Harry Potter - Superhero

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter works belong to J.K. Rowling.

Chapter 01: The birth of a hero

Harry Potter wanted to be a superhero. He really did. Not for power, money or anything that mundane. But for acceptance, praise and maybe love.

For many years he tried to please his relatives with no luck. He did every chore they gave him to the best of his ability. From doing laundry, cooking breakfast and dinner and cleaning rooms. But they never praised him or shown him even tiny bit of love. He even got the best marks in his finals hoping it will make his relatives like him better. But they only criticized him for showing up his cousin.

That was when he realized that he would never find acceptance from them. But he knew there were many people out there. Many good people who would accept him and love him. He knew that because he saw so many children everyday being kissed and hugged and accepted by the adults.

But he had a problem. How could he get that acceptance from an unknown stranger? And for many months he thought about it. Until one day he found the answer. And fate it seems is not without a sense of irony, for the answer came from those he knew would never accept him and appreciate him. The answer was in a present Dudley, his cousin, got for Christmas of his second year at school. It was a huge collection of comic books, which his aunt Marge gave him. And like every year Harry got none.

But he watched Dudley from his cupboard under the stairs. He wanted to know what got Dudley so excited. So after a few weeks passed, and Dudley forgot about his presents, Harry borrowed the books one at a time from Dudley's room when he went to clean it.

And to say he was hooked would be an understatement. He fell in love with them. Not with the stories themselves, but with the idea of being a hero. A superhero. He saw that many of the heroes in the storybooks, had very few friends or were unpopular or had bad childhoods just like him. But they still helped people and the people loved them. He dreamt about it day-in and day-out. He dreamt about saving people and being praised for it. He dreamt of being a superhero.

It became a constant thought in his mind. It became an obsession. But he didn't have any super powers. Did he? He thought about it long and hard. He tried to remember every single incident the Dursley's blamed him for being a freak. But what was a freak? Many normal people thought the superheroes were freaks too, didn't they? That was, until the superheroes helped them.

Harry smirked. He didn't have a problem with being a freak. He sat down in the school library, one of the few places he was free from Harry hunting and started making a list of all the times something unexpected happened around him.

There was the time his teacher's hair turned blue. It happened right after she scolded him for trying to disturb Dudley, when it was Dudley who was trying to push him from his chair. That was when he was five years old. He remembered being angry.

But there was something else before that. He scrunched up his eyes and thought real hard desperately hoping he would remember that moment. And just like that he did. He felt a little warm and then he was seeing himself, like he was seeing the memory in a TV. He was three years old and sitting on the floor, while Aunt Petunia had Dudley in a baby seat and fed him chocolate pudding. He was hungry and he really wanted to eat the cookies he saw Aunt Petunia put on the table. That was when the cookies started floating down to him. Just as he caught the cookie and took a bite out of it, Aunt Petunia screeched. She pulled him up by his hand and dragged him into the cupboard. Harry remembered not eating food that day.

And very recently, just a couple of months back, the sweater his aunt Petunia tried to force on him, shrank until it was hit for only a doll, as he fervently hoped it would.

These were the three incidents he remembered and he put them on paper. Harry was a very intelligent child. But few knew it, as the only area a child of his age could show his intelligence was in the classroom and that avenue was blocked, as he didn't want to get punished for showing up Dudley.

From the three incidents he wrote on his paper, he tried to find something in common. Where did his power come from? Spiderman got his power from being bitten by a spider. Superman came from another planet.

He didn't understand how, but he knew he was special. And so after school, he ran to the park everyday to practice his powers. Many months passed with no luck. But he never gave up. He firmly believed that it was his destiny to be a superhero. It was the last day of his second year at school, when it happened again.

Dudley and his gang were chasing him, to give him a beating as an end of the year present. He ran around a building and jumped behind a bunch of garbage cans, desperately hoping to get away from them. And suddenly he was not behind the cans, but up on the school roof. He just appeared there out of nowhere. He looked around with wide eyes and ducked down just as a teacher came into sight.

With his beating heart, he laid down on the roof smiling wide. He pumped his fist into the air and cried, "Yes!" This beyond anything proved to him that he was special. But how did he do it? He brought out the piece of paper he wrote down the list of incidents and wrote down what happened just now.

