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It is set on Bella's birthday in New Moon. But instead of Jasper attacking Bella, this happened in its place.

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Built on a Lie


My eyes kept flickering towards the table where the two remaining Cullens and Bella were sitting. I felt my heart sink even further into my chest every time I was reminded that he wasn't here anymore. He was attending college in some unknown state, and I would probably never see him again.

I would never see Jasper Hale again.

The feelings I had towards him was just a silly, impractical fantasy I'd had since I first laid eyes on him when the Cullens started attending Forks High. Sure, I could handle the feelings that were building up inside my chest, even when they consumed me and didn't allow me to think about anything else. I could handle the fact that those feelings would always remain unrequited. I could even handle just being friends with him. For to have a little bit of him, would be better than having nothing at all.

But I didn't have that little bit of him. I had nothing at all. I wasn't his friend, nor could I even call myself that because he didn't actually know who I was. He never looked in my direction, let alone noticed me enough to start up a conversation. I bet he didn't even know my name.

"Ange, are you alright?" Ben asked in a quiet voice so that no one else would be able to hear him.

This was the reason why my stupid feelings towards Jasper were impractical, not to mention forbidden. I had a boyfriend, a very loving and caring boyfriend who, on many different occasions, had proven his love to me.

Yet each night, when I closed my eyes, it would be Jasper who I would think about, and not Ben. It was Jasper who assaulted my dreams each night, and without fail, every morning I opened my eyes, it would be Jasper who I thought about first, regardless of where I was. Be it in my own bed, or worse, in Ben's.

"I'm fine, Ben."

I felt the same twinge in my heart as I lied to him yet again. The amount of lies I had told him was slowly totalling up until our whole relationship was built around a lie. Every time I told him that I loved him, it was a lie. Every time I kissed him and told him that I wanted more, it was a lie.

Because even if I did love Ben, the love I felt for Jasper was always stronger, always more precise. It was Jasper that I wanted, and it always would be him.

My name was Angela Weber, and I was in love with Jasper Hale.

Sometimes I wondered if they knew about the way I felt. Surely he must have caught me looking in his direction at least once? All he had to do was look into my eyes to see the emotions running through them, the emotions that were for him and no one else.

At times I would catch the youngest Cullen sibling, Alice's, eye and would have the sudden fear that she knew. Even Edward, on occasions, would give me a look that told me he knew what I was thinking. But it was Alice who I was truly worried about. She was the girl who had managed to capture Jasper's heart and keep it for her own.

Ever since they first arrived I knew that they were together. She was the beautiful pixie girl who had the quiet, blond haired Adonis, and ever since they first arrived, I was jealous of her.

I sighed quietly to myself and began to push the untouched food around my tray in an aimless manner. No one would witness what I was doing, for nobody noticed me here. I didn't stand out enough in this crowd of people I called my friends, unlike Jessica and Lauren who were always surrounded by people.

The lunch bell rang, making me jump. Everyone bustled around me, a couple were groaning because of the classes they had to go to. I chucked my lunch in the trash and walked with Ben and Eric towards the door. I said goodbye to them both before slowly walking towards where Bella was standing with Edward and Alice.

They all seemed to stop talking when I got closer to them, and I tried not to think it was because of me. But I knew that it was. Alice said goodbye to them both before walking away. She didn't bother looking in my direction.

"Hey, Angela," Bella exclaimed cheerily.

I smiled at her and stepped forward. "Happy birthday, Bella!"

Her eyes widened and she stepped forward, shushing me. "How'd you know what day it was?"

I rolled my eyes at her. "You told me ages ago, Bella, I remembered."

Her lips pursed for a moment before she sighed and smiled. "Well, thanks for reminding me." Her tone was teasing.

Edward exhaled softly and shook his head at her with a smirk on his face, obviously enjoying some personal joke.

"I have your card and present at home," I continued. "I forgot to bring it with me today. Maybe I could come by later and drop it off at yours?"

Bella shared a quick glance with Edward. "Yeah, that's-"

"She's going to be at my house as my family have prepared a small party for her," Edward said, interrupting her.

"Edward, I've already said I didn't want a party," Bella mumbled as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Edward let out a hearty laugh, which took me by surprise. He rarely used to show any emotions before Bella came to Forks. The laughter died on Edward's lips a second or so later and he murmured something about having to go to class.

Bella and I slowly made our way to our last class of the day. It was the only one we shared together this year, and now that she spent her lunchtimes with the Cullens, I found that we had drifted apart. I missed my best friend.

"So, what is this about your birthday party?" I asked her as we walked towards our classroom.

Bella sighed and shook her head with a slight smile on her face. "I told Edward I didn't want a party, but he couldn't rein Alice in. She goes…a little bit over the top with things like this."

"Yeah, but why don't you want a party?" I continued. Surely you'd be excited if someone was throwing you a birthday party?

