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The day started off like it always did. Motions, subpoenas, and papers were all over Alex's desk. She sighed and wanted to hit her head on the desk. The life of a district attorney was so dense and mundane that she was seriously started to think about switching fields of practice.

She looked at the clock and then to the couch she had slept on last night. She needed to clean it up before Elliot got there for his testimony prep. Alex stood up and wondered why she hadn't heard anything from anyone else all morning.

Just as she was folding up her reserve blanket she heard a gunshot. She followed her instinct and dropped to the ground, but not before getting to her desk. She grabbed her cell phone as it started to ring on her desk.

She flipped it open, "Cabot."

"Open your office door!" Olivia's voice yelled into her ear.

Without asking another question, she got up and ran to the door, opening it. Olivia and Elliot tumbled it. Elliot scrambled to get up and shut the door as a few of the other attorneys in the office started to try to get in. They had a glazed look in their eyes and their movements were clumsy. He locked it and slid down the door, "Holy shit."

"What the hell is going on?" Alex demanded, her immediate fear replaced with annoyance. From what it looked like, they ran into the office so they wouldn't have to talk to her coworkers.

Olivia stood up and dusked herself off, holstering the gun in her hand, "You mean you don't know?"

Alex shook her head, "Because you haven't told me. I've been buried under motions all night and all this morning. I haven't left my office in twenty hours."

"A virus," Olivia pointed to the TV in the corner and flipped it on. On the screen a new anchor was doing a newscast in a frantic voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the CDC is asking that anyone who hasn't been bitten to get somewhere with food and stay where you are," he looked like he was on the verge of tears, "Nothing like this has happened in the history of the world. The entire island of Manhattan has been quarantined. The National Guard is on its way to rescue the survivors, but they say that it may take a few days to safely get through the infected masses." He glanced off screen then back at the prompter, "It has been estimated that almost seventy percent of the Manhattan population is already infected…"

Alex shook her head. This couldn't be happening. This was something from a terrible movie. She looked at Olivia and the gravity of what was actually happened hit her. She rubbed her face. Luckily none of her family lived anywhere near New York City.

"We need to get back to the station," Elliot told the women as she checked the bullets in his gun before jamming the magazine back in and cocking it.

Alex looked down at what she was wearing. She wasn't dressed to run from zombies. She was barely dressed to run from Petrovsky.

Olivia seemed to know what she was thinking and asked, "Do you have something else to change into?"

The blonde nodded and made her way to the file cabinet behind her desk. She took out her workout clothes. She decided that since there was an outbreak of an infectious rabies-like disease that she didn't really need to worry about being modest when changing in front of her colleagues. Soon she was in black running shorts and a green tank top, definitely not clothing for the cold weather outside, but it was good for running and that was what she was planning on doing.

Alex's phone started ringing again. This time Olivia picked it up and answered, "Yeah?…Abbie?…Where are you?…Alright…stay where you are and we'll meet you in the stairwell…do you have a gun?…well, yes I know where you're from…a simple yes I have a gun would have been fine…bye." She hung up and tossed the phone to Alex. "Abbie and Serena are down the hall. We have to meet them in the stairwell."

Elliot stood from the door, "I'll go first, Alex can go in the middle and Liv you can bring up the rear." He looked at Alex, "This may be a stupid question, but do you have a gun?"

Alex shook her head.

"Fantastic," he murmured and turned to the door. "Well since they're crowding the door I suggest we use the couch like a bull dozer."

The blonde was started to wonder just how many zombie movies Elliot had seen when Olivia started to move the couch. "This is a nice couch."

"Thanks I got it from IKEA," Alex said before she knew what had just come out of her mouth. Elliot and Olivia looked at her weird. "Sorry, I'm a little freaked out here. My cohort is outside ready to eat me. Law school did not prepare me for this. Maybe vampires, but not zombies."

"Well, get ready," Elliot moved to stand beside Olivia, the couch poised at the door. "When I say three, open the door and then run like hell after me, okay?"

"That won't be a problem," Alex gingerly put her hand on the knob.

"One," Elliot counted, "Two, Three!"

With that Alex threw open the door, a few people falling in, but being pushed back out by Elliot and Olivia ramming the couch against the mass and shoving it backwards.

Alex took off running, after Elliot and saw Olivia followed out of the corner of her eye. Apparently the infection made everyone a little slower, but it was still scary as shit to see ADA Carver come at her with his mouth wide open, trying to bite her. It was even more unnerving when Elliot put a bullet in his head and she watched his limp body fall to the ground before the other zombies started to devour him.