And as he stared at the paper it hit him. All these things happened because he wanted them to happen. No, not wanted, but really really wanted with all his heart.

He smiled with joy and whooped. He found the answer. He put the paper back in his pocket and peeked down at the ground below. There were still a few children playing around and a teacher near by. He looked for an area where he can appear on the ground without being noticed. He noticed that there weren't any people near the large tree.

And so he scrunched up his eyes and thought with all his might that he wanted to be behind that tree and jumped a little in the air. He opened his eyes to find himself still on the roof. He closed his eyes and tried again. And again and again. As minutes went by and the sun was setting, he started to get scared. If he didn't get down soon, he would be late and he would be locked up in his cupboard for a long time.

He closed his eyes and prayed that it would work. He didn't want to be locked up in his tiny cupboard. He concentrated hard on getting behind the tree and jumped into the air. He felt like he was being squeezed and squished. And just like that the sensation was gone and he found himself behind the tree with a loud CRACK.

He leaned against the tree in relief. He was so afraid and scared that it wouldn't work. As he slowly walked to number 4 Privet drive, he wondered if that's why it worked? Maybe it wasn't just really really wanting it to happen. Maybe it will only happen if he was afraid or scared or angry or sad. Hmmm…

He entered the house, when Aunt Petunia saw him. She scowled at him. "You were nearly late. Go wash-up and come help me make dinner."

Harry followed his Aunt's instructions though his mind was elsewhere.

That night when everyone went to bed, Harry sat in his cupboard with his hand outstretched. He wanted to create light. With that single thought in his mind, he tried to bring up his feelings of how afraid he was that he was going to be late to cook dinner. And soon he nearly forgot his primary reason for doing what he was doing, as he remembered all the times he went hungry and cried himself to sleep. A visible shiver went through him as he experienced a multitude of emotions. He snapped his eyes open to see the cupboard filled with brilliant light emitting from a ball of white light formed in his outstretched hand.

He gave the light a tired little smile and stared at it for a few minutes. "I did it," he whispered to himself.

He closed his fist extinguishing the light and laid down on the bed. Though he felt happy about successfully creating light, he wasn't happy about all the things he had to remember to get it done. If he wanted to be a good superhero, he needed to do things quickly. Or else by the time he remembered all these things, the bad guys would do… bad things.

The first week of summer passed by quickly. Like every year, he had little time to do anything but chores the first week out.

But today, he was heading to the local library. These past 7 days, he was able to do a simple task every night. After creating light the first night, he worked on floating a book, fixing a broken toy, opening & locking his locked cupboard door, which helped as he could sneak in food when he was hungry, and finally the last thing he worked on was what he called Teleporting. He got the word from a TV program that Dudley was watching and he peeked at while he was cleaning the living room. Though he only tried that once, as he seemed to make a really loud sound when he appeared somewhere.

He reached the library and walked up to the librarian, who was a young woman in her mid twenties. She glanced at him and smiled. "Hello little guy. First time in the library? Can I help you with anything?"

Harry gave her a shy smile. "Good morning Ma'am. Do you have any books on mind or thoughts?"

The librarian raised her eyebrows at the unusual request from what looked to be a 7-year-old. "What exactly are you looking for?"

Harry looked thoughtful. "Hmmm… I want to know if there is a way to think only one thing… and, and… help with feelings."

The librarian smiled at him. "My… my… you are a clever child aren't you? What you are looking for is called Meditation. That will help you focus your thoughts and also help with your feelings, or what adults call emotions. Let me get the book for you. Do you have a library I.D.?"

Harry's smile vanished at the mention of an ID. His Aunt will never agree to that. He ducked his head and shook his head sadly.

The librarian sighed. From the state of the child's clothes she could guess that his life was far from perfect. Especially if he wanted a book on Meditation at such an age. But he seemed like a clever child and it would be a crime not to help him.

"Alright kid. Just this once I will put this book on my own ID. Can I trust you to bring it back when it's due in two weeks?"

Harry looked at her in surprise. "You'll do that for me, Ma'am?"

The librarian smiled. "You look like a good boy. So I will. You can call me Jess."

