! Love Potion number 10 !

Potion lesson's to day for the Russo kid's . What is the lesson well of course it's Love Potion number 10? No , no it not 9 it's stronger then 9 it's 10. But who will fall in love with who?

The person's thoughts


( The Russo Living Room)

" Come on, man you got to help me. Help me get Harper " asked Zeke Kingston ( I have no Idea what his last name is , dose anybody), Zeke was Justin best friend . He had a HUGE crush on Harper Finkle, she was Alex's best friend and now she lived here with Justin.

" I don't know dude shes Alex's best friend and I could get in big trouble if Alex found out . Why don't you just asked her we could do a double date" said Justin as he looked at Zeke, he didn't want to get his hopes up.

" Hmm, yha ok . Do you know when she comes back here" asked Zeke as he smiled.

" When who comes back here asked Alex as she and Harper walked in. Alex was wearing a white tank top with a guitar on fire on it and dark blue jeans that had cuts all over them.

" Hi, Harper umm, wow you look great to day I love that outfit" said Zeke as he looked at Harper. Harper was wearing black short shorts and a yellow tank top with the Tribeca turkey mascot on it.

" Umm, ok are you ok I'm wearing my gym clothes whats so great about that" asked Harper as she frowned. She did have a great outfit today but that fucking bitch Gigi spilled her coco on her and ruined her dress. It was a white dress with musical note's on it . That note's where to her favorite song By A Day to Remember it was You should of killed me when you had the chance. She loved that song and she work so hard on that dress it took hour's to sew on the notes and make them out of black and red felt.

" Well, it looks nice, any way I was wondering............. what are you doing tonight I thought we could go to the movies with Justin and Juliet you know like a date" said Zeke as he looked at Harper. Jerry and Theresa walked in and looked at Zeke then at Harper then turned around and left.

" Oh, sorry Zeke I can't do that tonight I have a report to do for english class. I need to wright a 5 page essay on Ireland. I chose to do it on Hurling" said Harper as she smiled, her eye's light up when she spoke of her family's mother land.

" I see, well maybe next time huh Harper maybe next time it... it could be just us" said Zeke as he frowned.

" It's what ever Zeke you don't need to be so sad homework you know how it is" said Harper as she shrugged her shoulders and walked to the refrigerator and opened it , then grabbed two can's of root beer. She walked up to Alex and handed her a can.

" Thank you Harp" said Alex as she smiled at Harper.

" No prob Lexie " said Harper as she clinked the can's together. Alex leaned on Harper and Harper wrapped her right arm around Alex's shoulder.

" Well, I guess I better head off, I got work. I'll call you later Harper" said Zeke as he started to walk to the door.

" Why" asked Harper as she looked confused.

" I don't know , so we could just talk good luck with that paper" said Zeke as he left.

" You know, I don't remember the teacher telling me what my project was about" said Alex as she thought of the homework.

" Because we don't have a essay to do" said Harper as she smiled.

" What, wait but ... you just said ... you just told Zeke" said Alex as she looked very confused.

" Yha, I know what I told him, it was just a story" said Harper as she took a sip of her root beer.

" Wait,..... no did you... you did I'M SO HAPPY" said Alex as she jumped on Harper and hugged her.

" Hahaha my Harper lied, OH what a great day" said Alex as she kissed Harper on the cheek.

" Yha, well I am learning from the best" said Harper as she hugged Alex back.

" I am the best, thanks babe but your getting there soon you'll be cheating , lying and stealing. I'll make a Russo out of you soon" said Alex as she winked at Harper.

" Hey I'm nothing like that" said Justin as he glared at Alex.

" Harp I'm so Happy and tomorrow it's going to be our Friendiversary " said Alex as she grinned at Harper. ( The anniversary of your friendship , if you wana know)

" I know I can't wait to give you my gift for you" said Harper as she smiled too.