When they got to the stairwell, Elliot kicked open the door. Abbie pointed her gun at him and yelled, "Jesus Fucking Christ you scared the shit out of us!"

Alex was next to jump into the concrete space with Olivia right behind her, closing the door. Alex immediately went to her best friend and hugged her. Serena was trembling in her arms, but looked stable nonetheless.

"We parked right outside the door downstairs," Olivia stated, taking the keys out of her pocket. "We should be okay when we get back to the precinct."

Abbie started leading the way down the stairs with the Olivia behind her, then the two unarmed blondes, followed by Elliot. When they got to the bottom of the empty stairwell, Abbie paused before kicking it open. There was alone infected person looking in the car. As soon at the person turned around to attack Abbie she shot it twice.

As she watched Casey Novak fall to the ground still twitching from the infection, she shook her head, "I always kinda wanted to do that."

Serena scampered away from the body that lay in front of the driver's side door. They all checked all the windows before piling into the squad car. Elliot cranked up the engine and gunned it out of the parking lot into the deserted streets. The straggling infected and empty cars added to the eeriness that was creeping up Alex's spine. She watched as they feasted on the remains of their fellow infected that had been killed and as they climbed up the walls of buildings with a frightening ease.

"Why the hell have you not been using this?" Abbie asked, unhooking the shotgun from the rack of the front seat. She checked the chamber before cocking it, handing her handgun back to Serena who just looked at it in her hand before handing it to Alex.

"We were worried about Alex and we didn't have time to get the rest of the shells out of the trunk," Elliot explained as she swerved around a curve.

Olivia took the handgun from Alex. Then she took Alex's right hand and gently wrapped it around the gun, "It's cocked, just point and shoot. And try not to shoot me okay?" she offered a reassuring smile.

Alex just numbly nodded, taking a little comfort in the smile and the fact that she could defend herself now. After a few deep breaths, Alex felt like she would be able to handle whatever came at her.

It didn't take long to get to the one-six. Abbie was the first one to speak as Elliot circled the parking lot making sure that it wasn't overrun. "Who's inside?"

"Munch and Fin," Olivia replied, "They stayed to hold down the fort." She pulled the radio from the ground and radioed, "We're coming in guys."

Everyone lurched forward when Elliot parked the car on the sidewalk of the precinct. Everyone scrambled to get as out a pair of infected zombies spotted them from across the street. Just as the front doors opened, Alex saw one of the zombies get close enough, that if he jumped he would be on her.

She pointed her gun at him and pulled the trigger, watching him fall to the ground. Perhaps she wasn't as bad of a shot as she thought she was.

Right before going inside, Abbie popped the trunk and grabbed the rest of the shells, spewed the second unfortunate zombie's brains all over the sidewalk before running inside.

"You're pretty good with that thing," Fin commented as he closed and locked the door behind her.

"Thanks," she nodded and reloaded the gun as she walked behind the group to the squad room.

When they got to it, Olivia looked around. They guys had done some stockpiling since they'd been gone. There was vending machine food sitting on top of her desk and the contents of the soda machine on Elliot's. Every available gun and bullet was crowding Fin and Munch's desks put together.

Once inside, Munch closed the squad room door and pushed a desk up against it. Elliot added another desk for good measure.

"This is the worst nightmare I've ever had," Alex shook her head and looked around. "Where's Cragen?"

"New Jersey," Fin replied, "Lucky bastard."

"So?" Abbie asked, looking at the detectives, "What's the plan? Hole up here until we're rescued?"

"Or run out of food," Munch added with a nod.

Abbie quirked an eyebrow, "Alright, but if no one comes in three days, I'm going for help."

"You are not," Serena narrowed her eyes, "Not by yourself."

The southerner looked at Serena, "Oh you wanna come princess?"

Serena rolled her eyes, "As a matter of fact I do."

"Yeah right," Abbie looked at Serena, condescendingly.

Serena was about to open her mouth, but Alex cut her off, "That's enough. No one is going anywhere right now, okay?"

The other two ADAs looked away, nodding sheepishly for fighting like that.

"Are all the windows boarded up?" Elliot asked Munch.

The older detective answered, "I think so. We got all the ones in here as you can see, plus the one in Cragen's office and the second interrogation room."

"What about the ones in the crib?" Alex's eyes moved to the door above interrogation room. Her breath got shallow when she saw the shadow of a slow drunken movement belonging to someone whose body had been taken over by the virus.