Harry blushed and gave her a brilliant smile. "I promise I'll bring it back in two weeks."

She ruffled his hair. "You better. So what's your name?"

"Harry, Harry Potter."

What the young librarian did that day would forever change the world.

That night, Harry took out the book he hid under his large shirt and started reading it. The book was split into three parts. The first part talked about internal energy and how to use it to make life better. The second part talked about using energy in meditation and the third part about visualization techniques to concentrate better.

Harry didn't understand many words. Those he wrote down in a notebook and with little help from Jess, he used a dictionary to find out exactly what they mean.

And so Harry took the ideas from the book and practiced meditation every night for an hour. He started with visualizing his energy, which gives him his powers, as a ball of light, which existed in his tummy. At first the ball just didn't seem right. He worked on many variations, until he decided on a ball of green fire. It was the same green as his eyes and it felt so right.

Once he got the ball of energy right, then he imagined a tendril of that energy going from his stomach to his right hand. It wasn't easy, as the ball seemed reluctant to let go of any energy. It was as if it has a force within it, which was attracting the energy back to it. It took many weeks for him to get the tendril into the center of his right palm. After that, he worked on making the tendril stay there. By the time summer ended he was able to make the tendril stay there for 30 minutes before the effort became too much.

But in the 30 minutes the tendril stayed in his palm, he was able to do all the simple tasks with very little effort. One morning while he was cooking bacon, he slipped and his hand fell on the pan burning it severely. He cried out in pain and rushed to the sink and put it in water. But within a few seconds, his hand started pulsing with a soft green glow and the blistering wound was healed without leaving any evidence. Harry took it out of the water and stared at it in wonder.

His aunt just came down after waking up her precious Duddikins. "What was that?" She shouted. "Did you do something?"

Harry quickly shook his head. "Nothing aunt Petunia. Just hit my head." Saying that he went back to frying the bacon.

His Aunt narrowed her eyes and watched him for a few minutes before she grumbled about stupid freaks and went about her work. She missed the small smile that spread across Harry's face.

And so Harry went back to his third year of school. He continued being an average student in class, but worked on his powers in secret. Few students ever talked to him fearing Dudley and his gang. But that didn't bother Harry. He had his own secret friend. Every weekend and any other day he could, he would visit Jess at the library.

He would sit with her and tell her about his week. He confessed to her after much prodding that he lived with his aunt and uncle and that they didn't like him. They never hit him or anything, but they don't do much anything else.

Though Jess was horrified that Harry had to do all the chores and get less marks than his cousin, she couldn't make anything official out of it as Harry begged her not to. They were his only remaining family after all.

By the time Christmas came, Harry's powers improved greatly. Now he could hold his power in both hands for nearly two hours. He realized something else about his powers. To a certain extent this energy can understand his needs. He figured this out when he burned his hand and his power healed it without him asking it to. Whereas when he used the knife to make a tiny cut on his hand, his power did nothing until he asked it to.

And so he started talking to his energy ball. He would sit down and visualize the tendrils into his hands and then he would bring a tiny tendril to his mind. It hurt the first time, but after that, it felt fine.

Once the tendril reached his mind, he would mentally tell the ball what he wanted. He really wanted to get Jess, his first and only friend, a nice gift for Christmas. And so he asked his energy to create a metal box for him. He sent it a picture of what he had in mind. He felt warm as the power flowed from his energy ball into his hands and then outside. He saw as the power pooled together to form a beautiful bronze ornamental box exactly as the one he saw in one of his aunt's magazines.

He created small stuff like papers and pencils before. But never something so big. He also noticed that most things he created would vanish after a few weeks if he didn't concentrate on making them permanent. And so he asked his power to make the box permanent as well. He felt his energy reduce more than ever before. But he still had much more left.

So he asked for a gift-wrap and then wrapped the ornamental box himself. The next day he set out to the library, making the gift invisible so that his relatives won't see it and floated it in front of him. As he reached the library, he looked around to make sure no one was looking before he took the gift in his hands and made it visible.

Jess saw him coming and smiled. In the few months she had known him, he became like a little brother she never had. "Hey Harry." Her eyes widened seeing the gift in his hands. "Is that for me?"

