OKAY welcome back! I know you missed me :D I missed you guys too! It was strange not rambling about nothing. -.-' Haha. So here it is the long awaited sequel!


I slowly strummed the guitar. Not really playing, but remembering. Thanks to my vampire skills I can do both.

" Are you ready?" Aro asked, I nodded, afraid my voice would break if I said anything. "I love you," he said and came closer; I turned my neck to make it easier for him. "I'm sorry" He whispered, and bit down. I felt fire. I only felt it for 5 seconds, before it was gone. Just blackness.

I opened my eyes to a new world. Thousands of colours filled my vision."Bella? Honey?" I head Aro's worried voice fill my ears, it sounded like the most beautiful sound in the world. I took an intake of breath, and I could smell everything. I also noticed I could hear everything too. Five other people breathing and two heart beats. "Are you okay?" Aro asked again.

I thought about sitting up, and then I was. I looked at Aro and blinked. He was the most beautiful creature by far. "I'm fine" I answered, my voice was like bells.

"You didn't scream once, how did it go?" Aro asked again. I looked around the room before answering.

Juliano stood there, as did Cass. Demetri and Felix stood in front of them. "I didn't feel anything." I answered looking back at Aro. He seemed confused.

"How are you controlling your blood-lust?" Demetri cut in, my head snapped to him at vampire speed.

"I don't feel anything" I said, he looked confused now, they all did. Except Juliano.

"It's my fault" Juliano spoke, "That's what I can do, make people believe something. I heard everyone talking about pain. I didn't want you to go through pain, Mama" Juliano said.

"How don't I know?" Aro asked.

"I didn't want you to," was his simple response.

"Are you the reason she's not going crazy with blood-lust?" Felix asked, still not taking his eyes off me.

"No, that's not me" he said.

I was confused now. But I said "Thank you." To my son, Aro put his arm around me I spun towards him and hugged him. "Ow . . . Uh Bella" he grunted I quickly let go, "Sorry" I said. He laughed "Its fine. You didn't mean to" he said. I grinned and hugged him again, this time much softer.

That was little under 2 years ago. Juliano uses his gift often, never on me though. Turns out I have a gift, it's funny really. I have the talents of a 'Hollywood vampire'. I am telepathic – I can read minds and put my thoughts into someone else's mind- I can levitate. Aro believes- according to vampire lore- I should be able to fly, I'm working on it. I can call an animal- wolf to be exact, Caius was peeved at first, but they're wolves, not werewolves. I can also shift – not into a bat- but into the animal in which I call, so a wolf. My mind is also I guess a weapon, I can lash out with my mind its a effective way of killing- no burning required. And lastly my favourite, I can control the element of wind. Luckily, that's as far as vampire lore goes. I don't burn. Garlic is just like any other human food to me, and so on. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a scream.

"Mama! Get Cass out of my room!!" I heard Mari scream. I sighed sat the guitar down and ran to Mari's room.

"What is it?" I asked as I entered,

"Mari stole my leather boots, that would go perfectly with this outfit" I looked at the outfit, they would go perfectly,

"leather! Why would I want to steal your leather boots?!" Mari argued, Mari was all for animal rights, she loved animals, adored them, "Fur is murder!" Mari said, pointing to her PETA poster.

"Says the girl who kills animals!" Cass argued back,

"I have no choice!" Mari yelled,

"Stop it girls" I said calmly, they didn't listen.

"Give me my boots back!" Cass screamed,

"I don't have you bloody boots!" Mari retaliated.

"Stop it!" I said louder,

"But she has my boots!" Cass said pointing to Mari,

"I don't have you stinking boots!!" Mari screamed.,

"STOP!" I screamed eyes blazing; they both looked down at their shoes, well in Cass's case, bare feet.

Jane then waltzed in, "There you are Cass! Thanks for letting me borrowing your boots!" she said setting the pair of leather boots in front of Cass then skipping out.

"See! I told you I didn't have you fricking boots! But no one listens to me no!" Mari said rolling her eyes.

"Cass, Say sorry to Mari" I demanded.

"Sorry Mari, can I go now? I'm running late," Cass said and I nodded.

"Thanks Mama, I told her I wouldn't take her leather boots, I mean they're leather!" she said and I nodded laughing slightly.

"I'm going to go check on the wolves, wanna come?" I asked, she loved the wolves, we had in total three.

"Nah, I was thinking about taking a walk." She said,

"Okay, be safe" I said, she nodded.

I ran at vampire speed to the court yard, I loved the feeling on running, but it was short lived as I was suddenly at the doors. I opened them and instantly, Tera, Kali and Nina jumped on me, I laughed and pushed them off me carefully.

