" THERE you are! We've been looking all over for you! We've got to figure out a way to make the wine cellar doors vampire- proof! Nikola is getting clever!"

" We could always stick the funny gadget we found in one of the bottles on him and see what happens."

He rolled his eyes at his people who had found him and were carrying him back to their room, and talking. Sometimes they could be so silly. But he did agree with them on their plans to aggravate the vampire. It would be fun to watch his blood pressure rise.

" Heeellleeeennnnnnn!"

Helen Magnus had seen many things in her life time, and now she could add Nikola Tesla staggering into her office like a drunkard on the list.

" Dear God Nikola what happened to you?"

" Please oh please oh please tell those minions of yours to take the lock off the wine door! I'm going crazy! I'm hallucinating! I saw a chicken yesterday with sunglasses ride off on a jet pack!"

" Minions?"

" Those two teenage brats!"

Helen shook her head and smiled.

" You've met Fredricho."

A/N Let me introduce you to our new sidekick, Fredricho!

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