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Edward closed his eyes slowly as he basked in the warmth of the sunlight far from where any humans would be and so uncaring about his 'reaction' to the sunlight. He breathed deeply, taking all the unique scents of the forest in at one breath. He smiled softly feeling more at peace than now then he had in weeks. It had gotten to the point where even Carlisle and Esme were taking him aside to ask him if he was alright. He assured them he was, but he knew well enough that he wasn't, something was wrong. Something was coming.

His family seemed to understand what he was going though. Alice kept giving him happy but anxious looks. When he had tried to pry into her mind it had been a storm with so many thoughts, feelings, and possibilities that it was too difficult to get a clear view of what she was thinking, in particular about him.

Alice was at the house and smiled sadly; Edward was on his way back from his little 'meditation'. She hoped that when his true mate came along that he would prevent Edward from feeling so strongly about everything. She hoped that he would be able to show Edward that her older brother didn't always have to be the strong one. She smiled softly as she tried to imagine his mate again, she gasped when she was suddenly struck by a powerful vision. She grinned madly, knowing that what she had just seen would make her 'father' very happy and so dashed off to Carlisle's office.

Carlisle smiled as he was about to put the last finishing touch on his bonsai tree, he had just one…little…trim…left. Unfortunately for the defenseless little Asian tree Alice chose that very second to burst into the study causing a startled Carlisle to cut off half of the tree. He looked down at the tree perplexed as if wondering what had happened when he realized Alice was speaking to him "Do we have any owl treats?" She asked with an almost manic look in her eyes.

He looked at her curiously for a minute, he was very used to all of his children's quirks after all, and then he realized why she had asked when a large barn owl tapped on his study window. He gave her an exasperated look as he went and let the bird in. He took the missive from the bird's leg he read it quietly as Alice cooed to the owl. "It seems we'll be having visitors." He remarked happy excitement clear in his amber eyes.

In the Headmistress's office quiet voices were being exchanged. "Harry are you quite sure you want to do this? The Wizarding world is of course grateful for everything you've done, are you sure you won't stay?" Harry shook his head, his decision long ago made along with the important people who were left in his life. Draco, Remus, and Severus were all that was left of his once little 'family' Ron had fallen in the final battle and Hermione had soon followed. Everyone else was simply trying to move on for their lives, something he couldn't bear to see.

He sighed at the brief flashback of painful memories and said "Forgive me headmistress, but I just can't stay here any longer." The men behind him nodded, they too no longer felt as if they belonged in the world and castle they had once called home. The recent war had corrupted the place they had once loved, filling its hallowed halls with voices and screams of those who had fallen.

"Very well my boy." McGonagall said as she turned, a lone tear going down her cheek knowing that the boy she had once seen as a grandson was no more. The War had killed him as surely as it had killed his friends and his innocence. She was proud of him of course, but the war had changed him in ways that might never be fixed.

Back in Forks a 'family discussion' was taking place in the Cullen household. "So these…wizards are coming here to crash?" Emmett asked as he looked at his adoptive father, curious more than anything about their expected guests.

Carlisle smiled, unable to keep the expectant sparkle out of his eyes. "Yes, there was a recent war over in Britain and a friend of mine was heavily involved. Now that the war is over he and his companions no longer feel at peace there and wanted a change of scenery. I told them are home is always open."

Alice giggled, she had already seen hints of the outcome of this, and said "As if there isn't any room for them." She sighed happily "And they're going to be so much fun!"

Rosalie cast Alice a strange look as she then shook her pretty blond hair as if dusting the annoyance away. She was fine with these…Wizards coming over, but she hoped they wouldn't be too annoying.

Edward quietly stood aback from them. He wasn't sure if he would like these strangers, and he was also wary of any change they might bring. He sighed and left, intending to go back to his beloved music room and clear his mind. It seemed that his Piano was the only thing that could settle the restless feeling in him. Unbeknownst to him however amber eyes were watching him from a distance. The look they held was filled with reluctant concern mixed with irritation before the figure huffed and vanished back into the woods.

Several nights later the expected guests arrived, much to the joy of the Cullen Patriarch. "Severus! It's so good to see you again!" Carlisle welcomed warmly as he opened the door to see his long awaited…partner.

Severus Snape answered with an amused scowl before saying "Good to see you too." His voice was hoarse from Nagini's attack and with a small smile added "And thank you for taking us in on such short notice, I'm afraid none of us really had anywhere else to go."

