Welcome to what goes on inside my brain. This is the first in a series of random scenarios that Alex and Olivia will take on for your viewing pleasure.

Olivia regretted planning this trip. She regretted chartering this private jet to take her and her new friend to St. Thomas, with her substantial inheritance. She regretted not telling the pilot to turn around at the first sign of engine trouble.

Now she regretted that the plane was heading nose first into the ocean. No matter how much the men in the front of the plane struggled, they could only pull it up so that when the plane hit the water, it stayed upright for a few seconds before the it started to sink nose first.

Olivia kept her wits about her enough to unbuckle herself and unbuckle Alex. They rushed to the door. They managed to heave it open together.

From her last commercial flight, Alex vaguely remembered that there was supposed to be a raft somewhere on the cabin. She began searching all overhead compartments. She finally found the large yellow mess of rubber and pulled the string, inflating it, and then carrying it to the open door.

"I'm going to go check on the pilots," Olivia told her and sprinted to the other end of the cabin. She found that the windows had broken out of the front and the pilot and co-pilot were nowhere to be found.

"Liv! C'mon!" Alex yelled, holding onto the string attached to the raft that was in the water. The ocean was started to rise up to the blonde's ankles and she knew it was a matter of seconds before the whole plane was under.

Olivia waded up to Alex and then held the rope while Alex jumped into the raft. She took one last look at the cabin and hopped in after Alex.

They both sat in the raft, in complete shock as their plane sank into the bottom of the ocean. Olivia looked back at Alex whose expression was blank. She wished she knew what to do, but her year at the police academy didn't include wilderness training.

"I don't…" Olivia trailed off. She looked around and saw miles of ocean around them, with nothing resembling land in sight, "What…Did that really just happen?"

"Unfortunately," Alex dug around in the bag next to her. She pulled out a hair tie and put her hair up.

That was when Olivia first noticed that Alex's suitcase and her own NYPD duffle bag, along with an assortment of various items from the plane were on the raft.

"When did you manage to get all this stuff on the raft?" Olivia asked looking through her own bag.

"When you were checking for the pilots," Alex stated, she pulled out her cell phone, "Apparently my phone coverage doesn't include middle of the ocean."

"Mine either," Olivia put her phone back in her bag. "We can try again after we've drifted a while." She picked up a tiny bottle that was rolling next to her, "I'm glad you still had time to raid in the mini bar while our plane was sinking."

Alex smirked, "I figured if we were going to die in the middle of the ocean that we might as we be drunk."

"We're not going to die," Olivia assured the ADA who was sitting on the opposite side of the raft as her, "We're going to be rescued and go home. They're going to write about our terrifying ordeal in the paper and how we were both drunk when they picked us up."

The blonde smiled, "I guess, but…" she looked at her watch, "if we're not rescued in forty-eight hours, I'm getting hammered."

"Deal," Olivia nodded. She looked at all the water bottles rolling around. "Good thinking with the water bottles."

"I also grabbed all the food," Alex picked up a bag of chips, "Which was chips, cookies, some fruit, and six bags of four peanuts each."

Olivia picked up the seat cushion next to her, "What about this?"

"Floatation device?" Alex asked, "I don't know, I was just throwing things in here."

"You did really great," Olivia put the cushion down, "You'd think with all my training I'd have thought about supplies."

"No one trains you for this," the blonde answered, trying to comfort Olivia.

They started going through their bags, deciding what they could use in the event that they were stranded in the middle of the ocean for days on end. Then they repacked everything and erected a small tent, using a blanket that Alex grabbed and pieces of plane that was drifting past them. They both lay under it, protecting themselves from the harsh sun that was beating down. They were already dressed for the tropics, but they were dressed for a resort, not for constant, uninterrupted sunlight.

"I'm sorry," Olivia murmured, propping her head up to scan the horizon, hoping to some sort of deity that she'd see land.

Alex shook her head, "This was definitely not your fault. Besides, the waves are relaxing."

Olivia smiled and shook her head. She had no idea how Alex was staying so calm. On the inside Olivia was a nervous wreck. "You're not scared?"

The blonde looked behind Olivia out across the ocean, "I'm terrified. There's any number of things that could happen to us, right now sharks are coming to mind, but we're both smart, able women. I'm sure we'll figure a way out of this. If I was with anyone else I'd be panicking, but I trust you. We'll be okay."

The detective nodded, trying to hold it together for Alex who seemed to place a lot of hope and faith in her.

After a few minutes of drifting in silence, Alex sat up, "Oh my god. Is that a shark?"

