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It wasn't until Christmas that the tension finally started to lessen in the strange family that was starting to develop in the Cullen House. It had happened unexpectedly; then again to Alice Cullen nothing was unexpected. Lucius had come by to visit his son when he became interested in Rosalie. She had played his games well and so when the holidays came he was invited to stay after New Years.

Harry had been shocked that the two worlds were coming together in the way that they were. His mind still in shambles from the war and now every day he was forced to see those who had survived the travesty moving on with their lives slowly, but they were moving on. Harry felt ridiculous for being the only one caught up in the past. Severus and Remus made sure to remind him that he was supposed to still be recovering. He had been in a central point of the war. He wouldn't heal from that quickly.

The break came when one night, because of exhaustion Harry had simply passed out in his bed. He had forgotten to put up his usual privacy spells. Severus had been jolted out of bed when the alarms went off and rushed to Harry's side. Edward and Jasper were already at Harry's side both unable to escape his turmoil.

Edward was holding his fingers to his temples as he tried to quiet Harry's voice in his head. He could hear no one else as the volume of Harry's nightmares threatened to overwhelm him. He felt arms wrap around him and for once didn't notice or care who was giving support. He merely took it, burying his head in their chest as he tried to fight off the mental invasion.

Jasper was not doing much better but instead of trying to shut off the connection between him and Harry he through the doors wide open and tried to return Harry's panic with his own calm. It seemed to be helping; it was enough for Severus to at least bind Harry don't so he couldn't hurt himself or anyone else in his panic.

Severus turned a murderous expression on his face as he looked at Jasper "You knew?" He growled. Now that he was getting a full reading of Harry's nightmare he knew that it would have had to escalate to this level over a period of time. If anyone knew what Harry was doing to himself it would be the empathic vampire who was currently holding Harry's hand as if it was a life line.

Jasper looked up with wide eyes at Severus and nodded slowly "I wanted to respect his privacy…" He said softly as he reached forward and gently stroked Harry's hair, hoping that the contact would increase the calm he was trying to flow into the boy.

Severus pursed his lips and was about to viciously rebuke Jasper for his actions when he felt Carlisle hold his shoulders firmly. Severus turned and looked at him his black eyes sharp with anger at being unable to protect the fallen hero. He calmed slowly in his lover's touch and turned back to Harry who had returned to a normal state of sleep.

Remus watched helplessly from the back as his godson struggled through his own emotions. He was surprised to find small hands wrapping around his own and looked to see that Alice was the one who was giving the comforting touches. He was surprised not by her actions but rather his own reaction of relief as she touched him.

Alice smiled at him softly "We can get started now." She leaned in and laid her head on Remus's shoulder "I'm so happy." She said softly her usual excitement gone from her voice and replaced with almost an awestruck tone as if she couldn't believe it was finally happening.

Edward opened his eyes now that there was no longer the insane screaming. He started when he recognized who was holding him and tried to jerk out of the embrace. He hissed when the arms merely tightened in response before the sudden quietness of his mind allowed him to hear Fenir's thoughts in a way he had never heard before.

He paused his struggles as he looked up stunned at the werewolf. The usual bawdy thoughts of them together had been covering the deeper more tender thoughts the werewolf was always thinking of him. Edward gently pulled away and was released as he looked seriously at Fenir and said "I never knew…"

Fenir smirked, realizing that having a mate who could read his mind would cause some trouble in the future and he would not be able to keep all the mushy stuff his mate made him feel to himself. "I thought you already did…" He didn't realize that Edward had to listen closer to thoughts that were more subconscious than actively thought by the person. He shrugged at his mate "I'm going to bed…" He started walking out of the room before thinking things were too tender between Edward and him and so looked over his shoulder and gave a brash wink to his mate.

Edward rolled his eyes at the werewolf's behavior but didn't give his usual acidic responses. This wasn't missed by Fenir who smirked to himself and kept walking. Lately he had thought that maybe, just maybe his mate was more stubborn than he was. Now he was filled with a new sense of hope and counted down the days until the stony vampire would be joining him in his bed.

Harry woke up and looked up at the concerned face of Severus and saw mirrored emotions in Carlisle and Esme "I'm sorry…" He said softly, his voice was horse as though he had been screaming, though it had all been in his mind.

Severus shook his head and muttered "Stupid boy." Before running his hand through Harry's hair 'Get some sleep brat… we will be discussing this in the morning." He turned and left the room with his two mates who were eager to help ease his fear.

Draco had arrived as well but the room was too crowded for his appearance to be noticed immediately. As soon as there was space he stormed forward and slapped Harry sharply across the face. He tried desperately to control his emotions and said softly "Please stop doing this." He looked at Harry for a moment to make sure that his meaning was understood before he turned and left the room.

The snickers he heard from Harry made it clear that even in his post nightmare stage he had not missed the fact that Draco had been a little less perfect than usual with his mused hair, swollen lips, and shirt that was half unbuttoned with love bites decorating the exposed skin. Draco had been late to getting to Harry for another reason and he was certain that he was going to kill Emmett because of it.

Harry looked at Jasper who was the only one left by this point and gave a sheepish smile. "You've been helping me?" Jasper didn't know how to respond to that or what to say. Slowly he realized there was nothing to say and simple smiled softly at Jasper as he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against the surprised vampire's as he said "Thank you."

Family's cannot be made overnight, however that night and in that moment, one was started.

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