"They are coming!" James shouted as he ran towards Lenton's office.

Dolan looked up at Dundee, "What's happened? Who's coming?"

Turning from speaking with Volly, Dundee looked rather distressed, "The Irish….," He answered, "Volly says that we have had over the amount of time promised, they are coming for their egg."

"Their egg?" Mary looked at the gathering crowd, "I have to go." She took off the way James had gone, Dolan's yells unintelligible behind her.

Her egg was Irish, they couldn't be coming for it. Lenton said nothing about this!

She burst through his office doors. "What's going on?" she was breathing heavily. "Why are the Irish coming?" She glared, "This had better not have anything to do with me- or my egg."

Lenton covered his eyes, "Thank you James, dismissed."

Once James had left Mary demanded again, "Tell me!" She clenched her fists, "Are they coming for my egg?"

Lenton didn't answer, just buried his head in his hands. Mary stood there, waiting, as patiently as she could. Finally, Lenton raised his head, "They are coming for your dragon. They didn't think it would take this long for it to hatch, so instead of letting us keep it they are taking it back."

"But they can't do that! It's my egg!" Mary turned away, this couldn't be happening, she was so close to finally having a dragon! "They can't have it, I won't let them."

Lenton gave her a hysterical laugh, "You think you can stop them?"

Mary turned on him, her ferocity showing, he sat back, "I see that you are serious, they will be here first thing tomorrow morning. Good luck, get out."

Mary left without another word or backward glance.

She threw all her most needed supplies into a bag, that egg was hers god dammit! Money, some food, a book about dragons, she wouldn't need much…..

She remembered how bold she'd been when the Irish finally landed, Those dragons were so peculiar.

He was a royal purple in color, with gold horns extending from the top of his head and running down the length of his body with a dull yellow webbing connecting them. His eyes were like a cats, only that same brilliant yellow.

A tall red head descended from its back, she was as much of a shock as her dragon. Women weren't usually that tall, nor colored so vividly. The only one she could think of with red hair was Catherine, but even then, hers had dulled with the British climate. This woman wore a uniform the same color as her dragon's hide. When she spoke her voice did not quiver, she was in charge, and she made sure everyone knew it.

"Where is the egg?" She looked around, the only ones present were Lenton, Mary and a few high officials.

Lenton didn't make eye contact, "If you would follow me?" He set off towards the baths, "Mary," he said, once they had reached the entrance, "why don't you go down and fetch it for…," he glanced at the woman.

"My name is none of your concern, give me the egg and we will never have to meet again."

Lenton nodded, "Get the egg Mary."

"And I will accompany her," the woman stated, "for precautions."

Mary went into the baths, the heat hit her and it seemed more intense than ever, "Why are you taking it back?" she ventured, glancing at this strange woman beside her.

"The egg was for told to hatch once it had been in the hands of its rightful captain, which it obviously has not happened."

Mary was shocked, "that's incredulous! A dragon hatches when it's ready, you should know that!"

The woman gave her a kind smile, "A normal dragon, yes, but this is no normal dragon." She frowned as Mary opened the door to where the egg was. "Osiris, out there, my dragon, he is the same breed as this one," she knelt next to the egg, giving it a warm matronly look, "This one here will be absolutely gorgeous once it decides to hatch, Osiris's egg was purple with gold on it, oh I was so excited….." She looked at Mary, "Feel the dragon inside, can you feel its heart beat?"

Mary hadn't thought to feel for a dragon's heart beat while it was in the egg, when sitting on Dundee's leg with Dolan she could feel its steady rhythm, but in the egg? She reached out to place her hand on the shell.

"Like this," The woman took her hand and placed it over a rather large purple spot, "the largest spot is where the dragon is connected, feel it?"

Mary closed her eyes, she could feel the strong heart beat, it was very fast, and getting faster, "Why is the heart speeding up?" She looked at the woman who watched the egg silently.

"These dragons are special, they know that when you have been assigned to them that you are theirs, that when you are, you are their captain," She looked down at Mary, "Are you assigned to this dragon?"

Mary felt the heat rise to her face, "Yes, it's why I was told to lead you down here to the egg."

The woman nodded, "And I guess you haven't touched it before?" when Mary nodded she added, "Watch, the dragon has just met you, and is very eager to see you, not just feel your heart beat."

She looked up at her in shock, "what do you mean?"

The woman smiled, "It heard your heart, and has liked what it heard."

Mary looked down at the egg, it had a slight vibration now, and she could see a shadow, barely visible, moving.

"Stay there, I am putting you in the direct sight of that hatchling, and I hope you don't have any names picked out. They name themselves after those gods where they come from."

Mary kept her eyes on the egg, "Osiris….is the…"

"Egyptian god of the dead" She leaned back against the door, "Yours will pick her own name,"

"That's ok, I didn't have one picked out anyway,"

She smiled, "My name is Juanita, What is yours?"

"Mary," A bulge had appeared in the side of the egg, "How long will it take for it to hatch?"

Juanita watched closely from the door, "It shouldn't be long now, give it time, Mary."

More areas of the egg started to move, then, the sides of the egg burst and two wings appeared, then followed by a tail, and finally the small hatchling tipped the shell covering its eyes off onto the floor and turned to Mary.

Its eyes seemed to look right through her, or into her soul, the effect was the same. She had the intense urge to lower herself in front of this tiny dragon.

Her voice made the hair stand up on the back of her neck, "I am Isis," the tiny frills along her back stood on end, the look was unsettling, they were dark purple, and dripping wet. Her eyes were purple as well, the pupil clearly visible and surrounded by facets of light.

"Isis," Mary said, "I am yours," She stood up slowly and the hatchlings eyes followed her every move. "Juanita, What do I do?"

"Give her the harness, it's hanging right there," she pointed to the rack, "She won't hurt you Mary, she's just curious."

She may have been just curious, but it was enough to make her run and hide the way the dragonet looked at her with those strange purple eyes.

"So she's not an Irish dragon?" Mary asked as she slid the harness off its hook.

"Goodness no, The Egyptians gave this breed to us when the last pharaoh signed his name onto his pyramid. These dragons are sacred to Egypt, The pharaoh bred them himself back when there actually was one,"

Isis accepted the harness with a readiness that shocked Mary, "So what are they called?" She jumped as Isis curled into her lap and looked her in the eyes.

When Juanita spoke their name Isis pushed her forehead against Mary's and purred, "They are called The Pharaoh's Choice."