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It was just another rainy day in Konoha. The streets were deserted only to be filled with people who had no other option but to be outside, whilst everyone else was warm and dry inside their safe homes, playing games and keeping themselves occupied until the rain passed.

But it had been raining steadily for three days, and people of Konoha had grown tired of the wasteful weather outside, particularly the ninja, who had to work in the foul conditions, and watched how the civilians stayed inside all cozy and warm, whilst they were breaking their backs to rebuild the city from the Sound-Sand attack that had happened only a month before.

And of those very ninja who were bickering and complaining the most were the genins. They had been reduced to working in the mud, forced to waste their time on stupid D ranked missions, and were all tired out completely. As the rain began to stop slowly, leaving only small drizzles, the eight male genin comrades were all huddled together, taking a small break from their laborious and tiring mission.

To clean and clear out the male bath houses.

Naruto, whose blond hair had been soaked and his hands red from the cleaning, sighed glumly at the very last bath house that needed to be properly clean. Shikamaru stepped forward and gave them all a dull look.

"Let's get a move on." he said to them all trying to motivate the rest of his friends, "This is the last one, the sooner we finish the sooner we can go home."

The eight genins walked along the bath house being cautious not to fall into the water. Sasuke and Neji, the two people from the higher classed bloodlines, gave a disgusted look at the fact that they were forced to go so low as to be cleaning a bath house. Lee on the other hand was the only person there who could keep a smile on his face…but that was Lee for you…he always had a smile on his face.

Choji was munching on some crisps and Kiba kept scolding at him because he kept spreading crumbs all over the floor of the bath house. Shino, being his mysterious self, didn't seem to complain about the mission…in fact he didn't say much at all…

Naruto and Sasuke both had a theory that Shino was actually a puppet being controlled by a giant bug beetle in disguise…if they had known that Shino and Kiba had a theory that they were both being fingered up the ass by Kakashi because they had seen him perversely poke the two of them, making them jump up howling…and boy did they howl.

And as for Shikamaru, well the Nara was just watching the giant grey clouds roughly sway along the sky. A random shiver passed through his spine as he felt it rain harder. He sighed; this mission would never get finished.

"Shikamaru!" Naruto yelled at under the sudden down pour of rain, "We're never gonna get any work done like this we should head inside!"

Shikamaru nodded, "You're right." He said loudly trying to get his voice heard. It was raining heavily again.

The boys carefully made their way into the changing rooms.

Well, that was all but Sasuke Uchiha. He had decided to stay behind and finish that one spot he was doing. He didn't pass unnoticed and Naruto had stopped coming in and turned to his Uchiha friend.

"Sasuke you're gonna catch a cold if you stay out here!" Naruto yelled. The Uchiha gave a grunt.

"I'll be fine dope," he said to him, "Just leave me alone."

Naruto tried to drag him inside when suddenly the Uchiha had lost his footing. He and the blond had fallen into the bath house and the storm suddenly became worse. The others had turned and watched them hesitantly, unsure on whether to help them or laugh at them. The answer came when an unexpected bolt of lightning had hit the outside of the terrace surrounding the pool.

Neji and Lee both got in the pool stupidly forgetting that it wasn't very deep and that the two rookies would've been able to get out of the water themselves. The rest of the genins were busy trying to fasten a rope to them…again forgetting that this wasn't a rescue from Baywatch and that this was just four boys walking out of a bathing pool.

Choji had slipped in dragging Kiba and Shikamaru with him. Shino had begun to help Kiba out when a bolt had hit the floor only a few centimeters behind him, the shock causing him to drop the rope and fall in.

In a split second another bolt had hit the pool.

The eight boys felt the shock quickly…their heads racing and spinning on the threads of their last thoughts.

Sasuke who was giving every single person in the pool a death glare had repeated several times in his head, "I wish I wasn't seen!"

His teammate was thinking of something completely different as the pain of the electrocution had pulsed through his veins, "Damn the fact that I bruise so easily, this will take weeks to recover!"

Shino had his eyes fixated on the rope cursing to himself for the fact that he couldn't reach it and that it couldn't come to him.

Kiba, who actually was the closest from the bolt, had wished that he was back home in his warm dry bed, away from the pain.

Neji had wished he knew what everyone was about to do before rushing in like that. Whilst Lee had wished he could've done something to help everyone quickly.

Choji wished he could just sink straight throw under the pool so he couldn't feel the pain of the electrocution.

Shikamaru had the most peaceful thought. He wished that he could've given that stupid storm cloud up in the sky a right kick in the ass and tell it to fuck off. Then none of this would've happened, and none of them would've been in the process of becoming a human flambé.

If it wasn't for the girl genin's next door who had pulled them out right after the shock. They all would've died in the pool. It was a good thing they did too, other wise who knows what could've happened.

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