Because You Live

By: esmtz

"Coach, where on earth is Ellis and Rochelle?!" Nick yelled at his fellow teammate as he was fending off a group of zombies who were coming at him from all sides.

"Aw hell they're not here?!" Coach replied who was also fighting off zombies and looked around. He saw Louis and yelled out to him, "Louis, have you seen Ro or Ellis anywhere?"

Louis turned and looked at Coach with an annoyed look on his face, "Do I look like I have the time to see where they went?!"

"Louis, watch out!" Zoey cried out as she saw a smoker grab a hold of Louis with its tongue and started dragging him towards it. Zoey pulled out her pistols and shot at the smoker making it let go of Louis.

"This is bad. Both of our groups are missing half of our teams!" Coach yelled as he pushed a jockey away from him before it could jump on him.

Nick gritted his teeth concern clearly written on his face as he killed most of the zombies that were on him and started looking around for any sign of Ellis or Rochelle, but mostly Ellis. He had taken a liking to the kid and had soon felt himself responsible for him. He would never admit it, but he had fallen in love with Ellis.

"Nick, this is no time to be looking around for them. We'll have to look for them after we've killed all the zombies!" Coach told him sternly, "We're not going to be any good to them if we get ourselves killed!"

"Coach, they could be in trouble!" Nick replied angrily.

Zoey nodded.

"He's right we should go and look for them. For all we know they could be in serious trouble!" Zoey said worriedly.

"Don't worry about them, Zoey. Francis and Bill can take care of themselves and I'm sure their friends, Ellis and Rochelle will be fine too." Louis told her as he shot at a few zombies behind Nick and Coach.

Suddenly the cry of a witch and the sound of a car went off making the group turn to where the noise was coming from.

"You were saying, Louis." Zoey said shaking her head as she ran towards the noise quickly followed by Nick, Coach, and Louis.

"I'm really sorry I didn't mean to set off the alarm!" Rochelle cried as she watched Ellis pick up Bill from the ground who had startled the witch.

"Well, it just means we get to kill more Zombies." Francis grinned as he protected Ellis and Bill from oncoming zombies.

"Are you alright?" Ellis asked Bill.

"Yeah let's just get out of here before more trouble shows up." Bill replied as he started limping away shooting zombies as he went.

"Well so much for that." Rochelle said as she gave her adrenaline to Bill and started running, "TANK!"

Francis and Ellis followed behind them and started shooting at the tank.

"Well I'm out of ammo, you still got any there kid?" Francis asked looking at Ellis.

Ellis shook his head.

"Nah, I wasted the rest of it on the witch. I've still got my pistols though." Ellis replied as both of them shot at the tank who was quickly catching up to them.


Ellis turned his head slightly and saw that Nick and the others had finally caught up with them.

"About time you guys showed up!" Francis yelled.

"Man oh man this is bad…" Ellis said as the tank ran towards them and swung its arm at Ellis and Francis sending them both very close to a lake.

"ELLIS!" Nick yelled out as he started shooting at the tank getting its attention.

Zoey, Louis, Coach, Rochelle, and Bill did their best to help kill the tank and finally before it could hit Nick it dropped to its knees and died. As it did Nick started running towards Ellis and Francis just as another big group of zombies attacked and a hunter got on Bill and started clawing at him.

"This just keeps getting better and better huh, kid?" Francis grinned as he picked himself off the ground and just as he was about to shoot the zombies that ere surrounding the others a jockey jumped on him and steered him away from Ellis, "Ugh get this thing off of me!"

"Francis!" Ellis yelled as he tried to aim his pistols at the jockey, but then the sound of Nick's cry turned Ellis's attention to Nick and watched in horror as he saw a smoker strangling him with a small group of zombies also going at him.

Ellis started shooting hoping that he would be able to kill the smoker with at least some of the zombies. Out of the corner of his eye he saw that someone had killed the jockey that was riding Francis and he was on his way to help the others. Ellis went to get closer to Nick to help him out, but he felt something wrap around his legs and drag him down. He turned his head slightly and saw that he was being dragged towards the lake. He turned his attention back to Nick and aimed his pistols at the smoker.

'Please oh please let me save Nick!' Ellis thought desperately to himself as he pulled the triggers.

To Ellis's relief he saw the smoker die and Nick was still able to stand and defend himself. Ellis watched as he saw Nick look at him with horror in his eyes and saw that he was desperately trying to get past the zombies to get to him. Ellis smiled to himself.

"At least he's ok…" Ellis said to himself as he was dragged into the water. The last thing he heard was Nick screaming out his name.

Author's note: Ok well this is my first time doing a l4d story so I'm sorry to say that the characters will probably be out of character. I've never really been good at knowing if I'm putting the characters in character or not so yeah. I'm not sure how long this story is going to be probably not long but who knows also I added a new special infected and it lives in the water. Before I was sure about making this into a story since I had a dream about it I know weird huh anyway let me know if you like or not oh and pairings are: NickxEllis, LouisxRochelle (probably), and slight FrancisxEllis uh yeah interesting couples I know, but I like them. I'll update when I can.