Just One of Those Days

"Madison, I just dont see the point in all this. You seriously want me to miss work for a class?" We're having one of those mornings again, where she feels the need to breathe down my neck about things that dont make sense most of the time. This time its about me going to her Lamaze class, which I've been going to faithfully, but I cant afford to go this time. Somebody has to bring in some type of income and im not jeopardizing my job for a pregnancy class.

"Of course you wouldn't. You never see the point in anything I want to do as a family." Im not facing her because Im trying to Iron my work short, but already know she pouting.

"Madison, there will be other opportunities for me go. But today is just not one of those day." I turn off the iron and turn to give her my undivided attention. " I've got priorities I..."

"You're main priority is to your family." She snaps, sending me one of her signature glares.

"Yeah, and its also to my jobs. Ya know, the places I go to everyday so I can provide for you and our baby?" I snap back at her sarcastically. "I mean what do you expect from me Madison? Im trying to..."

"-I expect you to be there for me! You're never here for me, Spencer!" She crying now and im just at a loss for words. I dont know what the hell is happening.

"Madison what are talking about? Im here...I've been here..."

"No," she shakes her head and wipes at her cheek. "You havent. You never show any type of initiative when it comes to me and the baby. I have to beg you to read these baby books," she points towards the offending items. "And you've fallen asleep at every check up I've gone to so far...so how is that being here for me?"

"Well, im sorry I work two jobs and I get tired. I didnt know it was a crime to be human. And as far as the book? Yeah, I dont read em...and im not going to because its stupid. 'Oh how will I ever get through pregnancy?'" I mock, which is a bit harsh I admit but this whole conversation is dumb. "I'll tell you how, Madison. By not reading those fucking book! They're mediocre and waste of time. Common sense is the only reference we need, not some books."

"Its not even about you reading the books, Spencer! All I want is for you to show some type of interest. Its our first baby for goodness sake! And you dont even seem excited about it anymore..."

"You know why? Because im tireeddd..."

"Im tired too, Spencer! Between heartburn, the occasional morning sickness, my feet swelling and god knows what else, Im hardly getting any sleep!"

This is getting me nowhere.

"You didnt seem too tired when you left me here the other night to hang out with Carmen and whoever else. When do I get to go out, Spencer?"

"You can go out whenever you want, Madison! Im not stopping you..."

"Seriously, Spencer? Im a fucking planet! Where the heck am Im gonna go, dancing? Or maybe I should go clubbing? Hmmm, yeah, thats seems logical, a pregnant chick in club..."

"You know what? I dont know what you want me to do. What do you want? You want me to read the book? Okay, lets read the book." I walk over to the bed, snatch up the book and plop down next to her on the bed.

"What to expect when you're expecting." I say animatedly, sarcasm dripping with each word. Theres no certain page im looking for, I just start on whatever page my finger hooks on. "Hmm, Chapter 4: Preconception Prepping For Dads-to-be. How should I go about that! Wellllll, according to the book, I should take certain steps, one being a change in diet. Well golly-gee, why is that important? Becauseeee, a healthier diet means healthier sperm, and a better a chance to conceive. Holy cosmos Batman, I had no idea! But we dont have to worry about that now do we? Ours was a straight shot. No diet needed, right Madison?" She slowly but surely moving off the bed and wobbling towards the bathroom. "Leaving already? But im just getting to the best partttt..."

"You're a fucking ass-hole, Spencer Carlin." She says before slamming the bathroom door.

"Yeah, and you're crazy, fucking hormonal..." I dont say this outloud of course, because that'll just bring about more chaos and I definitely dont need that.

"what!" I bark into the phone, which has been persistently ringing for the past minute.

"Dude, get your dick-dick ass out here before we're late!"

"Shit, sorry Carmen. Give me sec..."

"Yeah, just make it quick.."

I grab my bag and make my way towards the basement stairs; I pause at the bottom step and debate if I should say something to Madison. I decide not to because I know shes not going to listen to reason, and im really not trying to bicker right now.

"Aww, trouble in paradise?" My shit-head of a brother replies smugly as I rummage through the fridge for a water.

