Sky high: Just your average high school, maybe.

Or so it seemed...

Ok, not really.

Sky high is a school for superheroes in training.

I'm a freshman there, and so far it's been the international field trip of weirdness.

Let me recall the dramatic tale of my first day.


For starters, my name is Alexandra.

Alexandra Gray.

My powers- well, let's just save that for later.

Truth is, I don't really know what they are myself, I just know that really bad stuff happens.

The day started out normally, getting on the schoolbus...Trying to find a seat...Getting fallen on by some pervert who couldn't resist....The usual.

Then, the bus driver announced that we would be lifting off soon.

Lifting off?

The driver sped off a ramp, then punched a large red button on the dashboard. We started lifting off, climbing higher and higher until we burst out of a cloud bank, and I saw it.

Sky High.

It was a school, suspended in midair.


I was ushered inside , following the guide who was giving us a welcome tour.

After we were shown around, we were led into the gym, where there was just a mat, protected by a mean-looking gym coach.

"Alright, listen up. Today we will be finding your powers, and deciding whether you are a Hero, or a Sidekick"

He said 'Sidekick' with such contempt that I immediately hoped I would count as a hero, even though I knew that I was perfect sidekick material.

For one, I didn't have any powers. (I didn't know that I could wreak endless havoc and despair yet.)

For two, I was quiet and shy, not really anyone's friend.

The only think I had on my side was the fact that I could shapeshift.

I could do it pretty well, not just animals, but changing my hair color and eyes.

Today I chose straight brown hair and lively brown eyes, pretty near to my original look.

Dressed in nice jeans and a blue top, I had to say I looked pretty good.

Pity no boys looked my way to see it.

I watched as the coach read off the list, bring each person up to the mat and throwing a few obstacles at them, then calling hero or sidekick.

So far, there had been only two sidekicks out of the first eight people.

Soon, the line to be tested was growing short, and the tested people were piling up in the bleachers lining the sides, watching eagerly.

"Gray, Alexandra!" The coach called, startling me out of my thoughts.

I stepped up to the mat, aware of my startlingly loud footsteps.

I now realized that the auditorium was completely quiet, everyone looking at me, the new girl.

I had noticed when I arrived that everyone seemed to know each other, and I was the only one without a posse.

"State your powers"

My knees were shaking.

"Um... Shapeshifting"

The coach looked impressed, there hadn't been a shapeshifter here in a long time, I looked in the records. The fact gave me some confidence.

Suddenly, there was a flame-spurting dummy flyinga t me from the wall of the auditorium. Quickly, I started running to the right, planning to turn into an eagle and disable it.

Of course, that didn't happen.

I turned into a platypus.

And I got run over.

"Is that all you can do?" The coach said as the crowd laughed at me.

"One more chance"

He nodded, and a new dummy came flying at me.

I ran straight for it, and flipped over it, landing on my feet as it turned around and came back towards me.

Then, I froze. There was something there....some memory I had forgotten, It scared me, and suddenly I was petrified.

The dummy hit me full force, and I went flying into the brick wall.

The crowd laughed again, and the coach shook his head, and said the two worst words I had ever heard.


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