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Eggs and Chocolate

The door started to creep open bit by bit and Len quickly shut his eyes. Rin peered into the room to find a still sleeping Len. She walked over, kissed him lightly on the cheek and then shook him awake. "Len! Len wake up! We're late for school!" Len rolled over and opened one eye. "I'm not going to school today, and for that matter neither are you." And with that Len reached out and pulled Rin into the bed with him. Rin squeaked and tried to wiggle away but Len's grip held firm. Since when had this boy gotten so strong… or so much bigger than her? "L…Len! It's the last day of school, we need to GO!" Len just snorted. "As long as I'm in this bed holding onto you, we are not going anywhere." Rin blushed a bit at that comment and hid her face in Len's chest. Len on the other hand just though Rin was snuggling closer to him. He clutched her tighter and in moments the duo was fast asleep again. They both awoke at the same time, ran their hand through their honey colored locks, looked at each other and laughed just like the old times.

Rin was the first to move she got up, grabbed her towel and went for the bathroom. "Wait Rin…. Don't you want to take a bath together?" Len smiled up at her innocently. Upon hearing her name Rin turned back but when the rest of the sentence entered her ears she shot a glare a Len. "Ya, and expose myself to you? No way." She said. Then it was Len's turn to glare. "It's not like I've never seen you naked before besides, we're siblings. Rin blushed a bright scarlet and then remembered that she didn't remember putting on her nightgown before she went to bed. Then it clicked in her mind. If Rin could have burst into flames, it would have happened. "Y..YOU PERVERT! You changed me yesterday, didn't you?!?" She shouted at Len with her face bright red. Len blushed scarlet and Rin lost some of her anger. "W.. well I couldn't just let you wear your school uniform, I had to do something." The boy retorted.

Rin gave him one last glance and marched to the bathroom. She spent as long as she could handle in the bathroom without fainting from all the heat, while finishing every last drop of hot water there was in the entire house. She stepped out of the bath and wrapped herself in her towel. She secured it around her breast and left the bathroom. She walked quickly to her room and slipped inside. She began changing abruptly. She decided, considering it was so hot, to just wear, A very large t-shirt that reached just above her knees. With that on, she slipped on a pair of panties and left her room. Rin hadn't bothered to wear a bra, it was just too hot out and the only person home at the time was Len.

The girl wandered out of her room and in the direction of Len's. She entered without a knock, which was unusual for her. The twins always knocked. This had to be the worst time for her enter without knocking, something she might regret for awhile yet. She opened the door to reveal a stark naked Len. Both were frozen in shock. Len was standing there in all his glory while Rin's eyes were directed in a downward glance. Then after several moments, Rin slowly backed away, out of the room, and closed the door gently behind her. She walked almost robotically downstairs, not thinking about any of her movements. She took out a frying pan and 3 eggs. She turned on the stove and poured the tiniest pinch of oil into the pot.

Her mind was blank, it's like her body was the one who was telling her what to do. She cracked two of the eggs into the pan. The eggs took on the shape she didn't want to see at all. With the two yolks at the top and the egg white stretching down lengthwise, it looked uncannily like a sight she had just seen. She viciously plunged her spatula into the eggs and messed up their shape. She looked down at them and waited until they were done cooking. She abruptly scooped then out of the pan and placed them in a small bowl. She repeated the process with the other egg and put that one in a different bowl. When she was done Rin took the bowl with one egg and sat down at the table to eat. She methodically finished her food and placed the bowl in the dish washer.

Rin looked at the clock and instantly snapped out of her revive. It was fifteen to five. Rei would be there in only fifteen minutes. She sprinted upstairs and slipped on a pair of skinny jeans and managed to maneuver on a bra without taking of her giant shirt. The girl hastily tied her bow and ran up to Len's room, the previous incident forgotten. She banged on his door. "Leeeeeen.." This time it was the right choice.

