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Ramune and Madeleine's

Rin dropped her school bag on her bed with a thud. It was extra heavy today considering she had to bring all her textbooks home. Tomorrow was test day and she was screwed, no screwed didn't even cover how much trouble she was going to be in tomorrow. Rin sighed, if she was more like her brother, the "genius", she wouldn't be this troubled. She wandered out of her room and downstairs.

Len wasn't home yet so she had the house to herself for now. He's probably screwing around with one of his girlfriends right now, she thought. What a player he was. Rin sniggered to herself, what was her name again, Yume was it? Ah, it didn't matter. Rin went for the fridge and pulled out her favorite drink, melon flavored Ramune. She had just popped the marble when she heard a click and a particularly loud hello. Len was home.

Whenever the boy was home Rin always had extra troubles to deal with. He was loud, annoying, frivolous, and teasing, but she loved him none the less. Rin smiled to herself and yelled out a "Welcome home!" Len swooped into the kitchen like a hawk. "Yay! Rin you took out my favorite drink for me before I got home, I love you!" Len reached for the still untouched beverage. Before he could lay his hand on it though, Rin scooped it out of harm's way. "No Len-kun, this is mine, if you want one get it yourself." The girl huffed. Len put on his best pouty face, latched himself onto Rin waist and said "But Rin-chaaaaaan, I thought you loooooooved me." Rin couldn't suppress a giggle.

She could easily have UN latched herself from Len's grasp and just walked away, but instead she patted his head and passed him the drink anyways. "Yay! Rin no one is impervious to my pouty face! Not even you!" Len said. "Ya, you wish Len, I can resist anything but I was just feeling generous today." the girl said. Like hell she was going to admit she gave it to him because she thought he was being cute. Len retorted with a quick peck on her cheek and a cheesy comeback "Pshhh, you know it's because you LOOOOOOVE me." Rin swatted at him half-heartedly but made no contact. "Leeeeeen, don't just kiss me like that." She said. But by that time Len had already gone upstairs.

Rin turned back to the fridge and opened it. It was then the girl realized that that Ramune was the last one in the house. "DAMNNIT LEN! YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME!" Rin screamed up the stairs. When she got no response she stomped up the stairs and burst into Len's room. He was so shocked he jolted up in a hurry. But maybe he went a bit too fast. His leg caught on the end of the chair and sent the boy sprawling. For a moment Rin's anger disappeared, she exploded into a fit of laughter. "Ahaha, Len you are such an idiot!" she burst out. First Len looked angry then the corners of his mouth turned up into an embarrassed smile. "Ouch! Geez Rin, you always make me do stupid things." Len said. "Well it's not MY fault you're a klutz Len." The girl said.

That's when she remembered her previous anger. She lunged for Len and abruptly sat on his abdomen. "Augh! What are you doing Rin, even though you're light doesn't just give you the right to sit on me!" Rin laughed. "You owe me a Ramune Len. Either you can dish out now or face the consequences." Len looked at her like she was crazy. "Why would I owe you anything, LITTLE SISTER?" Yes Rin was a few seconds younger than Len but he used it every opportunity he got. At that point Rin's face contorted into an evil grin. Her hands snaked down Len's body until they found just the right spot. She started moving her hands and fingers in rhythmic but fast movements.

Len's face was starting to turn red and his breathing was starting to come out in erratic gasps. He could hold it in no longer. "Ahahahaaha!! No stop, PLEASE I'll do anything! Just stop tickling me!" Rin released him from her grasp. "So still not willing to pay up?" Len scrambled up and dug into his pockets. He pulled out just enough change for her to buy a bottle of Ramune. She gladly took it and stalked away. Len stared after her long after she was gone. He had a distant and sort of saddened look to him. He scratched the back of his head and went back to his homework.