"Fuck off, monistat. I've got enough shit to deal with right now so dont fucking start..."

"Whatever, tampon. Maybe Madison wouldn't have this probably if she had a real man..."

"-If I were you, I wouldn't even dream about finishing that sentence. Hey Clay..."

"Hey sis, what's up? Off to work already?" He moves past me and heads straight for the cups.

"Yeah, unlike some people," I turn my attention towards Glenn and give him a pointed look. "I have certain responsibilities. Anddd I dont wanna be a bum for the rest of my life. So, I'll catch you flip side. Seeya douche!"

I throw Glenn the middle finger before clambering out the door.

"Jeeze, bout time dirty-dick! What the hell were you doing in there?"

"Absolutely fucking nothing. Just a longggg morning.."

"Yeah, I can tell," she pulls out the drive way and begins flying down the street. "So, what's up? I know you got got something on your mind, so you might as well just tell me."

"Dont I always, Carmen?" I shake my head as she laughs.

"Yeah, so what gives?"

"I dont know, dude," I start, wiping at my face and eyes. "Im starting to lose my mind. I wake up this morning to her throwing a tantrum...and all because I have to work. Shes all bent out of shape because I cant go to her stupid Lamaze class..."

"I told you, man. And this is only the beginning. Imagine what its gonna be like when she actually has the baby..."

"I dont get it, I really dont." I start scratching at the back of my neck as I recall the way I flipped out. "I feel kind of bad though. I kinda acted like an ass to her before I left...and I didnt even say goodbye. I dont know what's happening to me...im starting to snap more..."

"-Tell me about it. You totally destroyed Karen the other day. I mean she was in tears.."

"Tch, I dont even feel bad about that. Shes annoying, clingy and definitely has the potential to be a stalker." Karen is one of my co-workers at the Marriot hotel. I guess she has a crush on me something, but im clearly not interested and she just doesnt understand that no means no. So I had to break it down for her. I told her that she was a whiney, petulant little brat, that smells like grated cheese and couldnt get the time of day with me even if she was the last skank on earth. And she honestly is a skank; shes fucked just about everyone that I work with, except for Carmen and myself. "Would you feel sorry for somebody like that?"

"Hell no!"


"All im sayin is that you need to relax. Do something constructive...get high, exercise, or better yet, get fucking laid!"

"You and I both know that last part is out of the equation. More so now, since I basically said fuck you to her. Im in the dog house for sure..."

"Pssh, she'd den forgot all about it by the time you get home. You guys do this all the time..."

"I dont think so. She usually texts me back by now..."

"Dude seriously? You texted her?" She shakes her in disapprovingly. "Shes got you on fucking leash..."

"Whatever. You dont understand because you're not in love..."

"And thank god! Cause I'd kill myself if I ever become this whipped."

"Whatever man. So hows the gang...Aiden?" She gives me this pointed look before shrugging her shoulders.

"Same ol same. He hardly hangs out unless you-know-who is with us..."

"Yeah, I heard about that from Ash. She told me you seem kinda upset about it too." I joke, jabbing her in the arm. "So what's up with that? You getting all territorial over straight girls now.."

"Oh whatever," she laughs. "Its not even like that. I just think shes hot..."

"And you wanna to do the nasty."

"Shutupppp," she whines, blushing a bit as she focuses on the road.

"Just sayin.."

"I could have her if I really wanted her..." Is her arrogant reply; I just look at her like shes crazy.

"I'd like to hear you say that to Ashley..."

"She doesnt even like her for real!"

"So, doesnt mean a thing. I wouldn't even look at her if I were you...that's treading on dangerous water..."

"Whatever, I do what I want." She mocks in her Cartmen voice.

"Yeah, okay. We'll see..."

Work starts off in a very slow manner. We hardly get customers during the day, so we spend most of our time cleaning the rooms. Or at least try to clean; working with Carmen is always a difficult task because she always manages to get me to goof off.

"Hey, Spencer, your phones ringing..."

"Can you answer it for me. Ask who it is...Gotta finish up this bathroom real quick."

