he had received a blow to the gut.

"Ouch. That hurt my ego, cutie."

"Good. Your head's already too big, bastard."

"Oh, so we're throwing names out now? And to think you forgot…" He sighed, "And never said 'thank you'…" Arashi frowned.

"You drunk? They let you drink here in this prison?"

"Sadly, no." He said, actually sounding sad. Arashi rolled her eyes.

"Oh yes… All this place needs is drunk criminals running around." Kimbley shook his head.

"No, no. That's beside the point. Anyway, you seriously don't remember what I did?"

"Unless you're talking about the migraine you give me each minute, then no."

"Again, ouch." He rubbed his forehead with his hand. "You seriously don't remember?"

"What the hell am I suppose to remember?" He sighed.

"How about Sector 12?" Arashi brightened up.

"Oh! It was the Sector I was in charge of during the rebellion. What of it?"

"Remember the last night before we all went home?"


-|-|-|-|-|-|-_-|-|-|-|-|-|-_-|-|-|-|-|-|- First person, I guess. I just don't know anymore…

I yawned as I walked out of the beige tent. Laughter and singing could be heard all around the camp. It was all of our last night here, and tomorrow we would be heading back to Amestris. I have one word: FINALLY!

"Where ya going, Arashi?" I turned to Roy, a goofy grin plastered on my face/

"I'm bored and I wanted ta walk around." He rolled his eyes, taking a sip of his drink.

"Fine. Don't get lost." I snorted.

"Geez, you act like my father or somethin'… Are ya really dat old?" Roy raised an eyebrow at me.

"Are you drunk?" I laughed, but then my face got serious.

"Naw." I could hear him mumble something.

"Could've fooled me…" I scowled at him, hitting him on the head.

"Shut up, idiot." I walked away from him and weaved my way through the camp.

"Where are you goin' Arashi?" I turned to Maes.

"Places. I'm bored." He grinned and was just about to say something before I cut him off. "And if you twist that into something weird, I'll unleash the wrath of a drunk person on your soul." Unaffected by my threat, he raised an eyebrow.

"I heard you talking to Roy and you said you weren't drunk." I tilted my head and looked at him.

"You really think Roy would have let me go anywhere if I was drunk? He would have tied me to a pole and wouldn' have let me off of it until we got back to Central. Then he would yell at me about how 'I shouldn't be drinking at such a young age.'" I said, mimicking Roy's voice, "And that 'I am being very irresponsible' and that 'I am not supposed to be out this late.'" I noticed how quiet Maes was, even though he was smiling, and I sighed.

"Roy's right behind me, isn' he?"

"Damn straight, Arashi." I turned around to face a pissed-off Roy. I waved sheepishly at him.

"Er, hey. Sorry—" He scowled and grabbed me by my collar, pulling me back to our camp.

"I said I was sorry, didn' I? Plus, I don' even seem drunk." He stopped and raised an eyebrow.

"Okay then." He let my collar go so I could face him. "If you don't think your drunk…" he thought for a second, "Recite the alphabet backwards." I gawked at him.

"I can' do that! I've never been able to do it! And I never will!" I poked him in the chest. "I don' think anybody here can do it!" he smirked.


"Except you, Amazing Roy." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. I added under my breath, "Show off…"

(Kimbley's brain is still dead. Meeeerp.)(Again, the hell, Kimbley?)(Meeerp. Out to lunch.)(STOP STALLING!)

Flickers of the party were still going on, but most people were asleep. As I walked back to my tent, I realized something.

"Damn, I left my pocket watch at the other tent…" I turned around, going back the way I came.

"Ah ha!" I said, picking up the silver watch by its chain, "Here it is!" I stuffed it in my pocket, turning back around.

"Now to go back—" I sighed, rubbing the back of my head, "Shit, I'm lost…" I walked down the path I thought I had come, only to reach the outskirts of the camp.

"Roy's gonna murder me…" I walked along the edge, until I looked into the desert.

"Wow, that's beautiful…" Seriously, it was. The moon was reflecting of the sand perfectly… Damn, I didn't know I could be poetic… It wasn't until that moment that I realized I had wondered away from the camp.

"What is such a youn' girl doin' so far out here?" I turned to the voice and was met by sharp, red eyes.

"Ishvalan…" I whispered. The guy grinned, holding up a very sharp knife. No… Knifes are bad for Arashi…

"Now, should I kill you, or play with you first?" You're all probably wondering, "Why the hell is she not using butt-kicking alchemy to open up a can of whoop-ass on this dude?" Well, I can't. After that stunt I pulled, I can't use alchemy for another two weeks. So, I'll just…

Slam. I punched the guy in the stomach. "Damn girl…" He slashed upward, the knife grazing my cheek and leaving a streak of blood. I stifled a gasp as he threw the knife to who-knows-where and grabbed onto my shoulders.

"Listen here girl—"

"Is that any way to treat such a cute lady?" I hear a silky voice say. I heard hands clap, and then the same hands, which I then noticed were freakin' GLOWING, came from around my waist.