"Son of a bitch," Abbie murmured and checked the shotgun before looking at Elliot. They slowly crept up the stairs while Olivia trotted to catch up to them. Munch and Fin were gathering up boards to put on the windows after the room had been cleared out.

"Why weren't you a cop?" Elliot whispered to Abbie as they neared the door.

"I like to dress up to go to work," she whispered back with a coy smile, "Plus I'm a little trigger happy." She pointed the shotgun at the door and waited until everyone was out of the way before blasting the door open, almost off of its hinges. Elliot kicked it the rest of the way in.

"Holy shit," Olivia breathed when she saw the sheer number of zombies crawling all over the room.

Abbie started shooting shotgun rounds into the larger groups while everyone else started taking them out one by one. Olivia didn't notice a few of them slip out behind her and started the slow decent to the bullpen where Alex and Serena were huddled next to a desk.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Serena whispered as she clung to Alex.

The taller blonde wasn't sure if she could hit them, being so far away, but she didn't want to wait until they got close enough to find out. She pointed and shot. The first time she missed and the second, she hit one in the shoulder, which only slowed it down.

"Abbie!" Serena screamed as they terrifying zombies continued closer to them.

Olivia felt a freakishly strong hand grab her shoulder. She turned, to find herself face to face with an open mouthed zombie, moving closer to take a bite out of her shoulder. She turned the gun backwards and shot it in the face, as it fell it ripped her shirt on the way down. She let out a deep sigh when she saw that all of the infected were laying on the ground, oozing black blood from their gunshot wounds.

"Shit," Elliot looked at the carnage around them, "Let's throw them out the window then board it up."

Olivia scanned the room, "Where's Abbie?"

After taking two of the three that were walking toward them out Alex realized that she was out of bullets a little late and pulled Serena with her away from the zombie. However, she also realized too late that the door she was trying to get out of was nailed shut.

Just as the zombie got within arms reach, a loud bang echoed in the room and it fell to the ground. Abbie stood next to the zombie with a pistol in her hand.

"Are you okay?" Abbie asked Serena.

The blonde nodded numbly and stepped into Abbie's arms. The brunette wrapped her protective arms around Serena, sighing in relief.

Olivia and Elliot came downstairs to get the bodies to throw out the window before Munch and Fin nailed it shut. Abbie stayed with the other two attorneys, checking all the other windows downstairs to make sure they were still secure.

"Okay, well that's over with," Olivia exhaled and made her way downstairs. She walked over to Alex and touched her shoulder, "Are you okay Alex?"

The blonde nodded, "Yeah I think so." She picked up the gun she dropped, "I need more bullets though." She didn't want to be caught helpless again.

Olivia nodded and took Alex's hand, walking her over to the ammo cache on Finn's desk. She sat down in the chair and pulled one another chair up next to her, "I'm going to teach you how to do this so when you go G.I. Joe on the zombies you can reload yourself."

Alex let out a tense smile, "Thanks Liv."

After a few hours, everyone was starting to get restless. Serena was practically glued to Abbie's side, which the southerner didn't seem to mind, she even taught Serena how to used the shotgun although the blonde initially refused.

As the sun started to go down, Alex found a perch in Cragen's office that offered a small, yet secure hole to look out of. She could see the infected walk the streets, looking for something to eat. It was like watching a 3D horror movie, but she knew it was real. She could smell the foul stench of death outside and feel the October night air coming through the cracks in the broken pieces of desk that was holding the danger out.

She sat on Cragen's desk with her knees drawn up to her chest, slightly shivering. When she turned back to the hole a yellowed eye was looking back at her. She jumped off of the desk and made her way to the other side of it, her heart pounding. She watched in terror as they eye swiveled as the owner of the eye tried to get a better look. Then after a few seconds the eye disappeared.

She took a cautious step forward and looked out the hole. The person who the eye belonged to had jumped off of the building and was walking down the street, looking around like everything around him was about to eat him.

When she felt a hand on her elbow, she jumped and turned around. She put her hand to her chest when she saw Olivia behind her, "Jesus, Liv you scared the hell out of me."

The detective smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry. I just came to check on you. You've been really quiet."

"I'm okay," Alex sighed, "Just watching the world go to hell." She glanced at the wall, "Quite literally."

Olivia put her hand on Alex's shoulder, "Well if you need anything…" She trailed off knowing that Alex knew what she meant.

