By: CSI-Panther

Pairing: Inuyasha X Sango

Summary: This is a what if story about if Sango was more than she appeared. Inspired by the comment that Miroku made when he picked up Hiraikotsu, " This thing is heavy, how does she manage to walk with this. " I think that was what he said...heheh!


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Camp, Night time

' About time they fell asleep. ' Sango thought as she slowly got up from her bed roll and gathered her bathing material. She took one last look around to make sure everyone was asleep, they were, even Inuyasha. She then made her leave and went into the forest.


A few minutes after she left. Inuyasha awoke from a nightmare about his mother getting killed by the people that took them in. After catching his breath and wiping the dream out of his head, he looked down at his friends. He saw that Sango was missing and judging by her scent, she had only left a few minutes ago. Wanting to make sure his friend was alright, Inuyasha followed her scent.

He found her in a clearing with a hot spring in the center. He saw that she was about to take a bath and decided to leave her. But as he was about to turn around, he saw her top come off and something come out on top of her head. Curious, he turned fully back around to see what it was on her head. He couldn't fully make it out, due to the clouds in the night sky.

But then clouds moved away and the full moon shown through the clearing and made everthing glow, including Sango. And what Inuyasha saw on her head, made him gasp with shock. He couldn't see her human ears because they were now on her head! And these ears weren't just any old ears either, they were dog demon ears!

And the ears weren't the only that caught his attenion. He saw that she also had claws and her scent had changed as well, instead of a normal human smell, which was sweat, hair, and clean clothes, her scent was now a smell of lavender, after rain, and forest. And if he could see her face, she would probably have yellow eyes like his and fangs. He stayed there and watched as she continued to undress, her scars that he knew she would have, weren't there. But he knew that she had them earlier in their journey.

' Whatever charm she's using to concel her true form, must be very powerful if it can fool my nose and eyes. ' He thought in shock. ' But Kagome said that she had seen the scars on her back, was she wearing a charm to hide her form then? ' He wondered as he saw her jump into the water of the spring and come back up and started to bathe. ' The next time she leaves on her own again, I'll go with her and seen if I ain't imagining things. ' Inuyasha continued to think as he made his leave, leaving Sango to her own time alone.


' Huh? I thought I smelled Inuyasha for a second. Must be near by thinking or going to the bathroom. ' Sango thought as she looked at her reflection in the water and, like Inuyasha had guessed, her pale yellow eyes shown back up at her. She drew through her reflection with her clawed fingers as she said out loud to herself.

" Why do I hide this from them. There my friends and they would except me even in this form. Inuyasha's proof of that. But I can still smell a bit disgust from Miroku and it's not because of Kagome, myself, Shippo, or Kilala. He doesn't have that smell when we're around, but when Inuyasha gets near, the smell shows up. Maybe that's why I don't show them this form. I want all of my friends to like me, not just some of them. " Sigh " Better get back to the others before anyone else wakes up and notice that I'm gone. I'm glad that Inuyasha wasn't near enough to smell me, I made it this far without anyone, except my family and village, knowing about me being half-demon. " She continued as she got up, dried herself off and put on her slayer suit and kimono. Fixing her hair up, she gathered her things and walked back to the camp, already back to being human the moment her clothes came on.


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