Olivia turned around and looked where Alex was looking. A gray fin was in the water a few hundred yards away. Olivia's eyes widened when she saw another one.

"There's four of them," Alex breathed.

Olivia looked around for something to protect them with. She picked up a shard of jagged plane from the water. She tightened her grip on it and held it like a knife.

"Wait," Alex smiled, "Those aren't sharks." She pointed out to the group of fins. One of the fins jumped out of the water. It was a dolphin.

"Wow," Olivia grinned, "I've never seen one in the ocean before."

They laughed as the dolphins played around in the water, jumping and swimming. One of the dolphins dared to come close to the raft. Alex ran her hand over the surface of the water as it neared. The dolphin let her touch his fin before diving and then jumping right next to them.

Olivia smiled at Alex's interaction with the dolphin. Something on the other side of Alex caught her eye. She sat up to get a better look. Her mouth dropped open and her heart hammered. "Alex! Look it's land!"

Alex's head whipped around. She saw what Olivia was talking about. A beach appeared on the horizon. The waves were pushing them to an island.

Without speaking, they both grabbed a piece of plane that they pulled on the raft and started rowing. The dolphins followed them toward the island for a few hundred feet before stopping to play again.

"I never thought I'd be this relieved to see a beach," Alex sighed as they got close enough to see the bottom of the ocean.

"Me either," Olivia put her makeshift oar back into the raft and jumped out. She was waist deep in the water so it was easy for her to pull the raft the rest of the way to the dry sand.

She held her hand out to Alex who daintily stepped out onto the sand. She looked around and saw endless beach on both sides of her. "It looked a lot smaller farther away."

Olivia nodded, "I think you should stay here with the raft and I'll go see if there's anyone else on the island."

"No way," Alex shook her head, "You're not leaving me here by myself. There could be snakes in that jungle right there," she pointed to the tree line that began at the end of the beach. Then she pointed toward the water, "And sharks and alligators and crabs."

"Alligators?" Olivia raised an eyebrow.

"Whatever," Alex looked down at the sand, "Liv, I'm scared. I don't want you to leave me."

Olivia finally realized that Alex wasn't joking. She was genuinely scared. The look on her face broke Olivia's heart so she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around the blonde, "I won't leave you. I promise."

Alex pulled away after a few seconds. "The sun is going to be down in a few hours. What do you want me to do?"

Olivia looked around and finally noticed that the sun was close to setting. "It's been a long day. Let's make somewhere to sleep and we're search the island tomorrow. Hopefully there's a resort on the other side of the island."

The blonde nodded.

Olivia directed the building of their fortress for the night although Alex insisted on a floor. Olivia gathered enough leaves to make the floor, then they deflated the raft and used it as the tent. Then they stored all the supplies in their bags with the exception of the seat cushions Alex grabbed along with the blanket. Olivia dug a hole in the sand and then gathered some wood from the fringe of a tree line. They managed to get the fire started just as the sun went down.

"Why did you have a lighter?" Olivia asked handing the orange fire started back to Alex.

Alex pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her bag, "Because matches are so nineteen fifty."

"I didn't know you smoked," Olivia was completely surprised.

The blonde shook her head as she put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it, "I quit."

"It doesn't look like it."

"I only smoke when I'm traveling," Alex took a long drag and stashed the cigarettes and the lighter back in her bag, "Planes make me nervous. And apparently there's a good reason for that."

Olivia held out her hand. She hadn't smoked since her sophomore year of college, but she could certainly use something to take the edge off now.

Alex handed the cigarette over. She watched Olivia take a long drag and exhale a pale blue stream of smoke. "Are you hungry?"

The blonde shook her head, "I could really use a bourbon though."

"I think we have a tiny one," Olivia started to get up.

Alex took Olivia's hand and pulled her back down. "It was a joke." After a few seconds of silence, Alex asked, "Why did you ask me to come?"

Olivia gave Alex a quizzical look.

"I didn't mean it in an accusatory way," Alex added, "I'm not blaming you at all. I just…you could have taken any number of people. Why did you invite me? I'm sure there's a couple other people you'd rather be stranded with."

Olivia smiled and shook her head, "No. I think you're the only person I'd want to be stranded with. I'd rather be sipping mojitos and dancing all night with you, but stranded is okay for now."

The ADA nodded, "Agreed." She let out a yawn, "I think I'm going to try to get some sleep."

"Right behind you," Olivia kicked some sand onto the fire then put out the cigarette in the sand. She walked back to the tent by the full moonlight.