"Sure thing, dirty," I roll my eyes at my now nickname. "Hola..Spencer Duarte speaking..." I peek around the corner and see that shes grinning, so I flip her off which only makes her grin more.

"Hey, Ash! Yeah, shes here and she said she wants to fuck me..."

"What!" I stumble across the room and snatch the phone out of her hands. "Hello?"

"Uhh, yeah? What uh...what are you guys up to?"

"Nothing. Carmen's just being an ass. But what's up?"

"Right. Well, I was calling to see if you wanted to grab lunch with me?"

"Lunch? Yeah...sounds great. Where should I meet you?"

"Oh, oh, tell her to bring Kyla!" Carmen whispers animatedly, waving her hands and jumping up and down.

Ashley just recently found out she has a sister named kyla. Kyla moved down here in mid-july, and lets just say Ashley hasn't been to keen about the whole idea. Personally I think shes sweet, not only that but Aiden seems to have taken a liking to her and seems a bit more level headed when shes around. This is all word of mouth of course, since he still refuses to acknowledge me in any way.

"How about Olive Garden? Thinks its like fifteen minutes from there. Ask Carmen, she knows the area better than I do..."

"Will do. Oh, Carmen wants you to bring Kyla..."

"And why would I do that?" I can hear the distaste in her words.

"Cause you're being a buddy?"

"Nope, not gonna happen. Shes about five minutes away from totally making my shit list.

"Oh, boy. What'd she do now?"

"I'll tell you about in lets say...an hour?"

"Yupper, an hour...when you bring Kyla with you righhttt?" I hear her sigh into the phone, which lets me know that shes actually considering it. "Im pouting by the way..."

"Seriously, Spencer? I swear the two of you should be best friends instead. You're both a buncha brats..."

"Ohhh, I'll take that as a compliment!" I can pictures her rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"You owe me for this..."

"No, worries. Carmen says she'll wash your car..."

"I said what!"

"Ohhh, nothing," I wave Carmen off. "So, Olive Garden in an hour...got it!" I press the end button and return to my work.

"Soooo? What'd she say?" Carmen persists. "Shes bringing her, right?"

"Yes, thirsty...shes bringing her." She fist pumps and then does some weird dance. "I honestly dont know why you're getting so excited. Ashley's not gonna let you anywhere near her sister, whether she likes her or not.."

"Yeah, we'll see. Besides, if shes straight then she has nothing to worry about..."

"So, you're really through with Alicia then?"

"Uh yeah! I told you that before...chicks got way too much baggage for me..."

"And by baggage you mean her crazy boyfriend, who threaten to kill you if you came within ten feet of her?" Its not funny but, I cant help but laugh at her.

"Its not funny man! He's fuckin nuts! And so is she. I think shes stalking me for real. I guarantee you, when we go for lunch...we'll end up bumping into her..."

Thirty minutes later...

"So, did your boo text you back yet? Its already going on twelve..."

"No, smart ass, she hasn't. Instead of worrying about mines, you need to be worrying about Ashley and what shes gonna do if you keep pushing up on her sister..."

"Man, I got this...no worries whatsoever..." We pull up into the parking lot, and I immediately spot Ashley and I cant help but smile.

"Wow, somebody's cheesin extra hard right now. And im the thirsty one? Shakin my head, shakin my head..."

"Oh shut it. Heyyyyy, Ash!" She skips over to me with her own little smile, and envelopes me into her arms.

"Careful, keep it above the waists. Dont want a certain someone to blow down on you even more, do we?" I roll my eyes at Carmen as I pull back from Ashley.

I watch in amusement as Carmen glides over to Kyla, who happily gives her a hug, and of course Carmen takes the advantage. She grins and hugs her back eagerly, a little too long I must say and then pulls back, but not before she sniffs her hair discreetly. Thats a bit creepy.

"How are you?" I hear Ashley whisper; shes grins up at me and then takes my hand in hers.

"Thats a hard question to answer..."

"Oh? And why is that?" I give her a pointed look.