Harry smiled and hugged her. He gave her the present. "Yep. Merry Christmas."

Jess hugged him back and kissed him on his forehead. "Thanks Harry. You know you didn't have to."

Harry shrugged. Jess ruffled his hair, and smiled down at the 8-year-old boy. "Well, I have something for you as well. I know I can't give you anything which your," she scowled at the word, "family will notice too much. So I asked Mike to get us a special movie premier pass for Indian Jones. How about it?"

Harry's eyes shone like search lamps. He loved the last two Indian Jones movies, he saw with Jess at her house. Jess only worked for a couple of hours in the morning on weekends. So Harry would leave with her to her house, which was only 3 blocks away and spend few hours with her.

Harry jumped and hugged her again. "Thanks Jess. I'd love it."

Jess laughed at his enthusiasm. "Can you sneak out at around eight tonight? I will pick you up and drop you off at your house after the show."

Harry thought about it and nodded. "Wait at the street corner. I will be there at eight."

That night Harry excused himself and went to his cupboard right after dinner. He thought about it all day since Jess told him about the show. The only way to be sure that none of his family would know about him leaving, would be if they didn't approach his cupboard.

So he pulled up his power and asked it to make sure no one would want to come to his cupboard. It took a couple of minutes, but the power pooled in both his hands and then left towards the cupboard door, where it layered itself on to it creating some kind of barrier.

To test if it worked the way he wanted it to, Harry hit the cupboard wall a couple of times with his legs. BANG! BANG!

He heard his uncle Vernon grumble something about inconsiderate freaks. He heard the loud footsteps of his uncle as he walked towards the cupboard and then past it, without even stopping by. He heard him open the refrigerator and then go back into the living room.

"Yes!" Harry fisted the air. He loved his power.

He quickly dressed into his best dress, which Jess bought him and five minutes before eight he teleported behind a tree with a soft pop. He worked on this skill quite a bit over the past couple of months, especially after visiting Jess' house a few times. He was able to lessen the crack, which he understood after a few experiments to be air being pushed away fast. He worked on appearing slower, so that he would make little sound.

He saw Jess waiting with her boyfriend Mike, who Harry met when she took him to her apartment the first time. Harry immediately took a liking to Mike, who worked in the film industry and had a similar laid-back attitude like Jess.

As Harry walked up to them, Jess gave him a firm hug. "That was a beautiful gift Harry? How did you get it?"

Harry smiled and shrugged. Jess eyed him critically. "You didn't steal it from your aunt did you?"

Harry scowled at her. "Of course not. I would never give you something that belongs to her."

Jess smiled. "In that case, thanks."

Mike put a hand around Harry's shoulder. "Trying to seduce my girl are you Harry?"

Harry blushed scarlet and the two adults laughed. "Oh! Stop it Mike. He's only 8 years old. I think I will wait a few more years before I let him seduce me."

Harry continued to blush and folded his hands in front of him in mock anger. "You guys are supposed to be adults."

"Naa mate, we'll never be an adults. This is too much fun."

All three got into Mike's BMW convertible and left for the premiere. Harry enjoyed seeing all the film stars, including Harrison Ford and Sean Connery and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Mike even introduced Harry to Harrison Ford who signed his movie pass for him.

When Mike took him to meet Sean Connery, the aged actor stared at Harry for more than a minute before he kneeled down to Harry's level. He gave the scar on Harry's forehead a quick peak before he shook Harry's hand. "Well met Mr. Potter. I hope you liked the show?"

Harry was confused why Sean Connery would be interested in him, but smiled all the same. "Thanks sir. I loved the movie. I thought it was the best of the three."

"Then I am blessed, young man. And I wish you the best of luck for your future."

He gave the two adults a nod, before he walked away. "Wow!" Exclaimed Harry.

Then he turned around and looked at Mike suspiciously. "Did you say something to him?"

Mike raised his hands. "Whoa little guy. I wish I had that kind of pull with him. No, whatever it was, it's just you."

It remained a mystery to the party of three, but they didn't really care much as they enjoyed the movie thoroughly.

"So do you want to become an archeologist like Dr. Jones, when you grow up, Harry?"