The blonde placed her hand on top of Olivia's, "Same for you." She slowly reached up and touched the ripped edge of Olivia's sleeve, "Do you want to go find another shirt or do you enjoy the zombie slayer look?"

Olivia smiled, "I think I'll go find another shirt. Plus we can find you something warmer. You're freezing."

Alex stood and followed Olivia out of the office. On the way to the locker room she picked up her gun, just in case. She watched as Olivia opened her locker and dug around. She pulled out some jeans and an NYPD t-shirt, handing them to Alex before getting out a tank top for herself.

Olivia let Alex change while she took the gun and checked the rest of the dimly lit locker room. When she finished making her rounds she caught sight of Alex in her lacy lilac panties and her matching bra. She smirked, "You're one of those women aren't you?"

"What one of what women?" Alex arched an eyebrow and pulled the t-shirt on.

The detective crossed her arms, "The kind that have to have their frilly panties to match their frilly bras."

"As a matter of fact I am," Alex pulled the jeans on and replaced her sneakers on her feet. She took the gun from Olivia who pulled her shirt off.

Alex smirked, "Hold on a second." She walked over to Olivia and surveyed her bra, "Take your pants off."

"What?" Olivia grinned, coyly.

"Take your pants off," the blonde stated, "I think that you're one of those women as well."

"You can't prove it," the detective pulled her fresh shirt on.

Alex put the gun in the back of her pants and stepped well within Olivia's personal space. Her finger went to the button on the front of Olivia's pants. She took a look at Olivia who's breathing had become shallow. Alex smirked at her newfound power. She knew that the breathing was because of arousal and not of fear. She'd seen Olivia afraid and this was definitely not it.

Alex accidentally let her fingers brush against Olivia's skin as she unbuttoned and unzipped the detective's pants before slowly pulling them down. A wicked smile crossed her lips. Truth be told she was just as turned on as Olivia was, but she wasn't going to let on. Instead she leaned forward, "Welcome to the club detective."

She pulled Olivia's pants up and buttoned them before taking a step back. She muttered, "I'm starving," before leaving the detective to cool off by herself in the locker room.

"When we get out of here, I'm going to go spend a month on the beach," Serena murmured, leaning back on Abbie as they sat on the couch.

"I may have to join you," Abbie answered with drooping eyelids.

Alex walked out of the locker room and went to the vending machine table, "What's the chance that there's a vending machine somewhere in this building with something more healthy than Doritos?"

"Zero," Elliot answered, looking at his phone. He sighed, "Kathy just texted me. She said that on the news they're saying that rescues are being postponed because they're not equipped for this kind of thing."

"I can't say I blame them," Abbie answered, "I don't think anyone was."

"Whoever start it should have known," Munch stated, "I'm too damn old to be killing zombies. I'm lucky my partner was fast enough to get the first one that walked in here. I'm walking into squad room with my coffee and almost get attacked by a janitor who wants to have me for a snack."

"Do you really think this is an oops someone knocked over a beaker and now Manhattan is populated by the walking dead?" Alex asked opening a bag of trail mix.

Olivia finally walked out of the locker room and added, "Yeah I do."

"You can't be serious," Alex added, "I don't think this was an accident. I think it was complete and gross negligence."

Suddenly it was just like everything was normal again. The daily debates had started although the windows were boarded up to keep them from being attacked.

"I'm with Alex," Abbie adjusted her head so that she could see everyone involved in the conversation, "You don't just accidentally infect an entire population. You do it purposefully or negligently. There's no in between."

"Hypothetically someone spills the evil potion on a lab rat. Then they're bitten by the lab rat and then they're infected and pass it on to someone else," Munch leaned back at his desk, "Then the person they infected, infects three people and so on. Was it not an accidental spill that caused it?"

Serena closed her eyes, content to just stay out of the conversation and lay in Abbie's arms, "Pass. I had enough hypos in law school."

Abbie let out a small smile, then looked up at Alex who immediately answered. "If you know that the evil potion will infect on contact, it is the duty of the lab scientist to keep it away from any living thing unless the experiments are on the animals in which case said animal should be contain and proper protective gear should be worn. I almost failed Chemistry and I know that."

The debate raged on while Munch added hypothetical situations, Elliot and Olivia went on the defensive and Alex attacked. In the end the two detectives conceded to the blonde attorney who wasn't going to back down.

"Are we going to sleep in shifts or what?" Fin yawned as it neared midnight.

"I'm not sleeping," Alex shook her head, glancing at the windows, "At least not until the sun comes up."