"I know you talk to her, Ash. You guys are always talking. Thats one of the reasons why you ask me to meet you. Otherwise you'd be out somewhere with Devon..."

"Say whatttt? Im so hurt that you would think that, bestfriend." She pouts and feigns mock hurt.

"Righhhttt. Which is why you're not denying it?"

"Exactly. Now, can we please get something in my Belly?"

"Righty-oh! We're going in, you guys coming?" I yell to Carmen and Kyla.

"Coming!" They yell in unison before making their way over to us. "What's up, Kyla?" I nod my head and open the door to the restaurant. "Hey, Spence! Where's Aiden?" She says, pulling back from the hug she just gave me and pouting. "Ashley said he was here..."

"Um," I look towards Ashley for some help but she shrugs her shoulders. "Well he had some things to take care of..."

"Yeah," Carmen interrupts, putting her arms around Kyla suggestively."No worries though. I'll keep you company.."

"Um, okay. So does that mean you'll buy me lunch too?" Kyla looks up at Carmen through lidded eyes, and all I think is that im not the only sucker for love around here.

"Sure thing, babe. You can have whatever you want." She smiles wickedly at her double meaning, but soon falters when shes sees the glare pointed her way by Ashley.

"Come on, Ash. Lets get in line...only get an hour for lunch ya know..." She reluctantly complies; we order our food and settle into our booth.

"So, what'd she say?" I ask, getting her attention which is aimed solely on Carmen, who is obviously flirting with no shame.

"Well, she sounded really upset when she called. I honestly couldnt really understand her half the time because she was crying and started talking in spanish.."

"Wow. Yeah, shes pretty upset huh?" Guilt sets in at her admission.

"Yeah, she called you a selfish dick-head and an ass. I asked her what happened and she said that you never take any interest in her or the baby."

"Okay, now shes just being unreasonable. The whole thing started because I told I couldnt make it to her Lamaze class...ONE CLASS! She doesnt understand that im tryna help lay down a foundation for our future. You tell me what's more important, money or class?"

"Spencer, I get what you're saying. I really do, but you gotta understand that shes hormonal, lonely and things are happening to her body that she doesnt fully understand. This is you're first...and she wants to fully experience it with you..."

"And I do too, but the reality of the situation is that im probably not gonna be able to be there all the time. Im tryna make things happen for us, and it just seems like no matter what i do, I always end up being the bad guy. I gets no slack whatsoever..."

She smiles, shakes her head and then begins digging into her salad. "Spencer, sweetie. You're always gonna be the bad guy right now. Its a given...it comes with the territory. She right and you're always gonna be wrong even when you're right...and not fair but thats the way things are right now. So, if she ask you to read a book, read the book!"

"Yeah, I hear you, but am I the only one getting grilled today?"

"Nooo, you're not. I gave her a piece of my mind too. Told her that she needs to tone down the hormonal levels, cut you some slack and try to understand that you're tryna be the best 'man' right now..."

"Well thats a relief, I guess. So, its safe to assume that im good right?"

"Oh no, you definitely have some serious making up to do. To her and me, since im the one going to her Lamaze class at two..."

"Guess I do owe you one, huh? I appreciate it, Ash...really."

"Yeah, yeah," she mumbles in between bites. "You know this isnt the real reason why she upset right? Well, it is but not really.."

"What do you mean?"

"What's happening next Wednesday?" I look at her confusedly. "Oh my gosh. Really, Spencer? Its her ultrasound..."

"Okayyyy," I gesture for her to continue.

"THE ULTRASOUND? Ya know, the one where she finds out what shes having...?"

I let this information sink in for a moment, and then literally slap myself for being an ass. How could I have forgotten?


"Yeah, crap. She thinks that since you bailed on the class, you might bail on the ultrasound..."

"Thats two totally different things..."

"True, but clearly she was right in her assumption. I mean, you already forgot about it, so whose to say that you wont bail..?"

"Im not bailing out! It just slipped my mind is all." Shes giving me this funny look. "What? Im not gonna bail, I swear. Do you realize how important that is?"

"Do you?"

"Man, dirty, you just keep digging that hole even deeper, huh?"