The tent was a tight squeeze for both women, but when Alex cuddled into Olivia it became fairly comfortable for them both. Olivia stroked Alex's hair for a few minutes until she was sure Alex was asleep. Then she tried to come up with a plan to get them off of the island.

Olivia woke up alone in the tent. She stretched and looked around, reorienting herself with the waking world. She could tell that the sun was already hot in the sky by the way the yellow raft overhead was lit up.

She crawled out from under the tent and stretched again. She found her tent-mate on the beach, in a bikini. She was standing at the edge of the water, looking out over the vast expanse of sea surrounding them.

It looked as though she'd been swimming because her skin was glistening in the light. The blonde turned around and smiled. She walked closer to Olivia, "Good morning."

Olivia smiled, "What time is it?"

Alex looked at her watch, "Ten fifteen."

"Did you already go for a swim?" Olivia asked, gesturing to the water.

She was answered by a smile, "When in Rome…" She walked over to where the fire used to be. The blonde bent down by the ashes. There was a new leaf on the ground with a little piece of pink meat on it. Alex picked it up and offered it to Olivia, "Hungry?"

"What is it?" Olivia asked, picking it up and sniffing it.

"The freshest crab, you've ever eaten," Alex grinned.

Olivia took a small bite and her eyes widened, "This is amazing Alex. How did you catch it?"

"Sharp stick," Alex smirked.

After Olivia finished her crab breakfast, she went into the tent to change into a bikini top and shorts. When she emerged, Alex was in sipping from a water bottle.

"If you get any more comfortable here, I doubt you'd want to be found," Olivia chuckled.

Alex took down her hair and put it up again, "I miss coffee, somewhere to plug in my blow dryer, and my bed. Although, your little mumblings in your sleep were cute."

Olivia blushed, "What did I say?"

"I couldn't tell," Alex shrugged, "C'mon. If we find someone to save us, we can be drinking mojitos and oogling cabana girls by tomorrow."

"Cabana girls?" Olivia asked, and started walking with Alex down the beach.

The ADA grinned, "Okay, maybe I did hear some things you were mumbling in your sleep."

Olivia blushed a deeper shade a red than before.

"Liv, I'd like to think we're friends," Alex added as they continued to walk, "Why didn't you tell me?"

The detective shrugged, "I have no idea. I just never thought it was important."

"It's important if you're hiding it," Alex stated, kicking the sand as she walked.

Olivia took a deep breath, "I'm sorry. Alex, I'm gay."

Alex grinned, "Fantastic."

"Why fantastic?" the detective asked.

"No idea," the blonde shrugged, "I'm just never sure what to say when people tell me that."

Olivia laughed, "I'm not really sure what I want to hear when I tell someone that so that's fair."

They walked in silence for a while until Alex broke the silence, "What do you say we walk for half an hour and then go back, eat lunch and then try the other way?"

"Are we going to move our camp?" Olivia asked, looking toward the jungle right next to her. She wondered was a lurking in the shadows of the island.

Alex shrugged, "You're the boss. I'm just the cook."

A chuckle came from the detective, "Alright. I think we should start moving it so we can cover more ground."

They kept walking for about thirty more minutes and found nothing but beach, water, and jungle so they turned around and went back.

"What are the chances that we washed up on the only island on the entire planet that had not been discovered?" Alex asked when they got back to their camp.

"I don't know," Olivia looked at the ocean, "You know I was thinking."

"Uh oh," Alex grinned.

Olivia chuckled and shook her head, "I was thinking that we should leave the camp here. It's closest to the plane wreckage and it's in a highly visible area from the sky and ocean."

The blonde nodded, "Okay. That makes sense." She went to the tent and pulled out her bag, "Since we're going to stay here, maybe we should make out tent a little sturdier." She pulled out some sunscreen, "but first, I'm scared I'm going to burn so can you help me out?"

Olivia nodded.

Alex took a beach towel out of her bag and laid down on it so Olivia to put sunscreen on her back. As she rubbed it in, Olivia noticed how flawless Alex's skin was.

"I think we should take a walk in the jungle too," Alex offered, "There are plants everywhere so there has to be fresh water in there somewhere."

"Good idea," Olivia looked at their stash of water that had barely been touched, "Are you sure you haven't been stranded on an island before?"

"I'm sure," Alex replied, closing her eyes and loving the feel of Olivia's strong hands on her back. She sighed when Olivia finished and rubbed some lotion on her stomach and chest.

"Shall we eat or walk?" Olivia asked, sitting back in the sand and stretching her legs. The sun was beating down on them and Olivia was glistening because of it.