"I'll stay up with Alex," Olivia offered, "At least for the first few hours."

Elliot leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, "Wake me up if you plan to go to sleep."

Serena was already asleep, leaning back on Abbie on the couch and Munch was close to sleep at the other end of the couch.

"So," Olivia followed Alex, as she checked all the windows and glanced out the tiny hole in Cragen's office, "If you weren't trapped in a police station by zombies what would you be doing right now?"

"Working," Alex answered without skipping a beat.

"Is that all you do?" Olivia asked.

The blonde nodded, "Yes."

The detective eyed Alex, "All you do it work."

"I'll take a break when the rapists take a break," she answered as she placed her hand on a board that was covering the window in the crib. She glanced around at the black bloodstains all over the ground. She sighed and led the way out of the room, stepping over the door that lay in shambles on the floor.

"Working yourself to death isn't going to help," Olivia answered, "I know. I've been doing this for a long time." She put a gentle hand on Alex's shoulder to halt her movements.

Alex stopped walking and nodded, "I know. I just…never feel like I do enough. And even now, I've taken out like three, almost four zombies…And you and Abbie and Elliot are kicking ass."

"We've had more experience shooting. At least I know Elliot and I have. I guess shooting is encoded in out resident Texan's DNA," Olivia offered a small smile, "But you're doing really good. No one expects you to be a Navy SEAL overnight."

Alex smiled at Olivia, "Thanks Liv. That almost made me feel better."

Olivia pulled Alex into a hug, "Well let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you feel better. When we get out of here, and make millions after writing a book about what happened, I'm going to go up to my mom's cabin upstate. You're more than welcome to come with me."

"Thanks Liv," Alex sighed into the embrace.

"You deserve it," Olivia rubbed Alex's back and then pulled away, "Tired yet?"

"Not a chance," Alex shook her head, "I haven't inspected every board that's keeping the zombies out."

Olivia chuckled, "Well, I'll help."

After making their rounds, Alex was satisfied that they were safe for the time being.

"So how long do you think we can last in here on Cheetos, Diet Coke, and confiscated weapons?" Alex asked with a sigh as they sat on the steps leading up to the crib. Her head was leaned back on the wall while one of her legs was straight out, across a step and placed thought the railing while the other leg was bent with her arm resting on it.

"I think we could last a couple weeks if we really pear down," Olivia answered, a few steps up from Alex, "But I don't think we'll need to. I think we'll have been rescued, escaped to some kind of safe zone, or have all killed each other by then."

Alex let out a chuckle, grateful that Olivia could still make her laugh in a situation like this, "Thanks for the laugh. I kind of need all I can get right now."

Olivia reached down and gently squeezed Alex's shoulder, "We'll be okay. I promise. And it relaxes me a lot when I see you smile. Then when we get out of here, we can go stay in my mom's cabin upstate where there's no one around or we can go somewhere so densely populated that you can barely walk down the street."

Alex leaned back and rested her head on Olivia's lap, "After this, I'm going to need some serious therapy."

"You needed that before this," Olivia jabbed playfully.

Alex giggled and swatted Olivia's forearm, "Hey, it's because I have you deal with you and Elliot on a daily basis."

Olivia gently brushed some hair out of Alex's face, "Well, after this I think we'll all be considerably nicer to each other. This is one of those extreme bonding scenarios that will lead to us all ending up in the same nursing home, talking about the time we were almost eaten by zombies." After a few seconds she asked, "How tired are you?"

"I'm exhausted," Alex answered, "But I'm not going to be able to sleep knowing that there are half a million infected people outside trying to eat me."

"In all fairness to the infected people," Olivia grinned, "You do look pretty tasty."

Alex raised her head a little to cautiously look over Olivia's face for any sign of infection. All she found was a hint of playfulness and a lot of amusement.

"Sorry, that was just a bad joke," Olivia laid Alex's head back in her lap to continue stroking the blonde hair.

"Terrible joke," Alex added, closing her eyes at the touch of Olivia's fingers running through her hair.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw that Elliot was awake and moving toward the TV that was in the corner of the room. He flipped it on and then walked back to his desk so watch from there. He glanced back at Olivia and Alex, gave them a stiff nod and then turned back to the TV.

Everyone else started to slowly wake up. Abbie first, then Serena because she was laying on Abbie who had started to move, then Munch and Fin joined the land of the waking.

"Anything new?" Abbie yawned, checking to make sure her gun was still right next to her on the ground.

