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Chapter 6: All The Love In The World

I stared up at the two-story yellow house that towered in front of me. It had light green paneling and one of the upper windows was smashed. There were a few nicks in the paint on the front wall, as if someone had carved into it. The door was open wide, but I could only see darkness inside. The garden in the front that had once held bright green flowers was now torn up and flooded with blood.

This was my house. I had lived here once with my wife and children.

"Eleanor…" I muttered. I grabbed my knife and walked slowly to the front door. On the porch was a body. My seven year old daughter, Jenny. "Oh, El… What have you done…?"

I ignored the body and entered my house. It was dark and more importantly, quiet.


I first realized I loved Eleanor when I was ten. I was alone, at the park, sitting on a bench. I was watching the sun set, sad that there was no one to share it with. I wasn't lonely out of love, no, I just wanted someone there. It could have been Alvin or Simon or anybody. Just someone.

Eleanor came walking up the path, and she her body sparkled in the light if the setting sun. It was the first time I really noticed her beauty, and it took me by surprise.

"Hi, Theodore." Eleanor said. She sat down on the bench next to me. "What are you doing here all alone?"

"Alvin and Simon went to the arcade." I said, watching her every movement. "I just didn't feel like it. So I came here."

"Brittany and Jeanette are at home." She said. "I just was going for a walk." She looked at the setting sun. "It's beautiful, isn't it?"

I looked at the sunset. The sky was a canvas set with strokes of pink and orange. I nodded. "Yes, it is." I was happy that someone had come along. Someone I could share the sunset with.

Eleanor scooted closer to me. She put her hand on mine. "It's quite romantic," She turned to me. "Don't you think?"

As if by instinct, I turned my hand and held hers, intertwining our fingers. I smiled at Eleanor. She blushed and smiled back. I turned to face the horizon again and I felt her rest her head on my shoulder. I kissed her on the top of the head and she giggled.

From then on, I loved Eleanor.


I still do. But it needed to be done. I search the first room I entered, my eyes fully adjusted. There was no one in the room, although pictures had fallen from the wall. The couch looked as though they had bullet holes in them. Eleanor had a gun…

I knew this. I was the one who gave it to her, for when I wasn't home. If I could get a hold of it, it would make it a lot less hard for me and a lot faster.

I left the living room and went to the kitchen. The floor was soaked in blood. The chairs were over turned and scattered around the room. My four year old son, Stephen, lay under the table. I wiped my eyes. My family…

I left the kitchen and headed for the stairs. She had to be there. Unless she had left, which I doubted. No one else had left where they were, why would she? I walked up the stairs slowly, trying my best not to make a noise.

When I reached the hallway, I noticed several bullet holes in the walls and ceiling. The children must have been upstairs. Eleanor had chased them with the gun through the house, trying to fire at them. I looked down the stairs. When they reached the first floor, they split up, Stephen running to the kitchen and Jenny trying to run away, out of the house. Eleanor killed her first then went inside, where Stephen was hiding in the kitchen, under the table. She threw the chairs around and shot him there.

The whole grisly scene played in my head. I held my knife tightly and made my way down the hall. It was very dark, I needed to rely on my hearing to find her.

All these years, all the times we've been together. They were gone. She had forgotten them, and the instant she sees me, she will try to kill me.

I heard a thump up ahead. I held my knife readily, waiting. I listened closer, but it was silent again.

I turned the corner and saw my bedroom door open. She was in there. I could feel it. I stood still, gazing at the door way. I was not psychologically ready to kill my own wife. I remained where I was, holding the knife up, listening to nothing.

Then came another thump, like someone who falls off a bed. I opened my mouth to call her name, then stopped. If she had the gun, it would be a stupid idea.

"You son of a bitch!" I heard her yell. It wasn't to me. It didn't seem like it was. Then I heard footsteps and heavy, angry breathing. She was coming my way. I ducked behind the corner. When she came around, I would surprise her and stab her.

Her footsteps grew nearer and I could hear her muttering angrily. I anticipated. I flicked around the corner and stabbed through the air. I hit nothing. Eleanor stood a few feet away from where I had stabbed. Her eyes were full of rage. In her right hand was the pistol I had given her.

"Theodore…" She growled. She lifted the gun to my head. "So nice to see you." She motioned towards my knife. "Drop it."

I stared at her for a few moments, then tossed my knife down. "Eleanor," I reasoned. "It's me Eleanor. You husband."

Eleanor sneered. "Do you love me?" I nodded. "Then why did you come here to kill me?" She looked at the knife.

I looked down the barrel of the gun. "The gas has affected you. It's changed you."

"I'm no different." She growled.

Tears formed in my eyes. "Eleanor, you killed our children."

Eleanor put a hand on her hip, keeping the gun pointed at my head. "You killed my sisters, didn't you? Didn't you?!"

I was silent. The tears were overflowing in my eyes and began to drift down my face.

"You did." She mumbled. "What about Alvin? Or Simon? Did you murder them, too?"

"It wasn't murder! It was euthanasia!" I yelled. "Mercy killing. They were insane, torn by the virus. I put them out of their misery."

Eleanor cocked the gun. "Mercy killing." She growled. "Let's play Mercy, Theodore." She grabbed the pistol with both hands.

I reacted. I threw my hands up and knocked the gun out of her hand. She yelled in anger. I punched her in the chest and she fell backwards. I turned and searched the floor for the gun. She jumped on my back and pulled at my hair, yelling wildly. I smashed her against the wall.

I saw the gun on the ground and dove for it, but Eleanor knocked into me, sending me flying sideways. I landed on my back. Eleanor jumped on top of me and began to scratch at my face.

She was cutting deep. I punched her face to get her off of me, but she was unaffected and continued to claw at me face, digging her nails deep into my flesh.

"Eleanor! Eleanor, stop!" I yelled, but she did not.

"NO!!" She screamed.

My hand searched the floor and made contact with the pistol. I grabbed it and pushed it against her chest. Without waiting for her reaction, I pulled the trigger. I saw a hole burst through the ceiling above us.

She stopped clawing at me and looked down at her chest, which was gushing blood. She looked back at me and tears came into her eyes as well.

"Theodore…" She whispered. She slumped over, her body on top of me. I pushed her off of me and sat up, holding my bloodied face in my hands, crying. After a few moments, I crawled over to her and rolled her over. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open slightly.

I stared at her face for a few seconds, the tears still flowing down my cut face. I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"I love you, Eleanor, my beautiful green gumdrop…"


I was outside my house, staring up again at it. The sun was beginning to rise, setting the glow of the yellow paint. I heard birds chirping somewhere, signaling that everything was going to be okay. I took a deep breath, taking a mental photo of my house. Then I turned and began to walk down the road, towards the sunrise, accompanied only by my footsteps and the sound of the birds.


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