Alex looked around, "I haven't seen a crab in a while. They must have heard about me." She paused and smiled when Olivia laughed, "Are you hungry?"

Olivia nodded, "But I can wait. Maybe we'll find a deli in the jungle."

"Here's hoping," Alex knelt next to her bag and pulled out some jeans, "I'm not going in the jungle in a bikini. I keep thinking about a camping trip I went on and got poison ivy all over my legs."

"You went camping?" Olivia asked continuing to stretch her legs.

"I was in the Girl Scouts," Alex pulled the jeans over her bikini bottoms, "It was mostly for the after school snacks and the sash. I used it to pretend I was Miss America."

Olivia laughed. "You sounded like a fun little girl."

"I was, in the words of my mother, an adventure," Alex pulled on her sneakers.

"I bet," the detective stood up and went to her own bag. Alex's jeans idea seems like a good one.

A few minutes later, they stood arm in arm at the edge of the jungle, peering in. Alex took a deep breath and whispered, "I'll cry if I see a snake."

"Why are you whispering?" Olivia asked, "Scared they'll hear you?"

"I'm serious," the ADA answered tightening her grip on Olivia. She took the detective's hand and held it tight, "I'll start bawling like a big baby."

Olivia smiled, "I'll be running out of the jungle right behind you."

"What if we get lost?" Alex asked quietly.

The detective thought it over, "Well this island can't be that big. We'll just find our way to the nearest beach and walk along the beach until we find our camp."

"What if we're kidnapped by indigenous people and tied to poles while they boil water in huge pots so they can eat us?" the blonde added.

"Then we'll call Gilligan and the Skipper to come rescue us," Olivia deadpanned. She took the first step into the jungle.

They hiked around the jungle for two hours. They found a stream that Olivia decided would be handy when their water bottles were empty. The whole time Alex wouldn't let go of Olivia's hand. After marking the path to the stream they went back to camp. Alex shed her shoes and jeans. She picked up the sharp stick she caught breakfast with and took off to the ocean.

Olivia sat in the sand and watched Alex stand ankle deep in the water with her stick poised above her head. She never, in a million years, though that she'd see Alex Cabot primitive spear hunting. It was like some strange warp happened on this island and everything was different. This little island was it's own world and the only two inhabitants were Alex and Olivia.

She watched Alex strike a few times and miss. Olivia smiled at Alex's determination as she turned to the tent. She took out her cell phone and turned it on again, praying for a signal. There was a flicker of hope when one bar lit up on the screen. Just as Olivia was dialing her partner's number, the bar disappeared. She turned off her phone again and stashed it in her bag. She checked Alex's phone with the same result.

When she was done with the phone check, Alex was walking back to the camp with a crab on the end of her stick.

"You're amazing," Olivia smiled. She picked up the lighter from the floor of the tent and started the fire.

Alex once again shelled and cooked the crab. They ate their crab with a side of potato chips from a snack-sized bag.

The sun started to fall on another day on the island. They lay, side by side in the sand, looking at the countless number of stars in the sky.

"If we never get off of this island," Olivia slowly blinked, "I think we'd s still be okay."

Alex moved closer to Olivia, "I guess so, but I think you'd get sick of seafood."

"We could eat the snakes we find in the jungle," Olivia smirked.

The blonde frowned, "I'm never going to eat snake. Now because you said that I'm going to be freaking out all night."

The detective smiled, "It's okay. I'll protect you."

"You better," Alex warned.

The sun started to go down so Olivia started a fire so they'd have some light. She watched at Alex went to the tent and returned with four mini bottle of liquor.

"We have rum, tequila, whiskey, and vodka," she knelt down in front of Olivia and offered them to her.

Olivia picked out the tequila and vodka before asking, "I thought we were going to wait until we got rescued."

The blonde cracked open her first bottle, "I have a feeling we'll be rescued soon. So they won't rescue me when I'm drunk. I'll at least have a hangover." She held her bottle up in the air.

Olivia opened her first bottle and held hers up to Alex.

"Okay, make a toast."

The detective thought about it for a while, "Here's to the Coast Guard, private jets, and the mechanic that hit the wing with a wrench and said it runs like a dream." She smiled at Alex's chuckle, "Your turn."

"To the Girl Scouts, the fact that when we get home we'll never want to eat crab again, and…to learning new things about each other."

"Cheers," Olivia grinned.

They watched each other slam the liquid fire. Alex stuck her tongue out, "I don't like cheap whiskey."

"It would have been nice to have salt and a lime," Olivia opened her second bottle.

Alex followed suit and raised her glass.