"It says there's an evac point on the Upper East Side," Elliot stated, arms crossed, "They have search teams coming in and extracting people with APCs and then boating them to Roosevelt Island where they're being observed for any sign of infection before being transported to Brooklyn."

"Do we know where the nearest extraction team is?" Abbie asked, rubbing Serena's back who just realized that the horrible nightmare she thought she just had was a reality.

Elliot shook his head. He looked at everyone else, a silent question on the tip of his tongue.

"Do we want to go for it or wait?" Alex stood from the stairs, the first one brave enough to ask.

"It'll be safer if we wait," Munch sat on his desk.

Elliot shrugged, "Maybe."

"Those little fuckers are out there biting everyone they can find," Abbie gestured to the door, "That more of them by the hour. Even if that's not the case, let's assume that everyone that is going to be bitten has been bitten. That means they're all looking for someone to eat. That means we're the only ones left on this island. Which means, we are going to be number one of half a million zombies' dinner menus."

"I'm with her," Alex walked down the stairs with Olivia behind her.

Fin nodded, "Me too."

Serena seemed to be too scared to take a side and Munch looked thoughtfully at the ground. Elliot nodded, although most of them would have guessed that would be his answer.

"How would we get to the car or any car?" Olivia asked, standing next to Alex.

"Shoot and run," Abbie answered, "Elliot and I can take out the ones closest to the door and then we can all make a run for it."

"There's not that many out there right now," Alex stated, " I've been watching them through the cracks. Most of them are just wandering around the streets, heading north."

"That may be a problem when we get to where we're going," Munch offered, "What if they're all sitting at the port to Roosevelt Island waiting?"

Elliot rubbed the back of his head, "Then we drive the car into the river and swim for it. Besides they're not that smart and from what I've seen on TV they can't swim,"

After an awkward silence settled over them, Serena surprised everyone by speaking, "I think we should go."

Abbie rested her hand on Serena's shoulder. "Alright. All in favor of going?"

Elliot, Olivia, Alex, Abbie, Serena, and Fin all raised their hands. Munch ducked his head, "Well I guess we're going."

Alex took a deep breath as the gravity of the situation sunk in. She felt like she was about to vomit when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You okay?" Olivia asked quietly.

Alex nodded and tried to get into the mindset to take on a city's worth of flesh-eating zombies. "I'm fine. I should go reload."

"Hey," Olivia grabbed the blonde's hand as she walked away. Alex used the momentum to swing around and send her lips crashing into Olivia's.

Alex ran her tongue along Olivia's bottom lip and Olivia allowed her to deepen the kiss. After a few seconds, the ADA pulled away, but stayed within inches of Olivia's face. Her voice came out as a whisper although she hadn't meant for it to, "I've wanted to do that for a really, really long time. I think I love you and I think I have since if first saw you." She leaned forward and gave Olivia one last peck on the lips before turning around, walking to the desk covered in guns and ammo where the rest of the group had convened.

Serena looked at the confiscated guns on the table. She picked up a handgun. Fin scooted next to her, "Be careful with that one. It's been modified. The dude that had it didn't like pulling the trigger back far so all you need is a little pressure and it'll go off." After the explanation Serena put the gun back down and picked up a sawed off shotgun.

"Does anyone else wish we had a couple gallons of gas and some glass bottles?" Abbie asked picking up an AK-47 and examining it.

Elliot picked up a similar gun and nodded, "Half a dozen grenades would be nice right about now. Maybe a tank or two."

"And a black ops team," Munch added, carefully putting bullets into the magazine of his gun.

"You ever shot one of those?" Elliot asked Abbie.

The Texan nodded, "My uncles were really into guns."

As she was checking her gun and picking out another one, Alex felt a hand on the small of her back. She turned to see Olivia taking a spot next to her at the ammo table. A small smile from Olivia meant that they were on good terms and that they'd talk later. Alex nodded back, her hands still shaking a little from the anticipation of going out into the streets armed with a couple guns that came off of the street and a Juris Doctor. She felt that neither one was going to be much help.

"Okay, so we go out the hallway," Elliot told everyone after they were all loaded down with as many weapons as they could carry. He picked up some keys on off of the table. Then he walked over to the window and moved one of the loose boards a bit do he could see out to the parking lot, "We'll go toward the front door and into the black SUV." He used the keyless entry to make sure he had the keys to the right car. "It's on the left right when we get outside." He turned around, "No matter what, when we're in the hallway, there needs to be someone looking in every direction at all times. Make sure to look behind you."