Rin was happily skipping down the street to her favorite corner store when she saw a girl with purple hair sitting on the side of the street crying. She looked very familiar but Rin couldn't pinpoint where she had seen her. Rin bent down close to the girl. "Are you okay? Do you need some help?" The girl's head snapped up and looked at Rin like she had seen a ghost. All of a sudden she leapt up and started screaming at Rin. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, IF YOU WEREN'T HERE LEN WOULD STILL LOVE ME, HE ONLY SAID HE WENT OUT WITH ME BECAUSE I RESELMBLED YOU, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO EXIST, AUUGHHH JUST GO DIE!" Rin was shocked speechless. Then she remembered this was Yume.

She had never been at the receiving end of anyone's wrath, well except for her mother's but that didn't count. She blinked open mouthed at this girl. What was she talking about Len went out with this girl because she resembled Rin? No way that's not even possible. "I think you've missun-" Rin was cut off as Yume slapped her. Tears sprung to her eyes and she instinctively clutched her cheek. Yume walked away with one last spiteful glare.

With the Ramune forgotten Rin ran home. She burst through the door and Len glanced at her. "Oi where's the Ramune? If you didn't buy anything then return my mon-" Len was cut off from his sentence as Rin slapped him across the face. "You Jerk!" she screamed. It was then that Len realized that Rin was crying and clutching her cheek. She had turned to go upstairs but Len caught her arm and turned her around to face him. "What happened Rin!?! Are you alright!?! Are you hurt!?! Who did this to you?!?" Len spurted out numerous questions and lightly caressed her cheek.

Rin swatted his hand away. "I met your lovely ex-girlfriend Yume." She spat. "She was oh so kind to give me a parting gift along with you break-up!" And with that Rin shook off Len's grip and marched up the stairs and to her room. This time Len didn't try to stop her. He just stood there like a deer caught in headlights. Then his face crumpled. How could this happen to Rin. She was… what was she to him. Did he lo- at that precise moment Len got a searing head ache, but as soon as it arrived it was gone. He tried to recall what he was thinking but all he could remember was Rin's crying face.

He started to move. He went and got two cold compresses. One he stuck on his own cheek and the other he stuffed into his pocket. The boy started to make his way upstairs. He arrived at Rin's door and hesitated. But he took a deep breath and knocked. Len stood there and fiddled with his small golden ponytail. After what seemed like ages, Len heard a muffled 'come in.' He opened the door slowly to find Rin lying face down in her bed. Len walked over to her and rolled her over. Rin glared at him but made no attempt to talk or push him away.

Len took out the cold compress and pressed it gently to her cheek. After it was applied he gently kissed her cheek and gave her a small smile. Rin couldn't help but smile back. She pushed herself off her bed and stretched. "Okay, you, out of my room, now." Rin pointed at Len and beckoned to the door. "Why do I have to leave?" He asked. "Because I'm going out and I need to change." Rin calmly explained. "All the more reason for me to stay then." Len said with a snigger. For this he received a pillow thrown at his face and a very loud "GET OUT."

Rin brushed through her short golden locks with her fingers. She put a few pins in place and reapplied her snow white bow. To match she put on a pair of small white short shorts and a honey colored tank top. She finished with a few yellow bangles and a gold necklace in the shape of a lock. She had gotten it for her birthday from Len, he had the matching key. On her way out of her room she decided to brush on a few strokes of mascara. Rin already had really long eyelashes but this just made her cerulean eyes pop. She left her room and went downstairs.

Len looked up from the TV in shock. Rin looked GOOD. But he quickly regained his composure. "You look good Rin." The boy said casually. Rin smiled her brightest smile ever. "Thanks Len." she said. "But aren't those shorts a bit too short?" he said. Rin looked down at the shorts that were just covering her buttocks. "Nah they're fine, it's not like anyone looks anyways, right Len?" Len wanted to say that everyone would look at her because she was too beautiful to resist but instead he just said "I guess you right then, you're too ugly to look at."