"To our own private island," Olivia added, "And to grabbing everything, but the galley sink from the jet."

Alex grinned mischievously, "To discovery, passion and sensation."

Olivia raised an eyebrow, but swallowed the liquor. She couldn't figure out for the life of her what Alex was talking about.

They threw their bottles into the fire and Olivia was surprised when Alex kissed her. When the blonde kissed a second time, she felt the nimble hands of her companion on the small of her back.

When Alex pulled away for a breath, she moved to sit on Olivia's lap, facing the detective.

"Alex, what's going on?" Olivia asked while Alex ran her fingers through the thick brown hair,

Alex shook her head with a sly smirk, "I'll explain tomorrow that I've wanted to do this for years. Right now, I'm going to go through with it."

Olivia couldn't stop a smile from playing on her lips. There was something in Alex's eyes that was playful, something that was sexy and something that said the time for talk was over.

At first Olivia was a little wary of having sex on the beach, out in the open, but Alex reminded her that they were all alone on the island. At that Olivia surrendered all control to her instincts and to Alex.

They had been asleep for only a few moments when the tide started to roll in. It ticked their toes and woke them before it got any higher. Alex enticed Olivia into a moonlit skinny dip before they dried off, got dressed and laid in their tent.

Alex cuddled as deep into Olivia as she possibly could. Olivia smiled at how cute Alex was when she was wriggling around to get comfortable. She held Alex in place and waited for the blonde to fall asleep before falling asleep herself.

"Liv! Wake up!" Alex called into the tent early the next morning. Her voice was accompanied by a whirling noise.

Olivia rubbed her eyes and crawled out of the tent on all fours. When she looked up, she saw where the whirling noise was coming from. There was a helicopter coming toward them. She jumped up and walked over to Alex, "Am I dreaming?"

Alex smirked, "Nope. A cruise ship was going by and one of the passengers saw our tent though some binoculars. The captain called the Coast Guard and we're saved!"

Everything that happened in the next few hours was a whirlwind. It wasn't long before they were back on United State soil. They landed in Key West around nine a.m..

They had been poked and prodded by doctors and questioned by a man in a suit. Then they were followed by lines of media vans on the way to the hotel they were going to stay at before taking a jet furnished by the same company that Olivia rented the jet from in the first place. They also offered free flights for the rest of their lives to make up for their ordeal.

Alex stepped out of the shower, refreshed and clean. She was glad to be back in civilization. Even though their vacation had an unexpected turn and was shorter than they planned, she was happy it turned out how it did.

She walked back into the bedroom and heard a report on TV talking about it their story, "It is evident by the elaborate camp that was set up that these two women knew how to survive in the wild."

A female reporter came on, "On a related note, the island those were stranded on was uninhabited and there is no official record of its existence at all. It has been decided by all local governments that so long as the island will remain ninety percent vegetation that the island now belongs to those two ladies who are credited with its discovery. None of our reporters have been able to reach them for comment, but we will anxiously wait for the name of the recently discovered, twenty-acre island…"

Olivia looked over at Alex who was wearing only a towel, "We own an island."

Alex nodded and smiled, "What do you want to name it?"

"I have no idea," the detective laid back on the bed, "This bed feels great."

The blonde couldn't resist. She walked to the bed and straddled Olivia, "You know what feels better?"

"I do," Olivia smirked and sat up enough to capture Alex's lips, "But first, you have some explaining to do."

Alex sat back and ran her fingers along the lines of Olivia's muscle shirt, "I have wanted to…engage you since the day I met you."

"Engage?" Olivia smirked.

Alex rolled her eyes, "It sounded better than I wanted to jump you the second I saw you." She smiled, "Anyway, I always thought there was no way, but when you told me you were gay I was ecstatic. That meant there was a chance. Then I couldn't help myself and finally did jump you."

The detective kissed Alex again, "Okay resume what you were doing before."

"Wait," Alex looked down at Olivia, holding her eyes, "What do you think?"

"I think I have lifetime free rides in private jets, half of a private island, and the most beautiful woman on the world straddling me," Olivia smiled as she ran her hands up and down Alex's exposed thighs, "I think, right now, my life is perfect,"

Alex grinned and kissed Olivia, "You are such a flatterer."

"Mmhmm," Olivia moaned into the kiss, "I should have warned you."

After a smile and quick kiss, Alex unraveled the towel that hid her body and threw it across the room. She could feel Olivia's eyes examine every part of her body before gently touching and caressing.

They spent the rest of their vacation holed up in the hotel, only getting dressed enough to answer the door when the room service guy knocked.