"Bella?" I prompted when she didn't answer me straight away.

"I don't like celebrating the fact that I'm a year older," she mumbled without looking in my direction.

I frowned in confusion. "Bella, you're eighteen. It's hardly the age where you'd start worrying about getting older."

She snorted softly, but I could hear the smile in her voice as she replied. "You sound just like Edward."

"Great minds think alike and all that," I joked. It was silent for a moment before Bella made a strange groaning sound. I glanced at her briefly, wondering what was wrong.

"I really hope Alice isn't planning anything big," she said at long last. I shrugged my shoulders in response, for I didn't know Alice enough to give Bella a proper answer.

"She seems very…energetic…" I mused, not knowing what else to say.

Bella snorted yet again. "That is one word for her. It's a miracle people can keep up with her. I know I can't."

She laughed then as if she was enjoying some kind of personal joke, just like Edward had been earlier.

"Jasper obviously keeps up with her," I replied without thinking about what I was saying. I sounded almost depressed as I mentioned Jasper. It seemed I was unable to go a full day now without somehow bringing him into the conversation. It just proved that he was always on my mind.

I stared at Bella's present for a moment before picking it up and putting it into the gift bag I'd bought the other day. I was meant to be putting it by the door so that I wouldn't forget it when I leave for school tomorrow morning.

But there was something eating away at me. It was like an itch that I just couldn't seem to scratch, no matter how hard I tried. I even contemplated going over to Bella's house and giving it to Charlie. But there was no point, she wouldn't be there.

She would be at the Cullens' house.

I snatched up my car keys and grabbed the gift bag, before making my way down the stairs and into the hallway.

"Where are you going?" Mom asked from the kitchen where she was currently making our dinner.

"I'm just going to go drop off Bella's birthday present," I told her, not bothering to mention the fact that I was going to the Cullens' house. I wasn't sure how she'd react to that, considering it was so far out of town.

"Okay, don't be too long though, as dinner is almost ready," she continued. I agreed and quickly made my way outside. I didn't know why the hell I was doing this. I'd never been to the Cullens' house before. There was always something about their house that told you to stay away.

But everyone knew where they lived. Everyone had heard of the large house that was surrounded by trees on the outskirts of Forks. But no one had been there. Apart from Bella, of course.

I travelled down the silent roads that led out of Forks. All the while looking for the turning in the trees that led up the secluded road towards the Cullens' house. I was almost excited about seeing the house for the first time. I'd only heard stories about how big it was. But I was also excited to see the place Jasper used to live.

I shook my head as he drifted into my thoughts once again. Just as the image of his face flashed across my vision I saw the turning I was looking for. I slowed down and drove up the lane.

I could feel the anticipation building up inside me as the house came into view. My mouth fell open as I saw the house for the first time. The place was massive. It was undoubtedly the biggest and fanciest place in Forks. Hell, it was most probably the nicest place in the whole of this part of Washington.

There was a wall on the second floor that was completely made of glass. I couldn't stop my eyes from widening as they travelled across the length of the building. You only saw houses like this in the movies. There were at least six larger windows along the front of the house, and I found myself wondering whether one of those windows led into Jasper's room.

"Stop it, Angela," I muttered to myself as I opened the car door and got out. I took a deep breath and made my way up the front steps of the porch. I exhaled slowly then pressed the doorbell, waiting for someone to answer.

No less than a second later I heard someone opening the latch to do the door and the movie star doctor came into view.

"What can I do for you?" he asked politely as he gave me a warm smile.

"Is Bella here? I have her birthday present."

He nodded and told me to wait there while he went to get her. I had secretly been hoping that he'd invite me in. But that was just wishful thinking on my part. Bella appeared seconds later wearing a beautiful green dress.

"Wow, Bella, you look amazing," I gushed as she stepped out. She was about to reply when she tripped over her own foot and stumbled. I had to lunge forward to catch her so that she didn't fall down the porch steps.

There was a loud booming laugh from inside the house, just as Edward came to the door. How he knew that Bella had almost fallen over, I didn't know. But that wasn't what I was thinking about.

Had that been Emmett's laugh just then? My brow furrowed in confusion, I thought he was at college. But if he was back, did that mean…I shook my head before I could start thinking about Jasper again.

"Come on, Bella. Alice wants you to cut the cake, you know she doesn't like to wait," Edward murmured as he glanced at me briefly as if there was something he wasn't saying. Or at least didn't want to say in front of me.

"Okay," she murmured before turning back to me. Edward disappeared as I held out the gift bag to her.

"It's not much, but I hope you like it," I told her as she took the bag and gave me a hug.

"Thank you, Angela. I'll open it later with the rest of my presents," she told me as she looked back towards the front door. I guessed she wanted to go back inside.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow, okay?"