Rin glared at him and huffed. She bent down to pick up her small honey colored purse and gave Len a perfect view of the goods inside her shirt. She may not have been a very big chested girl but she was an a-cup. Len smirked and took a good long look before Rin stood up again. She picked up her highlighter yellow phone as it started to ring. "Hello… ya….uh hu…. No... Yes... Okay…. bye." Rin placed her phone inside her purse. "That was mom she said she is going to be home late today soooo... I'll be back around nine o clock okay?" Before she could hear his answer she ran to the door, slipped on her white slippers, and left. Len was left sitting there staring wistfully at the door.

Rin skipped out the door. It was a nice day out. Just one more day until summer and she would be free to hang out with Miku and Mikuo. Miku and Mikuo were Rin's best friends. They were brother and sister. Though Mikuo was one year older than both Rin and Miku he still liked to hang out with them, and Miku didn't seem to mind either. She flipped open her phone just to see Mikuo down the street. She quickly closed it and started running.

She caught up to Mikuo out of breath and shaking. She gave him the biggest hug she could muster and then started to talk. "Mikuo! It's really good to see you, feels like forever right?" In reality she had seen Mikuo and Miku not 3 hours ago. Mikuo smiled and ruffles her hair like she was a little kid. "I just saw you at school today Rin, how is that forever?" he laughed. "Well it felt like forever considering all the stuff I had to deal with. By the way where's Miku?

Mikuo, instead of just answering her question he took her hand and hauled her to the nearest café. He told the waitress for two and she smiled sweetly. "Young love is so cute these days is it not?" She said. Before Rin could even comprehend what she said, Mikuo cut in. "Sorry Miss, but we are not going out, we're just friends... For now" The waitress looked startled but said nothing. She just guided them to their table.

When the two sat down Rin picked up the menu like a starving child. She instantly picked out what she wanted. Mikuo on the other hand was taking his time, carefully choosing what desert would be best to eat. When the waiter arrived again, Rin spoke up instantly. "I want strawberry shortcake with a super sweet cappuccino. What are you getting Mikuo?" Mikuo thought for a moment longer and then decided. "I'll have the Madeleine's with whip cream filling and a cappuccino with no sugar." The waiter nodded and left. That's when Mikuo started speaking. "So tell me what you've had to go through today."

With that Rin launched off into a full length story of her day so far. Mikuo was a good listener. He nodded at the appropriate times and let out small noises to indicate he was listening. When she was finished their food arrived. Rin took a bite out of her cake. Mikuo also started to pop his small treats into his mouth. But Rin being the kind of person she is couldn't keep the silence for long. "So Mikuo, why didn't Miku come today?" Mikuo coughed a bit and looked at Rin. "Before I tell you, you have to try one of these Madeleine's, they are delicious." Before Rin could say yes or no he reached over and popped one into her mouth. He let his fingers linger on her mouth a bit longer than he needed to but Rin didn't notice.

"Mmmm. This is really good Mikuo! Now I'm starting to wish I bought Madeleine's. But now I ate one so tell me where Miku is." Mikuo sighed. "Miku is at home, I didn't want her to be here today." Rin looked up from her cake with a curious expression on her face. "Why wouldn't you want Miku to be here Mikuo? She's our best friend." Rin was wondering if they had a fight or if Miku was sick. Mikuo tilted Rin's head up a bit and looked her straight in the eyes. "I didn't want her here because I wanted to tell you that I love you Rin." Rin looked at Mikuo and said. "Ya I love you too Mikuo, but that still doesn't answer my question."

Someone from another table sniggered. Mikuo let out a sigh as if he were dealing with a small child. "Rin, I don't love you as a friend. I love you in a different way, in an 'I want to go out with you and be your boyfriend' kind of way." Rin stopped dead. She didn't know what to say. Mikuo wanted to be her boyfriend? Why? But it was Mikuo and she didn't know what to say. Mikuo coughed and broke the silence. "Do you want to go out with me?" Rin looked into his eyes. "Umm... Well you see Mikuo…"

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