"Tell me about it. Im fucked. Im gonna be in the dog house for like a year!" I hide my face in my hands and then tug at my hair. "Im such an ass. What am I gonna do? She not gonna listen to me, I know her. Shes gonna ignore me for like a week straight..."

"Look, I'll talk to her. Get her to try to listen to you, but theres no guarantee with Madison...you're gonna have to figure out the rest for yourself.

"I know. And thanks again, Ash."

"No prob...its what I do best apparently..."

"Hey, um...why do they call you dirty or dirty-dick?" Suddenly theres a fat ass elephant in the room; can you say awkward?

"Uh, erm well," Carmen tries to begin but is obviously at a loss of words, and shes not the only one. "Its...kind of a really bad inside type of thing...its a long, wrong, story...and just one those things you just dont talk bout. At least not unless certain people feel like they need to..." All eyes are on me and Ash, and lets just say that we're both pretty uncomfortable right now.

I mean, I know she said she forgave me, but deep down I know that theirs just somethings that will never truly be forgiven. What I put her through is one of those things.

"Kyla, maybe I'll tell you oneday, but right now just isnt the time."

"Um, okay, Ash." She hesitantly goes back to her food, while the rest of us sit their in awkward silence.

"Well, schools starts in like three weeks. You guys looking forward to it?" Carmen suddenly changes the subject, relieving the table of its slight awkwardness.

"Uh, yeah. I guess I am...though I have a feeling things are gonna be so hectic now. Madison and I have been talking about maybe doing school all year round so that we can graduate earlier..."

"You sure about, Spence?" Ashley ask curiously. " I mean you're already working two jobs...how are you gonna juggle that, school and the baby?"

"We'll im just gonna have to quit one of my jobs. Its not like im making much anyway...im minimum wage. All together my checks are like maybe four something every two weeks. I've saved up about three thousand..."

"Thats not too bad, considering you've only been working for like two months.."

"Yeah, but is hardly enough, Ash. We still gotta get a car, stuff for the baby..."

"Relax, Spencer. I wouldn't even worry about the baby stuff right now. Thats what baby showers are for. Between, me, Chelsea, Carmen your parents, and her friends, im pretty sure you'll get everything you need..."

"Yeah, but my parents are already doing way too much. My moms been spending most of her time taking care of Madison while im at work and when shes off. You should see my room. She just started painting it for the baby..."

"They help because they love you and they're excited.."

"-Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about that stuff, Spence. And as far as money goes? Well, I've been talking to my cousin, ya know the one who own his own landscaping company?"

"Yeah, you mentioned him awhile back..."

"Yeah, its legit and he's looking for some hard workers. Business is been booming. He's doing jobs everyday that pay at least three to five hundred and theirs only like three of em, including himself."

"Well, how come you're not working there?"

"Uhhh, probably because im lazy as hell?" She says simply as she gives me a strange look. "Im just sayin, if I put you on...thats like a hundred buck guaranteed each day. One hundred times seven is what? Seven hundred bucks a week! Not every two weeks but every week! What other job could you need?"

"It does sound pretty good, Spencer. I say go for it.."

"Yeah, listen to Ashley, Spencer...you can never go wrong.."

"And you're positive about this, Carmen? Its safe and totally legit...cause I dont need anymore bullshit..."

"Hey, hey. Have I ever steered you wrong before? Its the real deal, I swear. I'll put in a good word for you and you can think about it..."

"But wait. Im gonna be in school from eight to two..."

"Oh, trust me. They'll still be working at two. My family grinds...they'll work til sundown."

"Yeah, but I still gotta find time to study in between.."

" You dont have to work everyday. As long as you do weekends and a few during the week, you're pockets and your sanity should be fine. I'll even drop you off if you need me to..."

"Yeah, and I dont mind occasionally helping out with homework." Ashley adds with a smile.

"I honestly dont know what I'd do without you guys right now..."

"Eww. Please stop cheesin like that. You look really special..." Im about to reply to Carmen remark, but someone familiar catches my attention."

"Dude, dont look back.."

