By: CSI-Panther

Pairing: Inuyasha X Sango

Summary: This is a what if story about if Sango was more than she appeared. Inspired by the comment that Miroku made when he picked up Hiraikotsu, " This thing is heavy, how does she manage to walk with this. " I think that was what he said...heheh!


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Last Time,

The trio was now back at Keade's village and inside her hut as she helped the demon and two half-demons with their wounds, putting healing herbs on their wounds to help their natural healing ability to heal the wounds faster. Afterwards, she gave them something to eat and left to go help another villager that was injured by horse. The trio then looked for a spot to rest in as their wounds healed. Koga went the window and laid down and was asleep before his head hit the floor. Inuyasha and Sango went to the back wall and laid down on her bedroll and wrapped their arms around each other and went to sleep. Shippo and Kilala came in and joined the couple, Shippo in the middle with Kilala sleeping on top of him.


In a tall grassy field, two days later,


Sango lay in the tall grass, that reached a little past her head when she had walked through it. Looking up at the slightly cloudy sky, which seemed to be getting more cloudy as the minutes past, but Sango didn't smell any rain in the air, so it was just a cloudy cool summer day. Her wounds were healed and she was wearing a light red, plain kimono, her hair was up in her usual ponytail, and had left her sandals at Keade's. She wanted to feel the grass and dirt under her feet for the day and just relax. There were no demon's near-by, nor were there any human's around so she just laid down on the cool grass and relaxed.

Inuyasha was up in a tree, not too far away from where Sango lay in the field, relaxing like she was, his ears flicking every once in awhile as he kept his eyes closed and senses open for danger, after the incident with Kikyo and Kagome, he never let his guard down and was on alert at all times, when Sango was with or near him, and naturally when he was alone.

" Ya know, it would be nice if I had some company over here! " Sango shouted out.

Opening his eyes, Inuyasha got up and leaped into the tall grass, and like with Sango, the grass was a little past his head. He walked until he made it to where she was and laid down beside her, crossing his arms on his stomach and looked up at the sky.

" Why didn't you just come over earlier when I smelled you? " Sango asked him as she moved closer to him and turned on her side, placing her clawed hand over his own clawed hand and her head on his shoulder.

" No reason. I just thought you might want to be alone for awhile after what happened. " he answered.

" You mean your worried that something bad might happen again if you come near me and you won't be able to save me in time. " She replied with a small smirk as she climbed on top of him, like they were when they were in the stream 3 weeks ago. Bending down, she kissed him with everything she had, he soon responded and like before when they had kissed, it became heated and passionate fast, hands roamed, clothes were pushed aside until it was just bare skin to bare skin.


They laid there in the grass field with their arms wrapped around the other as tight as they could get, both afraid that if they were to let go, the other might diappear. Inuyasha had placed his red top on them and was nuzzling Sango's neck, softly growling in content as she nuzzled him under his chin, growling as well in content as her clawed hand rubbed his back in small, loving circles, his own hand copying her movments by doing the same to her back, both lullying the other asleep.

" We should get back to the village, Keade will send Shippo to go find us and if he can't, then she'll send the entire village to come looking. " Sango said in a sleepy tone.

" She won't. She knows that we can take care of ourselves and keep the runt inside. " He replied in the same tone.

" I suppose. Besides..I don't want to get up right now anyway. " She said and closed her eyes.

" Me either, mate. Me either. " Inuyasha said as he too closed his eyes and they fell asleep under the now starry sky.


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