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This story is AU. So I will type a note here explaining some of the basics of the story, just so everything makes sense (Will contain spoilers for part of this prologue):

This story is based on the song/PV Cantarella by the Vocaloid KAITO. Reading this will be easier if you know the song/video, but it is not necessary. I had to make some changes to the original storyline to make things fit.

Okay, so, in the world of this story Haruhi is a fifteen year old girl living on the Suou's second estate and attending First-year, Class A at Ouran Academy. She believes that her father abandoned her at the age of seven, but really he had to leave her in the care of the Suou family in order to pay off a massive secret debt owed by his deceased wife to the eldest member of the Suou family (Tamaki's grandmother). Haruhi doesn't know the truth about her father's leaving or his current whereabouts, and she is currently arranged to be married to her good friend Tamaki Suou.

There is not a host club. Tamaki knows Haruhi because they are arranged to be married. Haruhi knows the twins because they are in her class. Hikaru has feelings for Haruhi, and Kaoru is slightly jealous because of the strong need he feels for his brother's attention, even though he doesn't realize it. However, Tamaki is still eccentric and crazy, and all of the male characters constantly have girls swoon over them. Haruhi, of course, is openly female and wears a female uniform.

Even though Haruhi lives with the Suous, one of Japan's wealthiest families, she is still very down to earth and doesn't care about money, looks, or fame. And yes, she still loves fancy tuna.

That's all I can think of for now. Oh, yeah, and Tamaki will still be in character. Don't think he turns all sneaky jus because this is Cantarella-based. It's really his own stupidity that allows him to get into the entire mess. So, yeah, I think that covers everything. I'll add more notes in later chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not in any way claim to own Ouran High School Host Club (It belongs to Bisco Hatori and Studio Bones), or the song Cantarella (By Kaito). I also do not own the translation of the song. It was translated into English by RENA.


(The song, translated into English)

"Our eyes meeting
With a certain look
Within a caged up world.
Pretending not to know
But even so
My spark of interest might be seen.

My heart
I won't show it
And grow near
Deep breaths
That you can feel
Make you have quite a shock.

As with any normal feeling of love
Right now
I'll make sure you fall for it.
Even with a few shallow holes
I won't leave behind any trace.

Maybe it's unseen
Subtle words
That make you undefending.
If you had known
The powerful drug
That only I could resist.

A rusted
Breaking chain
Where no one is
The echo
Of the clock
Is louder when you struggle.

We can always
Hide inside the garden
Forever waiting.
The blended
Scent of our sweat
It feels like I've been taken.

As with any normal feeling of love
Right now
I'll make sure you fall for it.
Stumbling into a few shallow holes...
"Come capture me."

We can always
Hide inside the garden
Forever waiting.
The blended
Scent of our sweat
It feels like I've only been taken."




The two men stood facing each other in the dimness of the study. Around them were shelves upon shelves of books, their leather spines lined up as perfectly as keys on a piano.

Behind one of the men stood an aging woman with a cold air of confidence in her eyes. She spoke first, her chilling voice breaking the heavy silence.

"Mr Fujioka, I assume that you aware of the large debt that your wife owed our family. In the sad event of her death, it seems that we are left to find an alternative."

Ryoji Fujioka stepped forward, sadness at the mention of his beloved Kotoko's death momentarily flashing in his otherwise emotionless eyes.

"I swear, I'll find some way to pay you back," he said, even though he had no idea how he was to accomplish this.

"That will not be necessary," said the old woman, stepping in front of the silent man, her son, who had not yet said a word.

"What-" began Mr Fujioka, but he was cut off by the woman again.

"If you can meet one condition, however, I will forget all about your debt."

The cold smirk that worked it's way onto the woman's face just them chilled the blood of both men in the room.

"May I ask what this condition is?" asked Ryoji warily.

"Of course," said the woman, her smirk growing even more twisted, "I want your daughter."

Ryoji sputtered and stepped forward.

"What do you mean?! You want to take Haruhi away from me?!"

The woman sighed.

"Surely you must realize what I am saying," she said, looking out the window of the study, where she could see the children in the garden below.

This was the first time that Mr Fujioka and his daughter Haruhi had been to either of the Suou estates, although Ryoji was now aware that his wife had come here frequently, in secret, before her death.

From the window, anyone could clearly see Tamaki Suou, the hyperactive child of his father's affair, talking and gesturing animatedly, as he led Ryoji's seven-year-old daughter Haruhi through the garden as part of his little "tour" of the Suou estate. The girl looked around quietly, clutching a weathered copy of Alice in Wonderland tightly to her chest. She hadn't spoken much since her mother had passed away almost two years ago.

The old woman's demeanor changed immediately, and she turned to Ryoji, her face betraying no emotion.

"Your daughter is beautiful, Mr Fujioka," she said, "And I also hear that she is quite the prodigy."

"You have heard correctly," Ryoji said boldly, "My Haruhi is absolutely brilliant."

The woman looked at the floor.

"I wish I could say the same about my grandson," she said, her cold eyes never straying from the carpet.

"Mother!" exclaimed the formerly silent Mr. Suou, a look of anger ghosting across his normally calm features.

"It's true," the woman said calmly, turning to her son, "That woman's filthy child is nothing more than a deprived idiot."

"I will not have you speak that way about Tamaki-"

"Silence!" commanded the old woman.

"Where is this going?!" demanded Mr Fujioka.

"It is simple," the eldest member of the Suou family sighed, "Your daughter is brilliant, but in your current financial state, you can hardly give her the care she needs. How will you put her through college?"

Mr Fujioka looked guiltily at the floor. She's right, I can't help Haruhi in that way. Her future could be ruined because of me...

"So," continued the woman briskly, "I think it would be in her best interest if she were to stay here on the estate and receive a proper education at one of the area's many prestigious private academies. We will provide her with everything she will need."

"But why?" Ryoji questioned, looking up at the woman.

"It is simple," replied the woman, "I want to arrange a marriage between your daughter and Tamaki. I believe that she will be a good influence, and that she will be able to turn him into a decent person. She will stay here at this estate for the time being."

There was a long silence as the shock of this set in. The woman glanced out the window once more. It was clear that Ryoji's agreement to the deal was no longer necessary. Haruhi would not be leaving with her father, the woman would ensure it.

"However," she said speaking again, "there is one other condition."

"What is it?" Mr Fujioka questioned defeated, desperation heavy in his voice

"You will not be permitted to see her until her sixteenth birthday. I do not want her to be tempted by thoughts of running away from a place where she is far better off."

The collective silence resumed.

"There must be some other way..." Ryoji managed to choke out.

"Mr Fujioka, I'm afraid these conditions are non-negotiable."



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