What is Garland doing with the Chaos Crystal that Squall needs to make the Ultimate Gunblade? Why is there a blonde girl eating all of Jecht's ham and beef steaks? Someone go get that other girl to come and get this blonde girl and get back to that place where they do this show thing! Oh, and some dude was here mumbling like '5 4 3 2..' and 'Stupid Sam..'. Who was that?

Where did the beef go? Did Chaos eat it? No. Garland gave it to Feral Chaos. Zidane had already won the fight, so it was fine. A red-haired girl also came running in exclaiming "What's that supposed to mean?" while Gabranth wouldn't shut up about hatred driving him or trying to get everyone to buy his sword.

Didn't Ramza say he found some new Errands in the Eagrose Bar? And he told his crew to take them on since they cleared all the other ones? What if Garland comes to challenge Orlandeau? Oh, that blonde is back... looking for something called

"Fat Cakes"... a dark-haired girl came by and dragged her off... strange.

Some guy got hit in the groin by a fat cake which Feral Chaos promptly ate. A herd (?) of Malboro was seen moving across the swamp towards Lionel Castle. Will Ramza be able to poach 'em all?

Rumors state that Vaan and Bartz have been playing something called "Pokemon CreepyBlack" and "Pokemon LostSilver". They denied this and quickly ran away screaming. Freaks. Only Gilgamesh knows the truth as he is the one who hacked those games!

In 5 4 3 2... shut up! Get lost, weird kid! Go "fool around" with that blonde girl! Or have a three-way with her and that dark-haired girl! Just stay outta the Order's Sanctuary! Now we wait for Carl Johnson to deliver the weapons...

Weapons- Desert Eagle, Golden Desert Eagle, M16, Semtex, Satchel Charges, 'The Penetrator'.

Let's kick some ass!