Now let us go back in time for a moment. To the moment Rin backed out of Len's room and closed the door. Len was left standing in the middle of the room completely nude. Then his senses came flooding back to him. He ran a hand through his hair and cursed. What an idiot he had been. He quickly slipped on some clothes. A rather large shirt and some jeans that fit quite snugly. He grabbed his wallet and stuffed it into his pocket. The boy then proceeded to sit down on his bed. Len swore again. He couldn't believe that he had just let his sister see him like that. Sure, they had taken showers together when they were younger, but now? Now Len was a fully, well almost fully, grown boy. He sat there for who knows how long wondering about what Rin was thinking.

The last thing he was expecting was a loud knock at his door. Len jumped about a foot in the air. "Y..Yeah…" The boy said tentatively. He wasn't sure if Rin was angry or not. Rin burst through the door. "Len, Len! My tutor is going to be here in about five minutes. Len looked confused. "Ya so, I'm leaving right now, I'm going to meet up with Neru. Oh and don't forget, there's the party tonight. I'll come pick you up okay." Len was very relieved that they were having a normal conversation. Then Rin burst. "NO! Len please, you can't leave me alone with him! PLEASE!" She begged. She had gripped Len's shirt and tears were starting to fall down her cheeks. Len looked at Rin dead in the eye. "Is he the one that made you cry yesterday?" Rin looked up at Len. When had he gotten so much taller than her? The girl nodded her head. Len's eyes lit up with anger. "Fine I'll stay."

Len picked up his phone. He had to call Neru and cancel. Maybe he would break up with her while he was at it. The boy shook his head. No it's best to leave those things in person. He put the phone to ear. "Hello, Neru? Ya I can't meet up with you today… What do you mean I can't, I can do whatever the hell I want…. Then do it I dare you!… Ya that's what I thought you can't break up with me, I'll see you another time…. Ya I know you love me bye." And without waiting for a response Len closed his bright orange phone. Rin looked at him like a confused puppy. "Len! How could you treat your girlfriend that way! You guys love each other!" She said.

Len looked at his little sister and smirked. "You know I'm not dating her because I love her, just to kill time. Besides there's only one girl I love." Rin pouted. "Who is it Len, who do you love?" Len looked at her dead in the eyes. "Are you sure you want to know Rin? This could change everything for you." Rin gulped and nodded. "The only girl I love Rin, is y-" Len was abruptly cut off by a very loud knock at the door. Rin gave her brother one last stare and shouted, "I'm coming!" Rin skipped over to the door and then retreated a few steps. Standing there was Rei smirking down at Rin. He reached out his hand but Len was there in a flash, his arm protectively around Rin's waist. He pulled Rin behind him and stuck out his hand to grab Rei's. "Hello, I'm Len, Rin's brother, please take care of me." Rei lost his composure for a moment and stared dumbfounded at Len but then he regained his composure.

"I'm Rei. Rin's tutor. It's a pleasure" Rei put as much emphasis as he could on the word Rin, as if he was trying to prove a point. He stepped inside and took off his shoes. Len on the other hand was trying his best to keep Rin out of his way. Len beckoned for Rei to go upstairs. "Why don't you go upstairs and make yourself comfortable. Me and Rin will get some tea for you." Rin hadn't gone flat out and told Len what had happened to her but Len put two and two together. Rin had had swollen lips after her tutoring session and she didn't want to be left alone with him. That could only leave room for so many explanations. Rei took one last glace at Rin and excused himself upstairs.

Len looked back at Rin who was slightly trembling but seemed fine. He grabbed hold of her hand and guided her to the kitchen. It was this moment that Rin started to laugh. Len looked at her, surprised. "What's so funny Rin?" This only made Rin laugh harder. When she finally calmed down she managed to say, "It's us, we look like identical twins!" At this Len looked down at himself and then his sister. They were both wearing dark blue jeans that hugged their legs and over sized pale honey shirts. Even his elastic was as white as Rin's bow. Even Len couldn't hold himself back. About five minutes both twins stood up and wiped away the others tears. They had laughed so hard, they cried. Rin quickly picked up the tray with the three cups of tea and started her trek up the stairs. She started to shake but then calmed herself. Len was with her. Everything would be alright.