"What? Why" And of course Carmen does the opposite of what I just said; luckily for her, her little stalker didnt see her. Though im pretty sure she knows shes here.

"Dude, seriously? I told you, didnt I tell you she was on stalker mode? No, nuh uh...we gotta get out of here and NOW!"

"Alright, relax...I'll um, distract her and you sneek out the other way." Carmen nods in agreement and awaits for me to take the lead.

"Um, who are we hiding from again?" I hear Kyla say before Carmen shushes her."Alright Carmen, she looking around andddd she spotted me," Carmen ducks her head and slide between the table and seat; Kyla's so confused that she just follows her lead. "Okay, me and Ash are about to stand up. And when we do, I want you to use that opening as your chance...got it?"

"Got it. On the count of three. One," I wave towards Alicia, effectively getting her attention; She walking towards us now. "Two," we stand to meet her halfway. "Three," we're in front of her, giving our pleasantries and making idle chatter. She asking about Carmen, wondering if I talked or seen her today. I say not today and she frowns.

"They're gone." I hear Ashley whisper beside me.

"Well, it was nice seeing you, Alicia. We should catch up real soon and I'll be sure to let Carmen know I ran into you..."

"Um, yeah. Tell her to call me if you can..."

"Sure thing. Later!" She moves to the door and we follow; we stand by the entrance talking nonsense and watching as she climbs into her truck. She pauses for a moment and looks over to where we're parked, or more specifically where Carmen's Focus is parked, then hesitantly waves goodbye to us again before driving off.

"Wow, thats deep.."

"Right though," I say in disbelief. "Thats beyond deep..."

"-Is she gone yet!" Carmen whisper/yells from her back seat.

"Yeah, shes gone. Thats some really off the radar type shit by the way..."

"Who the hell are you tellin! Im the one getting stalked. Totally fucked up the rest of my day...lets just get out of here before she decides to come back..." Shes already opening the door to the drivers seat, so I know shes not playing.

"Yeah, you guys should probably go. Pretty sure your lunch break was over like twenty minutes ago.." Ash replies before giving me a goodbye hug, and Kyla soon follows suit.

"Pssh, like I care. We always do this..."

"Well, wait. Dont I get a goodbye, Kyla?" I shake my head; I dont even have to look at her to see that shes pouting and giving her the puppy dog eyes.

"Aww, im sorry, friend." I snicker at the word friend, and happily accept Carmen's middle finger. "There," kyla places a small peck to her left cheek, and lets just say that Carmen is grinning like the grinch right now...perv. "Is that better?"

"Oh, yes it issss. Much, much better..."

"Oh brother. Kyla lets go before something nabs your panties. I'll text you later, Spencer..."

"Kay. Seeya, Kyla! Later, Ash..."

Ashley Pov: Lamaze class

"And breathe in...and then release..." I honestly feel a bit out of place with Madison sitting in between my legs, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. It just seems like an intimate type of thing that should be shared with her better half.

"I talk to your hubby earlier..." I say as I exhale slowly.

"And what hubby are you referring to. Because as far as im concerned, I have no hubby...and if I did, I'd be sitting between their legs and not yours!" She snaps matter-of factly, earning a few questioning looks from her fellow peers.

Wow, that was unexpected.

"Uh yeahhh. Are you calm now...just relax..breathe."

"Sorry, im just...I dont know what's wrong with me.."

"You're pregnant, thats what's wrong with you.."

"Thanks for coming with me by the way. I really appreciate it. I have no idea what id do without you.."

"Been getting that alot today." I chuckle to myself.

"Soo, what uh...what did you say?"

"I basically told her that she was being an ass." I see her smile at this as peer at her from the side. "I also told her that you both are being selfish," her smiles falter at this. "And I agreed that you're being pretty unreasonable about certain things..."

"Certain things like what?"

"Like the fact that Spencers trying her hardest. Shes working to make things right for you guys..."


"-And yes, I realize that shes slipping a bit, but shes trying, Madison. Which means you need to try too. Its not all about you. Have you actually really looked at her lately?"

She shrugs her shoulders and then sags them a bit.

