A Different Life


Okay...so, I'm reposting this online...mainly because the first time around I had several errors and mistakes. This time I'm going to post this, the sequel, and the one-shot up slowly, that way I can go back and fix things and make it a bit more...um...readable. This prologue is new…and wasn't in the original, so…hopefully it works.

So, without further ado, here is my attempt at what was my first ever Supernatural fanfic, A Different Life. It's Sam/OFC, so be warned. Also, Season 4 semi-exists in my life, but just the part where Castiel brings Dean back. No Ruby, no Sam experimenting with demon blood, just…Dean returning from Hell.


Sam's POV


I was tired.

I was more than tired, actually. For the past month in the half, I'd been at Bobby's place. I barely ate, slept less, didn't hunt. What was the point, now that Dean….

I sighed and stood up from the make-shift bed I been living on in Bobby's living room, an empty beer bottle in my hand. Bobby was currently in town somewhere, picking up somebody's car that had broken down. I was sure the older hunter was getting tired of me staying around his place, and knew that I should get back on the hunt. But I couldn't, not this soon.

Dean wouldn't have wanted you moping around like this, a voice in my head reminded me. He would want you to keep going…keep hunting.

I walked into the kitchen and threw the beer bottle in the trash can, looking out of the window to the Salvage Yard. Up near the house was the only thing I had left of my brother…that classic 1967 Impala…still full of his classic rock cassette tapes and the fully loaded arsenal in the back our father had collected through our years of hunting. I placed my hands on the counter, feeling the pain of losing Dad coming back and mixing with the grief I was still feeling from coping with Dean. Tears welled up in my eyes every time my older brother's name was mentioned or if I began to let my mind wander back to that night Lillith came for Dean's soul, and now wasn't different. They fell down my cheeks like that had previously, falling on my shirt to mix with the spilt whiskey and beer that had been my only comfort so far.

The sound of Bobby's tow truck crunching on the gravel brought me out of my many downward spirals I'd had recently. I straighten back up, running a hand over my face to rid it of the tears. I couldn't afford to look like a six year old again in front Bobby. That was probably another thing he was tired of-seeing me in an emotional wreck.

I stepped onto the front porch as Bobby pulled up beside the Impala, an old beat up pick up truck connected behind him. I gave a half hearted wave as he got out of the truck and walked up to the porch.

"How ya feelin'?" he asked, stepping on the porch and walking inside.

I shrugged and followed him into the house. "Alright, I guess," I muttered, shoving my hands into the pockets of my jeans. "What was wrong with the truck?"

Bobby looked at me, knowing I was changing the topic on purpose. Luckily, he went along with it. "Don't know yet," he said, sitting at the kitchen table. "Damn thing just stopped running."

I couldn't respond or give an insight on what was wrong…mechanics had always been Dean's thing. Granted he'd tried to teach me a few things…but I was sure the only I could do without screwing something up was get gas and maybe put oil in the Impala. "How long will it take you to fix it?" I asked.

Bobby shrugged. "Depends on what's wrong," he said. "And speaking of something wrong…Ellen called me."

I looked at him oddly. Ellen…I remembered now…I hadn't seen her in a year…not since…not since I had died.

Not since Dean sold his soul for me.

I forced myself to keep my emotions at bay. "Oh?" I said, trying to make my voice sound somewhat enthused.

"Seems she and Jo got their hands on a case, and need a hunter to tackle it," Bobby said. "A shapeshifter…down in Missouri." He looked at me. "Think this may be a good hunt for you to jump back into…"

I sighed heavily and turned away from the older man. "I don't know, Bobby," I muttered. "Maybe someone else should take it."

"Somebody did…and is missing," Bobby interjected. I was still turned from him, but heard the chair move away from the table as he stood up. "She's a good friend of Ellen's…and mine. Nobody's heard from her in a few days."

I looked back at him. "She?" I said surprised.

"What, did you think only men could do this job?" he asked.

"No," I retorted. "I just…it's…not common…to hear of female hunters. Jo's the only one I've met."

"Anyway, this case," Bobby continued, giving me a hard look. "I think you should take it, Sam."

I sighed in aggravation. I knew that I needed to get back into hunting, but after Dean's death…I didn't feel like it would be worth it. Perhaps this is what he felt…after I left for Stanford and Dad went missing…but Dean had people to come to…family….me. I didn't have that. "I'll think about it," I finally said.

"Well, think about it on the road," Bobby said. "Maybe if you got out of this damned house for a while…it'd help. Not that I don't mind seein' you around here," he added hastily. "Just…your brother wouldn't want you actin' like this, Sam."

I stood there, thinking about it. Finally, I made my decision. "Fine," I said in a sigh. "I'll take it."

Bobby looked at me and nodded. "Good man," he said, clapping me on the shoulder. "I'll let Ellen know."

"Guess I should pack up," I mumbled, leaving the room and going to where my things lay scattered in the living room. Quickly and quietly, I shoved everything into my duffle, putting the pillow and blanket in a semi-neat pile in the middle of the couch. Bobby had went back outside to unload the pickup truck. I swung the duffle over my shoulder and headed outside, dropping the bag in the backseat of the Impala as I headed to the garage beside the house. Bobby already had the hood up, a socket wrench in his hand.

"I'm heading out," I announced, feeling slightly awkward. "I'll call you when I get down there."

Bobby looked up from the truck and nodded. "Take care of yourself, Sam," he said. "We don't need any more hunters disappearing to this damn thing."

I smiled slightly, and nodded. "You got it, Bobby," I said. "I'll see you around."

"See you, Sam."

I turned and started out of the garage when I realized one thing. "Hey, Bobby?"


"This hunter who's missing…what's her name?"

"Alayna…Alayna Summers."


Okay…hopefully that wasn't too painful…I'll be adding the official first chapter later on after I tinker with a little bit…you'll get to meet this Alayna character…so, you're forewarned!!

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