Rin opened the door to her room and stepped inside. Rei turned around, saw her and smirked. His smirk instantly disappeared when he saw her brother following close behind her. He cursed internally. He hadn't known that she had a brother. Rin set down the cups of tea and sat as far away from Rei as she could manage. Len sat down right next to her. Rei gulped down his tea in one gulp as usual and took out a textbook. He opened it as usual and then pointed to a question. He looked up at Rin and seemed to see Len for the first time. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't notice you were there, but if you don't mind me asking, could you please leave? I need Rin to have a completely concentrated atmosphere to work, and I think that if you are here you might prove a distraction." Rei let loose one of his rare dazzling smiles. No one could say no to that. Rin looked up from the book with a look of terror on her face.

Did the girl really hate him that much? He hadn't done anything except kiss… was that her first kiss? Ohhh it was all coming clear to him now. No wonder she hadn't pushed him away or held him closer, she had never been kissed before and she didn't know what to do. Len on the other hand just stood there and just stared at Rei. "I'm sorry but I'm not leaving. It doesn't seem to me that I am distracting her and I need to see how she is progressing with her tutor." Len practically spat the word out of his mouth. Rin looked as if she was going to jump up and dance right there. Rei had a feeling that he knew what he had done to Rin. Rei closed his eyes for a moment and then looked at Len with a sudden glare. "Fine you can stay, but you have to keep quiet!" He sneered at him. Len did nothing but snuggle closer to Rin and let a smirk cover his face. The sprouted a blush from Rin and an extra hateful glare from Rei.

After a tense hour Rei finally decided that it was time he left. Rin had gotten yet another sixteen out of twenty on her quiz and Rei had told her that they would move on to something else next time. The second he was out the door Rin jumped on Len. "Thank you! Thank you! Len I love you soooo much for staying with me! Here!" Rin crawled over to her bag and pulled out a medium sized chocolate bar. She handed It to Len. It was banana flavored, Len's favorite flavor. He took it out of her hands and un wrapped it. But instead of putting it into his own mouth he stuck it in Rin's. The girl gave out a muffled squeak. But she didn't have time for anything else because as soon as the chocolate was in her mouth, Len bit down on the other end. With their lips just millimeters away from each other, Rin blushed a bright red. Len let out a slightly contorted chuckle. Rin quickly took her bite and moved away from Len.

"Thanks…." She mumbled. Len got up and reached for her face to wipe off a smear of chocolate and then licked it off his finger. This made Rin go even redder than she had been and she stalked away. The girl went to the washroom and locked herself inside. Len was just being himself but she was getting so flustered. She turned on the tap and splashed herself with cold water to cool herself off. It seemed she was always hot when she was around Len. This thought caused her to think of her erotic dream and also Len standing in his room naked. He had been larger than sh- NO! Rin cut her thoughts off. She couldn't be thinking about her brother in this manner. But Rin knew it was already too late. She loved her brother in a very un sisterly way. She let out a sigh and splashed her face with cold water once again.

Back in her room Len was still standing there like the smuggest person in the world. Not only had he messed with and defeated the person who made his sister cry, he had practically guaranteed her feelings for him. Every time he was around her Rin blushed or got tongue tied. He was going to have to call Neru and break up with her. In fact he would do it at the party tonight. And also at the party he would confess his love for Rin. "Riiiiiiin! Hurry up!" Len yelled down the hallway "We have to get ready for the party!" Rin's head shot up. The party! She had forgotten all about it with all the different things happening that day. This party was one of the famous end of the year parties. Rin had never gone but was really looking forward to it.

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