"She tired, Madison. Its clearly written on her face. When's the last time you did something special for her?"

"Special like what?"

"Anything, really. You could cook for her, give her a message, write her something...anything to show that shes appreciated. Because right now, shes not really feeling that. And neither are you, right?" She shakes her head yes and bites her lip; I rub her stomach soothingly as she tries to hold herself together.

"Look, im not saying this to make you feel bad or anything. I just think that theres alot of miscommunication and things you guys need to work out...together."

"I know," she sniffs. "I dont wanna lose her..."

"You're not gonna lose her, Madison. Especially over something so little. Trust me, shes hooked...you just gotta understand that she cant be under you twenty-four seven. I think a little space now and then will do both of you some good."

"Yeah, you're right. But what am I gonna do while shes at work?"

"Well, me and you can hang out.."

"What about Devin? I dont wanna impose..."

"-Nonsense. Devins cool, she'll understand. Shes mostly at soccer camp nowadays..."

"I guess its set then." She smiles brightly and places her hands atop of my own, which are laying flat against her protruding belly. "Do you think...she'll come to the ultrasound?" She looks at me with hopeful eyes.

"Pssh, are you kidding me? She wouldn't miss it for anything.."

"But she works that day.."

"-Oh my god, Madison," I laugh, shaking my head as she eyes me strangely. "Will you please stop with the buts? She'll be there...dont worry. And if you dont believe my word, then ask her yourself..."

"Yeah, I guess..."

"-Okay, class. We're gonna take a a twenty minute break then do a few more exercises..."

"Can you help me up? I have to go pee." I stand so that I can help her to her feet and then watch as she wobbles to the bathroom; I laugh at how much she reminds me of a penguin.

My attention is now drawn to my phone, which is now vibrating in my hand, letting me know I have a text.

*Hey, im Spencer and im awesome!* So how goes it?

*Tainted Wings* It "goes" fine, lol. Im the Lamaze class with ur boo. She seems pretty open minded about the situation. I thru the bait, now u jus gotta reel her in.

*Hey, im Spencer and im awesome!* Sweeeet:) Think I got an Idea. Where is she now?

*Tainted Wings* In the bathroom...

*Hey, im Spencer and im awesome!* Ok, so I get off 6, think you can keep her occupied til about 7:30ish?

"Tainted Wings* Sure thing, but ur dept seems to b racking up, lol.

*Hey, im Spencer and im awesome!* yea yea, smh. So u never did tell me what kyla did to u today...

*Tainted Wings* Oooo, nothin really...jus woke up is all:D

I grin wickedly at my childish reply.

*Hey, im Spencer and im awesome!* Ooooo wowwww, smh, thats mature, lol.

*Tainted Wings* I kno;) Now get back 2 work slacker!

*Hey, im Spencer and im awesome!* Smh, dont wanna, but since u said it so nicely...laters:)

Madison pov:7:30pm

I walk into a very quiet house after a very long, unexpected but fun day. For the past few hours Ashley and myself have occupied ourselves at the mall, where we spent two hours window shopping for baby clothes. She thought I needed to feel sexy so she forced me into victoria secret and made me pick out some gifts for myself and ultimately for Spencer. Its hard to feel sexy and wanted when you're bloated and always feel so swollen, but fortunately and unfortunately for me, Ashley spent the entire time drilling the concept into my head.

After shopping we ate for like the third time and then went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the death seekers or some crap like that.

The day was fun but my feet are killing me. I walk into a dimly lit kitchen, pull out a water and then wobble towards the basement. The first thing I notice is the smell; a combination jasmine and cinnamon which seems to get stronger as I continue downward.

The other thing I notice is the small trail of petals lining the rug that seem to lead from the bed to the bathroom.

My phone buzzes with a text that specifically tells me to get undressed and head to the bathroom. Im a bit skeptical about what she planning but I comply.

I strip in the bathroom and inhale the strong scent of jasmine, which seems to be emanating from the bathtub.