"Should we lock up here in case something happens and we need to come back?" Serena looked around the one room in Manhattan she felt safe in.

"Go idea," Elliot nodded, "Everyone ready?"

"Who's driving?" Alex asked like it was the obvious question.

Everyone looked around.

"I can't shoot and drive if it comes down to it," Abbie added.

Elliot shook his head, "I can try."

"Then have someone who isn't planning to shoot drive," Munch replied, "Preferably someone who has a tendency to speed and disregard traffic signals."

"Serena," Alex stated, looking at her best friend.

The other blonde nodded, "I'll drive."

"I'll ride shotgun," Abbie offered, absently running her hand over the shotgun hanging off of her shoulder strap.

"I got the back window," Fin offered.

Munch interjected, "I'll stick with my partner."

Elliot nodded, "Then we'll get backseat. Alex can sit in the middle." He walked over to the door and to the board that was blocking it. After a deep breath, he made sure everyone was stacked up behind him before pulling it off with the help of Fin before cautiously opening the door. He raised his machine gun and stepped into the hallway in proper military fashion.

Abbie raised her gun and turned to Serena briefly, "Keep one hand on my back. I got you. If your hand leaves I'll know something is wrong."

Serena nodded and put her hand on the middle of Abbie's back, staying in step with the brunette lawyer.

The first shot was fired by Olivia who saw a zombie coming at them from the darkened hallway in the opposite direction of the front door. It made everyone flinch, but they kept swiftly moving down the hallway.

Elliot eliminated anyone that was between them and the front door. He looked outside and saw a couple of zombies wandering around outside. He pushed open the door and they all ran as fast as they could to the SUV.

They were all surprised about how easy it was to get to the car and get in their pre-assigned spots. However, it didn't turn out to be that easy. Once Serena started the car, zombies started appearing out of alleys and storefronts, all coming toward them.

"Son of a bitch," Serena slammed it into reverse and ran over a couple zombies before speeding out of the parking lot.

"Where are you going?" Abbie asked Serena watching the street signs wave by.

"FDR," Serena answered, "That way I can drive into the river at any time."

"It would be faster to do up to 59th," Abbie replied.

The blonde shook her head as she weaved in and out of stopped cars as fast as she could. The streets were littered with them. "How would it be faster?"

"There would be less cars," Abbie gestured out the window, "FDR is going to be jammed."

"Would you like to drive?" Serena asked back, raising her voice a bit.

Abbie nodded, "If you keep driving like that yeah I would."

"Hey," Alex leaned forward, "Cool it until we get off of this island. Then you can argue like you're married okay?"

Both women grew silent. The drive started to get slower as the empty car traffic became denser. Just as everyone was starting to relax, Serena crossed an intersection and was hit in the back right side by another band of survivors trying to find their way off the island. The car didn't slow down at all. It continued to speed off.

"Why is the car off?" Finn called from the back.

"I don't know," Serena tried to start it. It sounded like it was about to start, but didn't. Then she tried again.

"Shit," Fin looked out the back window that had shattered and saw zombies slowly making their way over to them. He and Munch started to fire out the back trying to keep them away.

Just as they zombies were making their way to Elliot and Olivia's windows the engine started and Serena hit the gas.

"Let's not do that again," Munch checked the magazine on his gun before jamming it back in.

"I don't plan on it," Serena answered, swerving to miss a couple of cars.

It wasn't two minutes later that they were on FDR. They were all surprised by what they saw. There was what looked to be a bulldozed path down the center of the road. All the cars had been crushed and pushed to the side so that there was a clear lane.

"Shit," Serena hissed as they took off down the lane.

"What?" Elliot leaned forward looking in front of them.

"It's only been cleared so far," Serena pointed in front of them. She looked to the side and saw Roosevelt Island coming into view. "It's a fucking parking lot up there."

"We can walk," Abbie suggested. "It's not that far to the shortest distance between here and the island. If we see a boat between here and there we can do that. If not, we can swim."

"Everyone hear the plan?" Elliot turned to the back of the car.

The two detectives in the back nodded.

As soon as Serena pulled to a stop, everyone bailed out of the car. They walked in a tight line on the side of the road closest to the river.

"If you jump into the river drop your guns or else you'll be meeting Jimmy Hoffa at the bottom," Fin added to the group.

"Hoffa is not in the bottom of the river," Munch stated, "He's on an island in the Caribbean somewhere hiding from the mob."

