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Party Time

Sonic waltzed into the house and closed the door behind him. Jamie, still attached to her collar and leash, shook herself as dogs are bound to do, and barked a greeting to the entire household.

"Shads isn't home, if that's who you're calling for," Sonic told the puppy, bending down to ruffle her head. She'd been to the groomers two days before and now could be identified as a poodle again, her wolf snout prominent on her soulful face. They had just come back from a walk.

Sonic lifted Jamie into his arms and unhooked her collar, hanging it on the rack before putting her down. Jack, on the couch, stretched out, his fingers separating from their paw like little spiders. Jamie stood up on her hind legs, her paws on the couch to steady herself, and licked her friend in greeting. Jack responded by swatting at her, and Jamie playfully nipped him back.

Sonic shook his head and went into the kitchen. After preparing lunch for his little darlings, he picked up the phone and dialed a number he knew well. Shadow's office was closed for a holiday, and the dark hedgehog was running errands. Sonic just hoped his friend was at home.

"Hello?" Amy Rose's voice was high-pitched, which meant she'd been baking. Sonic smiled.

"Hey, Ames."

"Sonic! My goodness!" She giggled madly. "How are you?"

"I'm great, Amy."

"That's good. You wanna come taste-test some cookies?"

Sonic wet his lips in desire, but remembered that wasn't why he was calling. "I can't leave my babies. Anyway, I was wondering if tomorrow works for you."

"Yeah, tomorrow's fine. What do you have in mind?"

"Why, your housewarming party, of course!" Sonic laughed. "Don't tell me you forgot!"

Amy chuckled. "Actually, I did. I'll save these cookies, then."

"Nah, lemme eat em," Sonic teased, "I'll take care of the food. Shads just went to the store for some things, so…"

"You just said you couldn't leave your babies."

"I can't. That doesn't mean I'm not going to eat your cookies at some point."

Amy sighed into the phone and Sonic could just picture her rolling her eyes. "So, I'll see you tomorrow for housewarming?"

"Yeah. Spread the word, and I'll do the same."

"Will do! See you tomorrow!"


Sonic hung up the phone and ran a hand through his long blue quills. He still couldn't believe he was twenty-one years old. He still felt like he was sixteen or seventeen, just more worldly. He still felt young.

Wasn't twenty-one a horribly old age to be?

I bend and fold at your request

Now it's my time to take a step

I closed my eyes now you're well on your way

The next day, the party happened and everyone was there. Sonic was hosting the party, so he was kept busy socializing, entertaining, cooking, and so much more. There was an open grill, a present from Vanilla, which was already in use upon which hotdogs, cheese dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sausages, grilled cheeses, and so much more were being grilled. Music blared from the battery-powered stereo system, and everyone was having a good time.

The twins, barely a year old but able to walk and babble some words out already, were toddling around chasing Jamie or Jack and even Socrates and Efimia, who were a bit confused as to why there was so much commotion. Tails and Cream were talking about anomalies in space and Amy and Cosmo were talking about gardening methods. Vanilla was standing by with Mai and Kite, who were socializing, but never far from their mistress. Sonic, as we have said, was doing several thousand things in an instant. He was grilling, chatting, adjusting the volume of the music, and trying to encourage Shadow to have a little fun.

The dark hedgehog was shamelessly tailing Sonic, albeit from a distance, fully on guard. He thought the party would attract some unwanted guests, and didn't want that to happen.

Sonic caught up to Shadow and hugged him around his shoulders. "What'sa matter, Shadzy?" He cooed. "Cat got your tongue?"

"No one is watching the twins," Shadow grumbled, obviously not at home in social situations. "We haven't kissed in twenty minutes, those girls irritate me…" He looked at Sonic. "You're busy. What can I do?"

"Stop being so uptight," Sonic came around the front to face Shadow, lacing his arms around the dark one's neck, raising one leg to embrace Shadow's thigh, bringing him closer. "I'd love to get with you right now, believe me, but I can't leave the party, as I am host." He smirked, turning to the side a moment to flip a burger on the grill behind him. "The twins are fine. Vanilla is keeping an eye on them. Did I tell you? Tails and Cosmo are going to make Vanilla officially their grandmother? Isn't that nice? And Tails should give you someone to talk to. I thought you were friends." Sonic leaned in and touched Shadow's lips with his own, commandeering the kiss into passionate breathlessness. "And as for me kissing you, love," he added, licking Shadow's lips slyly with his tongue, "you can't complain I haven't, now."