"Its your favorite right?" I jump at the familiar voice coming from behind me. I turn and im greeted by Spencer, who is leaning against the bathrooms threshold in a beater and boxers. She smiles and eyes me up and down curiously; its not in a lustful or perverted way, but its pretty intense.

I suddenly realize that im standing in the nude, and quickly try to cover myself while an unmistakable blush makes it way to my cheeks; I turn my head away in embarrassment.

"You dont have to hide from me, Madison." I tense as she moves forward and slowly grasp my hands. She guides me towards the tub and carefully help me step in; the water immediately makes me relax.

She moves to the the side of the tub, reaches into the water and grabs my right leg. She gently begins to message it, starting mid-thigh and slowly works her way lower until she reaches my feet.

I close my eyes at the intensity of her gaze, sink lower into the tub and allow my body to relax at the new sensation im feeling. I feel her eyes on me now,studying, and more than likely trying to figure out what im thinking.

"You dont have to run from me, Madison.." She repeats, forcing me to look at her once again; she knows me all to well. I hate the way she stares at me sometimes because its just way too intense; Its like shes staring right through me. My face could be completely void of any emotion but she'd still be able to tell how I feel. So when she does that, stares through me, I close my eyes and hide from her.

"Im not running, " I lie, turning my head away yet again. She gently places my foot back into the water, and then I watch her walk to the other side where she reaches for my other foot; she gives it the same attention as the other one.

"You are...and I dont blame you..." Her eyes focus on the task at hand as she says this. "I've been a complete ass lately. I've been neglectful and a bit selfish..." Her eyes flicker towards my own again. "I said some things today, mostly out of frustration, that may of hurt you. And Im sorry for that. Im sorry for making you feel unwanted or unloved. You should never feel that way...because the reality of the situation is that I love you oh so dearly..."

My stomach begins to flutter at her confession, and im tryna hold my hold myself together but these damn hormones are making it quite difficult.

"I love you," she repeats again, making the butterflies in my stomach intensify. "Its taken me awhile to work up enough courage to tell you this, and its partly because I was afraid of admitting it to myself. I mean yeah, I practically already knew how I felt for a while but to actually say it...to completely give myself over to you scared the shit out of me. I love you more than, Madison...so these little argument are irrelevant to me. We're gonna argue, and it may seem like its gonna push us apart, but its just make me love you even more."

I find that im wiping at my face more frequently now, since my tears are freely falling

"You drive me insane sometimes, Madison Duarte. But..," she stops mid-sentence and shakes her head what seems to be amusement. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Its quiet, aside from the sound of me occasionally sniffing; its not an uncomfortable silence...its just quiet.

"Im still mad at you.." Is my hushed reply. I turn my head to the side, and fold my arms across my chest. I can see her smiling at my obvious stubbornness from the corner of my eye.

"I know..."

"But...I love you too," I turn my head and stare her straight in the eyes as I say this. "Very much so."

A roll my eyes at her as a huge grin stretches across her face.

"I wonder how long it took you to come up with that speech...and memorize it." I give her an all knowing look, to which she shrugs in return.

"Its sound far-fetched, but...I cant possibly memorize something that came from the heart. Thats all me babe, so take it or leave it." She replies arrogantly as she continuously leans forward, until shes practically invading my personal space. The look on her face is daring; it entices me and draws me closer.

"I'll gladly take it." I wrap my arms around her neck, pulling her closer to me and kiss her soundly.

"I'll do better and be better for you, m'kay?" She whispers against my lips; the only response she gets is the feel of my lips upon hers.

A/N: Alright, for those who are wondering, no they didnt have sex after this...they just cuddled:) The inspiration for this chapter came from my sister, who was recently pregnant and basically put her husband through hell. I swear the chick was semi-bipolar during her pregnancy because one minutes she was all happy and then the next she flips out. Smh, love her to death but shes was intolerable. Anyways, hope you and enjoyed and I'll try to update soon. I want some reviews too!

-Oh and for the last time, im fully aware of how serious rape is. I've never been a victim of it, but I know people who have, so I take it very seriously. This is just a story, its not based off any true life events, and im not forcing anyone to read this. So if it offends you then dont read it.