Harry shook his head groggily with sleep in his eyes as he relaxed in the back seat of the car. "I want to be a superhero."

Jess laughed and ruffled his hair. Mike stopped the car a few houses before #4 and dimmed the lights. Harry got out of the car and walked to the house. He made sure he was blocking them before he silently opened the door with his power. He turned around and waved to them. After he saw that car roll away, he went inside and locked the door. He silently walked to the cupboard, got inside, locked it and fell asleep.

The next morning he was surprised to see that he was allowed to sleep in. It was only after his head cleared of all sleep that he realized it was because of the power layer he put on his cupboard door the other day. He laughed at that and opened his for lack of a better word, spell book.

Every time he asked his power to do something new, he would write in this book for reference. He called this particular task or spell, forget-me.

He changed his clothes and removed the spell on the door and within a minute his Aunt screeched at him. "How dare you sleep in, boy? You will not be going out anywhere today. You will help me make Lunch and then you will go sit in your cupboard."

Harry sighed and nodded. It was worth it.

In the following weeks Harry worked on spreading his power to his legs. He realized a few weeks ago, just before school broke for Christmas, that his power when flowing in his hands, made them physically stronger. He didn't know how strong he could be, but it was enough to crush a solid stone, which he caught when Piers threw it at his head. Now he wanted to do the same with his legs. He wanted to fly in the air like Superman. He couldn't resist the smile that appeared on his face as he thought of flying.

It was the 06th of May 1989, a Saturday. Harry walked to the park and teleported to just outside Jess' apartment with the softest of pops. He didn't need to worry anymore about people catching him in the act, as for the past few weeks, whenever he was teleporting he put a forget-me spell on himself. With the spell, even if he teleported right in front of a person, they would not see him. He concentrated a little and removed that spell. He knocked on the door and Jess answered it.

"Come in, Harry. Lunch is almost done."

"Where's Mike?" asked Harry.

"He should be here any minute. Why don't you see what's on the Tele?"

But 30 minutes passed and there was no word from Mike. Jess started to worry. "Maybe he was delayed at work or met a friend on the way." Harry's stomach grumbled at that moment and Jess laughed at the blushing boy. "Why don't we get started? It will serve him right for being late."

Jess was a wonderful cook and Harry enjoyed his Lamb stew. But when 1 hour passed with no word from Mike, Jess called the studio. They told her he left 2 hour ago and they don't know where else he could be.

That was when Jess started to really worry. Harry tried to console her, but soon she started crying and prayed that he was all right.

It was 5PM when they got a call. It was a Hospital. Mike was involved in a terrible accident and was being operated. Both of them rushed to the hospital in a taxi.

They arrived to find that Mike was still in surgery. Jess placed a call to Mike's parents who lived in Glasgow and told them the news. They promised to be there as soon as they can.

The doctors came out of the operating room and one of them saw Jess and Harry waiting nearby.

"Are you a direct relation?"

"I am his fiancé. How is he doctor?"

The doctor sighed. "I'm afraid it's not good news ma'am. We did all we can. He suffered severe internal trauma. He might not live past the night."

Jess started crying and Harry had tears rolling from his eyes. He took Jess's trembling hand and held on to it.

"Can I see him?"

The doctor nodded and led them to the room where Mike was covered in bloodied bandages and tied to a lot of medical equipment. Jess pushed open the door and she and Harry walked in.

Jess started sobbing. She caressed Mike's arm and kissed it. "Oh, Mike. Please don't do this. Come on Mike. Please, wake up…"

As Harry looked at Mike, he got an idea. With all that was happening, it didn't really hit him until now.

"Jess…" he whispered softly. When she didn't respond, he caught hold of her hand and shook it. "Jess."

She tore her gaze away from Mike and glanced at Harry. "I… I can do some things… Powerful things… I can try to help Mike. Can you… can you stand behind me so that no one else can see what I am doing?"

Jess wiped her leaking nose and stared at the 8 year old, confused. "What are you talking about, Harry?"

"I'll explain later. Just stand behind me for cover." When Jess didn't move, "Please Jess, trust me."

Jess gave him a nod and stepped behind him. "I trust you Harry."