" Hey I have to do homework , Alex can I borrow your calculator I can't find mine" said Justin as he looked at his younger sister.

" Hahaha, like I have a calculator" joked Alex as she started to laugh at her own joke.

" Ok, Max can I borrow your's" said Justin as he rolled his eye's.

" It's broken" said Max as he had a goofy smiled plaster to his face and got up going to do his shift in the family subsation.

" Umm, Justin ... I have your calculator" said Harper as she had a nevus smile on her face.

" What, how did you find it? Was it on the ground" asked Justin as he looked at Harper.

" Kind of" said Harper as she grabbed her bright orange book bag. She pulled out a black calculator.

" Kind of how Harper" asked Justin as he started at Harper.

" Wait I had this first period then I went to gym and put my book bag in my locker how did you get it" asked Justin as he glared at Her.

" Ok, you want the truth I walked into the guy's locker room, went to your locker and took it , then I opened Johnny K's locker and took this candy bar." said Harper as she shrugged her shoulders and pulled out a chocolate bar from her book bag.

" YOU DID WHAT, HOW , how did you open my locker it was locked." asked Justin as he stood up and pointed his finger at Harper.

" It was pretty easy, it was the number of Juliet's birthday" said Harper as she rolled her eye's.

" My Harper is being so bad , I love it" said Alex as she Eskimo kissed Harper. ( That's the noise rubbing thing )

" Hehe I needed it to finish Alex's gift" said Harper as she took another bit of her chocolate bar.

" You needed a calculator for my gift. That sound kinda boring" said Alex as she faked a pout.

" Hehehe hey don't go thinking bad thoughts about my gift cause it's one gift you'll remember for the rest of your life." said Harper as she frowned.

" Fine, I'll wait for this really cool gift that involves math" said Alex a she sighs. Harper rolled her eye's and smiled at how Alex was acting.

" Your getting as bad as Alex" said Justin as he grabbed his calculator and went to his room.

" Not yet but I'll get you there" whispered Alex in to Harper's ear.

"Hmm, ok anything you want Alex" said Harper as she looked in to the dark brown eye's of her best friend.

" Hehe so you took candy from the school's top bully, isn't my little red head living on the edge" said Alex as she took a bite of the candy Harper was eating.

" It's good right" asked Harper as she licked her lip's. She loved Chocolate , she thought it was the best thing in the world.

" Yha, it's good but I could think of a better way to eat this" said Alex as she looked at Harper eating her stolen candy bar.

" Hmm, how" asked Harper as she looked confused.

" Maybe one day I'll show you how" said Alex as she licked her lip's. She knew deep down that she was in love with her best friend.

" Right" said Harper as she put the TV on.

" So, you lied to Zeke why" asked Alex as she sat down by Harper. She really wanted to know why Harper lie , maybe there was some other guy she like or maybe she ... maybe she like her she could only hope.

" I don't like him, there's someone I like a lot and I'm going to show them how much I like them" said Harper as she watched the TV, she had playing was the MET'S game vs the Boston Red sox's.

" Oh, ....... I see do I know this guy" said Alex as she turn her head away from Harper so she wouldn't see her frown.

" Yha, you know this person" said Harper as she looked at Alex.

" Well, good luck with getting this guy k. I'm going to take a shower ok" said Alex as she got up and left Harper on the couch by herself.

" Kay" said Harper as she watch Alex leave. Man, her ass is so fucking hot I just want to bite it thought Harper as she looked at her friend leave.

" You'll find out tomorrow Alex who I love" said Harper to herself. She has been in love with Alexandra Margarita Russo since she was 12 and tomorrow was the Friendiversary she was going to surprise Alex with being the baddest girl in school.


Well, I hope this is a good start. Just some info on the story kay, One Wizard vs Werewolves never happen not like the move. Mason is with MAX not ALEX. The mummy never took Juliet so she still there and I'm going to have Mason, Juliet and HARPER very good friends .