She nodded and we said our goodbyes before turned away from each other. I was about to get into my car when something caught my eyes in the trees just to the left of the house. I looked up, wondering whether it was a wild animal.

I gasped at what I saw. My heart started to beat irregularly in my chest as I took in the tall, lean figure walking into the forest.

"It can't be," I breathed as I stepped away from the car and started in his direction. My mind was screaming at me to get back into the car and drive away. But I wasn't listening to my mind; I was listening to my heart, and right now it was calling to him.

How could he be here? I thought he was at college. Hell, I thought most of them were at college, and yet I could have sworn it was Emmett I heard earlier. Did that mean they had all come back for Bella's birthday? I didn't realise she meant that much to them. I was suddenly hit with a wave of jealously at the idea of Jasper missing college just so that he could be here for Bella's birthday.

Turn around, I thought to myself. But I overruled that command easily. I knew that turning around was the logical thing to do. But I just couldn't seem to stop my legs from following him. I hadn't seen him in so long. I just wanted to see his face.

But why did I have to be so stupid as to follow him into the forest just to do so? How the hell would I explain to him when he realised I was following him? What? Oh, hey, Jasper, I'm just following you into the forest so we can catch up. It's been so long since I last saw you. As if I could say that.

I was about to turn around, or at least that I told myself that anyway, when Jasper stopped moving. I froze to the spot I was standing just over twenty metres away from him. I held my breath, not daring to even breathe as I waited to see what he was about to do.

"Why are you following me, Angela?"

My heart thudded against my chest at his words. His voice sounded so harsh, so devoid of emotions that it made my blood run cold. But that wasn't what made my heart beat erratically, it wasn't what scared and excited me in equal measures.

How did he know that I had been following him? How did he know that it was me who was following him?

He turned around then, and I was struck at how dark his eyes looked. They were almost pitch-black as they stared at me. This was not the face I remembered in my dreams; this was not the Jasper I thought about. This Jasper was darker, sinister, and scarier than the Jasper I imagined.

"I…I…" I stuttered as I took a step forward, not knowing where I was going. But my foot caught on a gnarled tree root sticking out of the ground, and I tripped. I reached my hand out just in time, and caught hold of a stray branch. But in doing so, the skin on my hand scraped against a rough piece of bark, and cut into my hand.

I hissed at the pain and pulled my hand away, noting the blood that was already seeping out of the wound.

It all happened so quickly then.

An animalistic snarling sound rippled from Jasper's throat as he lunged towards me, at a speed that just wasn't possible. I screamed, and stumbled backwards just as there was a loud crashing sound and something blurred passed me, knocking Jasper from his path. The blur of movement smashed into a tree, breaking it in half.

Then suddenly, the forest was very much alive.

My eyes darted from the broken tree, where Emmett was wrestling with Jasper, trying to keep hold of him, to where Alice and Rosalie were sprinting into the area. Rosalie went straight to Jasper and pushed against his chest, all the while dodging the vicious snaps and bites he aimed at her.

The fear rolled through my body like a wave of nausea as I watched the situation unfold in front of me. I turned to look at Alice as she started to speak. She was standing away from us all, as if she was observing the situation, not wanting to get involved.

"Emmett, get Jasper away from the blood," Alice murmured in a vacant voice. Her eyes were filled with an emotion so strong, so defined that I had to look away from her. She looked so heartbreakingly disappointed.

Blood? Why would they need to get Jasper away from my…

The heat drained from my face as I thought about what she had just said. She told Emmett to get Jasper away from my blood. The same blood that had been affecting him, making him act the way he was.

Jasper wanted my blood.

The breath whooshed out of my body in one fell swoop as I realised what this meant.

Jasper wanted my blood.

Jasper was a…vampire?

I gasped aloud at the oh-so obvious truth.

But before I could do anything more Jasper's twin, Rosalie was in front of me. Her beautiful face was twisted into an angry sneer. Her eyes were filled with ice and hatred that I knew was directed at me.

"You saw nothing here," she snarled. Her face was mere inches away from mine. "Say it."

"I - I didn't see anything! I promise I won't tell anyone!" I stuttered as tears started to pour from my eyes. My voice trembled with fear as I finished, I didn't even bother to wipe my eyes. My heart did a painful somersault in my chest when she growled at me before turning around and taking off into the forest at a speed I couldn't comprehend.

Then at the click of a finger, they were all gone. The only evidence that they were ever here, was the ruined tree where Emmett had smashed into Jasper when he'd tried to attack me.

I still didn't understand how I hadn't noticed it before. All the signs were there for me to see. They never ate. They were never in school when the sun was shining. They were all pale white, and breathtakingly beautiful.

They were all vampires.

My name was Angela Weber, and I was in love with a vampire.

It was September the thirteenth. Or as I would now see it, it was the last day I ever saw the Cullens.

Or so I thought.

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