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Warnings: Mentions of m/m pairing and alludes to sexual contact.

Ramza pulled his cloak close to him as he stared out on the city. He hadn't thought that he would truly be left with few to call friend. Never would he have thought that so many would mistake his idealism and optimism for naiveté and un-worldliness. A soft humourless laugh escaped passed chapped lips as he thought of the few encounters with Delita.

"If I told you he was never worth that, would you believe me?"

Ramza didn't look around because he recognized the voice of one of his company. "You could say anything and it really wouldn't matter. We have both made our choices."

"Yea and a few of us were there for most of what happened."

Ramza turned to the female and smiled sadly. "I begin to wonder if I ever knew Delita. I doubt the memories of a lover that took care to insure my comfort and pleasure. The events of today make me wonder if even then I was nothing but a means to an end." He shook his head letting his short hair sway to and fro a bit.

Peline sighed as she patted his shoulder. She too was from a noble family though admittedly minor in comparison to Ramza's standing. They had known each other even before the Academy. So she better than the others knew both of the pair better for having grown up with them and their younger sisters. She hadn't been really close because the group had been exclusive unto itself and the girls had been sent off to the convent for schooling before the three had gone off to the Academy.

"We will never make the history books as anything other than heretics." He chuckled, "And the way things are going for Delita he will be made king and be known as the one to end the war. The people will make up stories about the heroics of him, turning a blind eye to the fact that he would prove to be the most ruthless of all of the candidates for the crown."

"Hey you two better catch up or you'll be left with the stable to sleep in," Lars' voice could be heard trailing on the air ahead of them.

They shared a look as they began to briskly stride to catch up to the company. For now they would leave the topic. At the moment, they would focus on what they had to do in order to stop and hopefully survive the conflict against the church and devils connected to the Zodiac Stones.