He smiled at her and then leaned forward so that he was standing right above Mike's tummy where he placed his hands gently. "Whatever happens, don't freak out."

Harry closed his eyes and pulled up the tendrils into his hands and mind. He sent his feelings of friendship, companionship and love he felt for Mike to his energy ball glowing with green fire. Then with a final thought asking his power to save his friend, he released his hold on it.

Jess was awestruck to see Harry's palms starting to glow green. Then, Harry opened his eyes and the green glow from his hands seemed to be sucked into Mike as he started glowing the same color. She could feel the heaviness in the air and it was electrifying. She hoped whatever Harry was doing will help Mike live past this day.

Harry could feel the power being sucked out of his energy ball and he started to feel the strain. Just when he thought he couldn't stand anymore, the power flow stopped. Harry staggered backwards into Jess, who caught him and held him.

"I'm tired," said Harry with a heavy voice. He tried to keep his eyes open, but he felt so tired. He closed them and relaxed as Jess held him.

Jess stared at Mike in wonder, as slowly his complexion returned from deathly pale to a decently healthy hue, and his breathing, which was shallow, evened out. Even his pulse was showing strong and steady on the monitor.

She just stood there and stared at her fiancé in wonder. She didn't know how long she was standing there, but soon her hands felt heavy holding Harry for so long. She took him to a nearby cot and laid him down. She knelt down beside him to see if he was all right. Seeing that he was in a deep sleep, he kissed his forehead and went back to pay vigil on Mike.

It was a couple of hours later that the doctor that spoke to Jess came in to see Mike's condition. He found Jess sleeping in the chair beside Mike and the boy sleeping in a nearby cot. But the thing that got his attention was Mike's condition. It was a miracle. This man wasn't supposed to live beyond a few hours. Now… now, he looked quite healthy except for the few external injuries, which will get better in a few days.

He double checked his readings and then tripled checked them. He didn't understand how this could happen, but he was glad a life had been saved. It was a miracle and he will put it down as one of God's mysterious works.

It was the next day at around 5 in the morning when Jess heard a soft groan and woke up. She found Mike waking up. She couldn't help the tears that spilled out of her eyes.

"Oh Mike!" She held his hand and leaned into it.

Mike opened his eyes and glanced at Jess. "Hey Jess," he said in a whisper. He smiled at her softly. "I'm alright baby. I… I feel good."

Jess leaned forward and kissed him. "Don't ever do that again you stupid bastard, or I'll kill you."

Mike couldn't help the small laugh that escaped his mouth. "We don't want that. So… what, what happened?"

"A miracle Mike. The doctor said you will be fine. A few days of rest and you should be on your feet. Now don't worry about a thing. I called your parents and they will be here in a couple of hours. I need to drop Harry off, at his home. I'll come back soon. Do you need anything?"

Mike shook his head. "Why is Harry here?"

"He came with me, when I got the call from the hospital." Mike nodded and closed his eyes.

Jess bid him goodbye and walked up to Harry. She shook him slowly. "Wake up Harry. We need to get you home."

Harry muttered something in his sleep, but woke up nonetheless. "How's Mike?" He asked groggily.

Jess took his head in her hands and met his eyes. "Whatever you did helped him, Harry. You saved his life."

Harry smiled, though still a little tired. "Good."

Soon they got into a taxi, which pulled up at #4.

"Are you going to be alright?" asked Jess as they both got out of the car.

Harry nodded. "Just need some sleep and food. Will be fine."

Jess stared at him for a moment before she hugged him. "You really are a superhero, aren't you?"

Harry returned her hug with a smile, but didn't comment.

"So, will you tell me what you did?"

"I will. Promise. Maybe once Mike gets better?"

"I'll hold you do that," said Jess, "And thanks again for what you did, Harry. I know I can never repay you."

Harry shrugged. "You and Mike are my friends. You are more of a family than my relatives are."

"That we are little brother. Now, off with you. Get some rest. I'll see you next weekend if not sooner."

Harry nodded. He silently opened the door, waved to Jess, locked it behind him and dragged himself into his cupboard. He put up his forget-me spell on the door and slept with a smile on his face.

He was glad that he decided to become a superhero.