Carlisle laughed fully and said "Of course! You know you're always welcome here Severus." He looked over Severus with familiar eyes and then looked back up at his 'Sev' the war had really changed his lover. He knew that Esme and himself would be all too happy to help Severus put the war behind him.

Severus seemed to remember himself as he did a similar look over of Carlisle and pulled back when he noticed he was only mere inches away from the other "Forgive me; these are my companions Draco Malfoy, Remus Lupin, and Harry Potter."

Carlisle looked upon the men, Draco and Harry seemed so young to already have the shadows of war in their faces, and Lupin was looking rough around the edges. It was obvious that the end of the war had helped to start erasing the lines of stress that marked his face. Carlisle hoped that the peace his home offered would help their healing. "Pleasure to meet you all." Carlisle said charmingly.

He let in his house guests and paused as Remus passed him "Strange…" He murmured. Remus turned and looked at him curiously "Oh forgive me… I've just never met a werewolf that smelled like that before. It's…not as unpleasant as we are used to."

Remus seemed even more confused for a moment before he laughed softly "That is because I am both a werewolf and a wizard." Carlisle thought this over and then nodded smiling softly.

Harry and Draco remained silent during the exchanges and instead watched them. They were soon escorted to a seat on the plush white couch by the warm and welcoming Esme. It was clear to the two how easily she and Carlisle got along together, though from their interactions with Severus it was obvious that they were, very, well acquainted indeed. That was an amusing thought to the two young men.

Harry looked around the house quietly he liked the peaceful feeling that seemed to come from the very walls themselves. He sank back into the couch, unwilling to disturb the calm that was flooding him at that moment. He narrowed his eyes when he realized the peaceful feeling wasn't coming from the house's décor but from a person within the house.

He looked over the host of vampires carefully; he dismissed the largest one, then the one with the blonde hair. He paused at the pixie shaped one but dismissed her as well when he looked into her eyes and saw that her talents were elsewhere. No, the feeling was coming from the vampire who stood at her side.

His eyes were dark and his pose seemed tense, his hair was wild but combed back against his head as if he was trying to control himself through his hair. Their eyes locked and the vampire gave Harry a slight smile, as if apologizing for forcing the feelings onto Harry. Harry looked at the vampire with amusement and gave an imperceptible shake of his head, no, he did not mind the feeling at all.

Jasper was at once struck by the beautiful ebony haired and green eyed wizard. His attention was drawn to the young man and as an empath he couldn't ignore those dark emotions floating around him. His eyes had dark shadows showing how haunted he was from his experience in the war. Jasper understood those shadows too well, having experienced them himself.

Jasper suddenly realized the intensity of his interest and cast an almost guilty look at Alice for his emotions. The look on her face however, led him to believe that this was not unexpected. She had a knowing smile that was brightened by amusement. She had told them the visitors would be fun.

Alice giggled silently as she looked over the people gathered in her home. Harry and Draco sat on a loveseat, Harry sneaking silent wary glances around, so used as he was to looking for danger. Draco meanwhile looked around the house with aloof approval in his eyes.

Emmett and Rosalie were standing behind the second couch which was inhabited by Carlisle, Severus, and Esme. Who were talking how this arrangement would work out and how long it would last. Severus was saying a year at most for them to figure out what they were doing, Esme and Carlisle kept insisting forever.

She giggled; Esme and Carlisle would get their way by the end of the year if her visions were right. She sighed as she looked over at Edward who was hanging back in the shadows and to Remus who was seated in the single chair. She shook her head; her gift told her that they would heal. She only wished that for their sakes it could happen sooner.

Severus looked in amusement at Carlisle and Esme nothing had changed over the years that they had been apart. They were very mature when dealing with their 'children' but utterly needy when it came to their lover. He smiled softly at them; he had missed them very much and knew that as soon as Draco, Harry, and Remus were settled he would make his home here for as long as he could.

Carlisle saw Severus glance around the room and was shocked to remember that there were other guests in the house. He jumped to his feet at inhuman speed. "Oh how completely crass of me, I forgot to introduce everyone!"

He turned to the two groups and started the introductions "My name is Carlisle welcome to my home, this is my partner and wife Esme, and our children Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. " The vampires gave little nods (or frantic waving in Alice's case) at their name.

Severus returned the favor. "These are my companions and close friends Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and Remus Lupin, I myself am Severus Snape." They nodded at their introductions and soon everyone began to relax as the ice was broken.

Alice giggled and smiled slyly to herself, yes the house was going to become very interesting. As soon as all the players in the game were present of course.

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