Nikola Tesla was busy working on plans for world domination. Hs original plans for a death ray had ben stolen, thus he was working on a new and improved one. he was about to reach for his wine glass out of habit- but it was empty, thanks to those brats. Honestly, he was very close to just breaking down the door or, gasp, buying the wine himself. But as he tried to feebly lick non- existent drops of wine from the bottom of the glass, he noticed someone, no, some thing, staring at him. Was that... a chicken?

It was. It looked very much like a normal chicken, save for it had sunglasses on. The chicken was staring at him. Fearing it might be a fire -breathing chicken, or something like that, he carefully muttered, 'Shoo!'. Nothing happened.

Of course not genius. You really think I'm going to move because you said 'Shoo?'

" What .... the?!" Nikola was confused, truly and honestly confused for the first time in thirty- some years.

My people are looking for me. See you around, wacko.

Then the chicken promptly flew out of the room on a jet pack. Dear God he needed wine, he was starting to hallucinate!


It's 2:20 am in the morning, I can't get to sleep, and I need to be up and about in six hours. Humph.

Oh yeah, you'll find out more about the chicken later. * evil grin* Come on. You know you want to find out his origins...... who his people are...... though if you've read the bothering the five series, you can probably guess.

Or if you're SparklySkater who already knows. SparklySkater! If you are reading this, don't tell people in the reviews who the chicken is and what purpose he shall serve! Or else you will be in trouble missy!






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