I shifted and jumped on Tera, and we started to play fight, rolling around on the grass, Kali and Nina were howling, jumping around and growling, on either side of our little 'fight'.

I rolled Tera onto her back and she spun up bowed showing I won, I howled in triumph, they all joined in. I heard laughing and turned to see Aro. I looked at my three friends, nodded we ran and all jumped on Aro. He laughed as we knocked him to the ground. Tera, Nina and Kali waltzed off and I shifted back, still laying on Aro, I jumped up and helped Aro up. "You know, sometimes I think you're more wolf then vampire" Aro said, kissing my cheek, I growled playfully and he laughed.

"Mother!" Juliano called, and ran in, "Mama I need to speak with you!" he said running over, as per usual Tera, Nina and Kali came over and made sure he was safe to me near me, they are very protective of their master.

"Sure honey what's up?" I asked,

"Can I speak with you, alone?" He said glancing at Aro, who chuckled and nodded "I'll take my leave now" and ran out, I led Juliano over to a bench.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.

"I met a girl" He said and smiled.

"Great! I'm so happy for you!" I grinned, seeing that I was fine the wolves ran off to play.

"But she's human" he said in almost a whisper.

"I was human," I pointed out,

"I know, Mama." He said running his hands through his brown locks.

"When did you meet her?" I asked

"I met her in a coffee shop in town. She's really nice, has a great personality. And she's gorgeous. We are going to go out on Wednesday night" he said,

"That's great! Just see how it goes. Okay?" I said and he nodded.

He ran off then and I stood up and sat on the grass with Tera, running my hands through her fur. Tera looked up and I heard what she heard. I kept the court yard stocked with deer for my wolves. We go on runs a lot but they are happy to stay in the vastness of the court yard. I sometimes hunted as a wolf. In wolf form I could eat.

Not drink the blood, which left my eyes a strange purple-ish red-ish colour. I found my wolves when I was out for a run, they were about to be killed by some illegal poachers. I saved them. They were up in the mountains. I was still young, and didn't know how far I had run.

Terra had black and a red-ish colour fur on her back and some white under her chin; she was the darkest of the lot. Kali had grey-ish colour on her back with a pale sandy colour and some white as well. Lastly Nina, she was almost pure white, bar a bit of grey and black here and there.

Tera looked at me and I smiled, and nodded. I always knew what they wanted, we understood each other. I shifted and all four of us took off after the deer. After we took one down we all started to feast. We finished it off I shifted and buried the dead deer and shifted back and ran to the main part of the court yard. I playfully jumped on Nina and she yelped in surprise. We wrestled for a bit when Demetri came in laughed at the sight of us wrestle, came over and patted my head and said "Good dog"

I snapped at him and shifted back "Watch it" I threatened. "I'm shaking" he said, I growled at him, making my wolves growl as well.

"Guard dogs" I hear Demetri mutter under his breath.

"They are not dogs, they are predators and they demand respect" I said running my hand affectionately through Kali's fur.

"Yeah, whatever" he rolled his eyes. I glared at him, "Is there something you wanted?" I asked,

"Not really, just saying bye, going to America. Tell them to tone down the vampire wars." He said,

"Righty-o, be safe, and have fun" I joked; he laughed and waved as he ran off.

"Wanna go for a walk?" I said looking at my wolves, Terra jumped up while the others continued to lie in the sun. I smiled and Terra stayed at my side as I walked about the castle.

I was taking the long walk to my bedroom on the other side of the castle. I walked past the entrance and 3 vampires came through the door. "Mistress Isabella, you look lovely as a vampire!" one said,

I tugged at my fuzzy human memories trying to remember them, "I'm sorry, I don't seem to remember you"

"That's okay" said another "Human memories fade, I see you have a . . . . pet?" the male vampire looked at Tera.

"I can call, and control wolves. If you plan to stay in the castle I would suggest you don't harm any of my wolves. If you value your existence." I said calmly,

"We wouldn't dream of it" the third one said,

"Good" I said and nodded "If you don't mind I have business to attend to" I said and danced off without a response

I walked into my bedroom and Terra sat near the door, I grabbed the book off the bedside table and settled down on the bed to read. I finished the book soon enough, and sighed. Pure boredom, Aro I sent to Aro's mind, Yes, Hun? Came his reply.

I'm bored I mentally sighed. He chuckled and I saw it through his mind, What are you doing? I asked,

Greeting guest, then ones you saw before he mentally smiled.

Okay I responded and cut off the connection. Forever can get boring.