Alex heard an unearthly growl from behind her and turned around. There was a zombie slowly walking behind them. She raised her handgun and shot three times. Everyone turned around in time to see the zombie fall.

"I think you're a natural," Olivia slid her arm around Alex's waist.

Alex felt a little safer knowing that she could now defender herself well and felt especially safe with Olivia's arm around her waist. She walked as close to Olivia as possible without hindering their walking.

As they got closer to the pier that was the closest to the safe zone, they saw that zombies seemed to be gathering on coastline trying to get to the other side without touching the water.

"Damn," Abbie lowered her gun when she realized just how many zombies there were.

It was a matter of seconds before the mass saw them and started making their way over to them. They all grabbed their guns and raised them. Before anyone shot the sound of gun clattering to the ground sounded behind them.

"What are you doing?" Abbie asked Serena, "We're almost there."

"I'm going to swim," the blonde answered, "I can't shoot. At this point I'm more of a liability than anything." She ran her hands over her arms and looked at the chilly water below them.

Abbie sighed and looked at the zombies come toward them then down at the water. "I'm going with you." She rid herself of her firearms and looked at the group to see them doing the same.

"The current looks strong," Olivia mentioned, "We'll have to swim diagonally."

"Ready?" Serena looked at Alex.

Alex glanced at the nearing zombies and nodded, "Yeah."

"Just like Sundays," Serena looked at the dirty water and took a deep breath.

"I'll race you," Alex rid herself of the oversized hoodie she was wearing and straightened out her sports bra.

"One, two, three," Serena counted and they both jumped in. The sudden rush of cold water around them caused their lungs to seize up. Their chests hurt, but when they surfaced they saw that the rest of the group had followed them. The zombies were standing on the shore where they just were, devouring the one that Alex had shot earlier.

"Damn that's cold," Fin cursed and followed the blondes who were easily swimming toward the island.

They were almost halfway across when a boat pulled up to them. Military looking men were on board.

"Need a hand?" one of them asked.

"God yes," Abbie backstroked the rest of the way to the boat and climbed in with the help of the men.

"We don't have enough room in the boat for all of you," he said and picked up some life jackets.

"We're fine," Alex told the man as she and Serena continued swimming.

He tossed them two life jackets, "Just in case."

Olivia took a towel from one of the men on the boat and looked over at Alex, "Are you sure?"

The blonde nodded, "We'll be fine. We swim a couple miles every Sunday."

The boat took off for the island and by the time the detectives and Abbie were unloaded, Serena and Alex had managed to swim to some rocks and climb back up.

They were all examined, poked, prodded, and cleared for entrance into the temporary cots set up in a wing of the hospital. Exhausted and finally safe, they all crawled under their blankets trying to warm up from the freezing cold they just endured.

Abbie moved from her cot to Serena's and slipped under the blanket. "Are you warm enough?"

Serena smiled and snuggled into the brunette ADA. " I am now."

Alex sat up in her bed and went through her phone, reassuring everyone she knew that she was okay via text, email and phone calls. When she felt someone sit on her bed she looked up and saw Olivia sitting there.

"So what is the plan now?" Olivia asked.

Alex slowly reached out and took Olivia's hand, "I don't know. I don't think we're going to have jobs for a few weeks unless you'd like to help with the clean up."

Olivia shook her head, "I'm heading upstate to my mom's cabin. You are more than welcome to come with me."

"I think that sounds good right now, but I have to stop up at Albany to see my mom," Alex sighed, "I promised her I would."

"Great," Olivia leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Alex's lips, "It's on the way."

The blonde smiled and leaned into Olivia feeling safe for the first time in a long time.

Alex woke up on in the most comfortable bed she'd ever slept in. She groaned and tried to shield her eyes from the sun that was coming through the windows. A small chuckled brought her out of her sleep. She looked up and saw Olivia smiling back down at her. "Good morning," she smiled and stretched.

"Good afternoon," Olivia corrected.

Alex rested her head on Olivia's shoulder, "Whatever."

"How'd you sleep?" Olivia asked, smoothing out the long blonde hair she'd grown to love.

"Fantastic," Alex sighed, and tilted her head up and kissed Olivia's neck.

Olivia smiled, "I think that hike yesterday wore you out."

The blonde smiled against Olivia's skin, "Sorry, I'm still a little paranoid."

"It's understandable," the detective wrapped her arms around Alex, "But you're safe now. I promise."

Alex nodded, knowing that Olivia meant what she said and she felt it with every gentle caress and tender kiss.