"Can I complain you haven't eaten?" Shadow took a cooked hot dog off the grill and pressed it against Sonic's lips. The hedgehog opened his mouth to receive it, his eyes reading confusion. "Don't forget you're still underweight, Sonic." And with that, Shadow tickled his beau, making Sonic giggle immensely.

"Go mingle!" Sonic scolded, pushing Shadow away. "Who are you so scared of?"

"Knuckles and Espio!" Shadow called back.

Reach for the highest, brightest star

You'll be sure to catch the moon

All your dreams are possible

And you'll get there soon

After everyone had eaten their fill and the twins were half asleep and the pets were napping, Sonic jumped up on the porch. "I'd like to thank you all for coming," he spoke loudly over the music, until Shadow turned it off. Sonic winked at Shadow in thanks, and then projected his voice over the crowd. "This is Amy and Cream's housewarming party. They finally did it. Let's give them a big hand," and he led everyone in clapping. "The next announcement is Tails and Cosmo's, so I'll give them the floor a moment," and he sat in the porch swing while Tails and Cosmo took the stage amongst clapping.

The two lovers looked at each other, and then looked out at the crowd. "As you know," Tails began, "neither of us have any folks to speak of. Cosmo's are dead and mine I can't prove. None of that matters to us, but it leaves our children without any grandparents."

"And, of course," Cosmo picked up the speech, her delicate voice endearing to everyone who heard it, "as much as we love dear Amy and Cream, they don't intend on heaving children of their own, which we would imagine leaves dear Vanilla in an empty place." Cosmo smiled at her twins, nuzzled under a blanket on the porch nearby. "Which is why we would like to invite Vanilla to be our children's grandmother."

The old rabbit burst into tears of joy, and Cream and Amy and Cosmo hugged Vanilla to no end. "Thank you," was all Vanilla could choke out, "it would be an honor."

After all the fanfare, Sonic once again took the stage. "I'd also like to tell you all that, several months ago, Doctor Eggman passed away." Before everyone could cheer, he held up a hand and continued, "before he died, he called me to his base and told me that I was to oversee the destruction of said base, in order to save the environment around it. I have put this off for long enough." His voice and eyes, and even his body were serious. He had never looked so sober. "That is why tomorrow, I am going to the site of Eggman's base and I'm going to start taking it apart and cleaning up the environment. I've invited a few friends to come with me, and now I'm inviting a few more. Come and bring someone along with you, if you'd like. But please come and help me. I can't do this alone." He cleared his throat and smiled. "Thank you." And he stepped down from the podium.

Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?

Open your heart, I'm coming home.

When Sonic and Shadow got in that night, it was quiet. Jack and Jamie crawled into their respective beds and went to sleep right away. Sonic and Shadow took off all the clothes they were wore and crawled into bed.

Shadow was just about to settle down and go to sleep when Sonic nipped his shoulder.

"Ow," Shadow grumbled.

"I wanna do it," Sonic whispered excitedly in the dark. "Can we do it? We haven't done it. I wanna do it."

Shadow yawned. "I'm tired."

Sonic rolled his eyes and felt around in the dark for Shadow's penis, which he began to pump. Then, he nipped Shadow's neck, and licked at the lips to intensify the animalistic pleasure of them. He pressed his hardened member against the entrance of Shadow's ass, and finally, with a little coaxing, pushed it in.

"This is awkward," Shadow admitted after a minute. "Mind if I take over?"

"Be my guest," Sonic laughed, "but I thought you were tired."

Quick as anything, Shadow was on top of Sonic, his penis inside Sonic's area and Sonic's member against his stomach. Shadow smirked and began to thrust at Sonic. "I'm the Ultimate Lifeform," he declared, "I never get tired!"

"Fuck you don't!" Sonic yelled back. "Kiss me, you fool!"

And Shadow leaned forward and kissed Sonic with all his might.

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