Before I could say anything, the guy's hands pressed on the Ishvalan's chest. I heard a smooth laugh as the guy started to, uh, glow. Weird…

"Time to get ya out of here, chick." The guy's arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me to his chest, pulling me away from the, er, glowing guy. "We don't want your pretty little face stained with blood, now do we?"

"Whaaaat?" The Ishvalan then decided, 'Hey, how about I creep the CRAP out of Arashi and BLOW UP!' Two words: THE HELL? The man who saved me laughed, taking his arms from around me.

"You really shouldn't be out here this late." I turned to face the guy, but he had started to walk away.

"Wait!" I tried to use the ah-mazing flagging-down skills that I don't have to get his attention, "Thank you!" He waved it off and laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. It was fun."

Fast-forward to the present…

I gawked at him. "That guy… was you?" Kimbley grinned, obviously proud of himself, and leaned back in his chair.

"Bingo, babe." I thought for a second, and then scowled.

"Of course it was you…" his grin disappeared.

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"You touched my butt before you 'left'." Kimbley looked taken aback.

"That never happened and you know it!"

"Sure… ya damn perv." I yawned, scratching the back of my head. Kimbley looked at me, grinning.

"You getting sleepy, aren't ya, sweetheart?" I scoffed.

"No! Of course not! I'm wide awa—" I yawned again, this time for like, ten minutes.

"You yawn like a cat." I glared at him.

"Thanks. That's what every girl likes to hear."

"Well then, you're welcome." I sighed.

"You better be glad that there is a giant glass wall protecting you, Crimson." He leaned in to the glass to look at me in the eyes with his brilliant (Did I just think that?) golden ones, grinning.

"You better be glad too, cutie." Before I could say anything, I heard a knock on the door down the hall.

"Lieutenant Colonel Timberlan, your shift is over." I looked at my watch, and sighed. I had been here from 12:12am to 10:23pm. Damn, about 10 hours…

"Well, I gotta go." I got up and started to walk, still yawning.

"Bring me a book or something, will ya?" I turned to him.


"Do you know how boring it is in here? Plus," He grinned, sitting up in his chair, "do you really want me staring at you all day?" I scowled.

"Fine, fine. You better be damn happy I'm nice." I said, walking down the hall.

"You have a swearing problem, cutie."

"Gee, thanks." I said. Then I turned to him, scowling. "Oh, and if you keep staring at my butt, I'll rip out your damn eyeballs and shove them up your perverted ass, bastard."

"Again, swearing problem."

(Meeeerp…)(Idiot, I know you're still there.)(Meerp. Zolf J. Kimbley is not available. Please leave a message after the 'Meerp.')(Retard, I'm right here.)

I walked into the office, flicking the lights on. "Hello…? Anybody in here…?" I was just about to walk out when someone grabbed onto my arms from behind.

"You will die in twenty minutes…"

"!" I screeched. Roy laughed, stepping in front of me.

"You get scared like you're two." I scowled at him.

"Buttface…" I looked at his desk. I picked up a completed sheet of paperwork, and then turned back to Roy. "How important is this?" I held up the sheet of paper between my fingers.

"Oh? It took me about an hour to do the damn thing." I grinned.

"So… It would be bad if this suffered an, unfortunate, accident?" he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Arashi… What are you planning?" My grin got wider as I inched towards the door.

"Oh, nothin'…" I was silent, "'Cept this!" I bolted out the door and into the hall as I broke into a sprint.

"ARASHI! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" I looked back and saw Roy running after me.

"Shit!" I ran faster turning down every random hall I could possibly find.

"Arashi, give that back or else!" I came to a dead end and turned to face him, holding my hand above the paper.

"You're in no position to threaten me, Roy-kun." I grinned at him. "Now, listen to what I say, or your precious paper gets to swim with fish." He narrowed his eyes.

"What do you want?" My grin got wider.

"It's not something I want; it's something I want you to do…"

(I am seriously going to kick you, Kimbley.)(^something blows up^ Ooo…)(DAMN IT KIMBLEY, I'M GOING TO FRY YOUR ASS!)

"You're evil. Pure evil." I smiled happily, bowing at Roy, who was still scowling.

"Why, thank you. I'm flattered." He glared at me as we walked down the hall.

"Why in the world are you making me do this?" I shrugged, grinning.

"I dunno. I think it'll be funny. Anyway…" I pointed ahead of us. "Go and do what I told you to do." Roy scowled.

"A-Armstrong?" the muscular man turned to Roy.

"Yes?" He's actually gonna do it! I should have probably told him that it was a fake sheet of paper…

"C-can I…" I grinned, waiting for him to say it… "have a… h-hug?" Armstrong instantly brightened up.

"Of course, young man!" He picked up Roy and hugged the crap out of him. I couldn't help it anymore.

"Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" I stopped laughing once Armstrong put Roy (who looked very dizzy) down and looked at me.

"Would you like one too, Miss Timberlan?" I smiled sheepishly, putting up my hands in defense.

"Oh, it's okay! I gotta—"

"She'd love one, Armstrong." I glared at Roy, who was grinning evilly. I mouthed 'You will pay, bastard.' at him, but he just kept grinning.

I was about to say something when I was hugged-to-death. "C-can't b-breath… B-bones b-breaking…" Of course, Roy started laughing.

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