I had a plot bunny running around in my head so I decided to write it down and share it with all of you. I also got bored the other day in school so I borrowed my friend's laptop and wrote this. So this is for Avkaci, my bestest friend who let me borrow her laptop.

Disclaimer – I do not own Kingdom Hearts. I own the plot

Let's see. Where should I begin? I could start with my life's story…but that sounds boring, even to me, so I'll just give you an overview.

For nearly a year I've been "working" for an organization known as Organization XIII. It has thirteen members with me the thirteenth. Yes that would make me the lowest member and I have to obey ever order I receive from either the Superior himself, Xemnas, or from second in command Saix. It's weird though, Saix is number seven yet he gets a say in what happens around this miserable place.

This place can get on my nerves. There's only one thing I like about this place and that's hanging out with my friend Axel. How could I describe him? I guess you could call him…um…I don't know what you could call him. All I really know about him is he's number eight, wields fire and likes sea-salt ice-cream. He's such a mystery.

Everyday I'm sent on missions but not today. No it's not another vacation though that day was confusing. I didn't know what to do. Oops getting of track. Yes you might wonder why I'm not on missions. Well I'm confined to my room and no it's not because I've been a bad boy…well…actually yes I have…in their eyes anyway.

All I wanted was to find out who I really was and why the Keyblade choose me. I resorted in running away, only to be defeated by the imposter who's stupid enough to wear a blindfold. But it turns out he was hiding darkness and that kept it down. Freak. Anyway.

I'm trapped in my room no thanks to the Superior and Saix. Unfortunately they remembered about me using dark portals even though I rarely use them. So to make sure I didn't, I'm wearing a chocker necklace that renders me powerless and they've also bound my hands together with wire of some sorts so I can't summon my Keyblades.

What was I even thinking? Running away from the Organization was the biggest mistake of my non-existent life. Why non-existent you ask? Well I'm a Nobody, someone with no heart. I'm not sure how that works but it does.

I wonder what my consequence will be. I don't think I'll be turned into a Dusk, but I will be severely punished. So I stand here looking out the window of my bedroom, looking at the giant heart in the sky; Kingdom Hearts, the thing I have to destroy. I don't know why exactly, I just have to do it.

A knock on my door takes me out of my trance. Who would knock and expect an answer? Well whoever it was I don't want to see them. "Leave me alone!" I shout. Yes I shouted. I'm damn well frustrated. And besides, who would want to see me? I'm a traitor.

A dark portal opened in the middle of the room. My first thought is the Superior coming to give me my sentence, or even Saix to get me a lecture on why I shouldn't run. But it wasn't either of them.

"So how's life treating ya?"

"Not now Demyx." Yes for once it was Demyx. I was expecting him to be on recon. "Not out on recon with Axel I see." I spat at Axel's name. Right now I have to admit, even though he is my best friend, he's the one who found me lying half dead by Memory's Skyscraper.

"We just got back actually." Demyx scratched the back of his head. "You know, Axel's pretty depressed…about all this."

"Well I'm not surprised. He's the one who got me into this mess. I would have been happier if he didn't come looking for me." That's not true actually. When he found he, fought off the imposter, I smiled. Smiled because I felt loved.

"Don't say that. I know you don't mean that." I know. For such a klutz, Demyx can see through anything when he wants to.

"I do Demyx. Until I figure out an escape plan, I might consider forgiving him." Man I'm good with lies, except the escape plan. THAT I have to figure out.

"Well I brought you some food for you." And they think Demyx is blind? I didn't even notice a tray in his hands with a couple of sandwiches and a glass of water. I've never seen this side of Demyx before. Usually he complains about everything, lazes about and plays his Sitar. I've heard him play a few times and he's quite good. He even, gah, I'm wandering again.

"Just put it on the bed. I'll eat it later." I turned back to the window, but I looked down instead. Dusks were everywhere like usual. Oh why can't I summon the Samurai? That way they could bust me out of here. That's right, the necklace won't let me. Maybe I can trick Demyx somehow.

"Well I'll leave you to your thought then." He summoned a dark portal beside him, but before he could leave, I looked over my shoulder with the saddest expression I could.

"I guess…I'll see you around then. Tell Axel I said hi for me?" I tired to sound as upset as I could. I was aiming for Demyx to stop, stutter and try to get his words straight. But that didn't happen.

"Don't worry. He'll be up later to grab you; something about seeing the Superior. I wasn't listening." Demyx waved and disappeared into the portal. I pouted. I screamed. I threw a tantrum. I can't believe what just happened!? How did he resist 'the look'!? Axel dubbed it that because he could never resist. Demyx can't either! What the heck is going on!?

I'm not sure how long I spent throwing a tantrum. But by the end of it, my room was a wreck. My bed was on its side with the blankets ripped and thrown everywhere. Feathers from my pillow coated the hard floor and over the toppled desk. I've never felt so angry in my life. So why did it have to happen now!? Now, if only my hands weren't tied together, everything in this room would be in pieces.


What? Ventus?

Yes. Ventus. Do you remember?

"Who's there!?" I shouted to the darkness of my room.

What about Lea?

"Who's Lea? Who's Ventus? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?"

"Whoa there Roxas. Calm down." In front of me was none other than Axel. "Who are you talking to?" Axel looked around the room, but at the same time, I no longer see him wearing the coat. Instead I see him shorter, the tattoos are not under his eyes, and his hair is still the same but much shorter, red shoes, browny-coloured trousers, and an orange jacket with a white t-shirt underneath.

"Lea?" Axel raised an eyebrow. The younger version of Axel disappeared. Was that even Axel? And why did I say Lea?

"Lea? Where'd you here that?" He looked confused. I was confused. Who is Lea? Was Axel Lea? Well it does fit if you think about it. Just take out the X, rearrange the letters and there. You've now spelt 'Lea', congratulations for seeing the obvious Roxas.

"I don't know. Was that your name before?" Axel froze, so I take that as a 'yes'. So now I know who Lea is, "Who's Ventus?" What's with Axel? He's freezing left right and center. "Axel? What going on? Who's Ventus?" I walked over to him, my hands outstretched. I wanted answers. Axel has them.

Do you want to know?

That voice again.

Do you want to know the truth?

Yes. Tell me.

If that is what you wish.

I don't what happened, but my head was filled with images; images of Lea again, someone with blue hair standing next to Lea, and someone who looks like me. But that's impossible. I'm right here.

I blacked out. The last thing I heard was Axel calling me

This is what she wrote because I left a gap when she emailed it to me.

I'm trapped in my room no thanks to the Superior and Saix. Unfortunately they remembered about me using dark portals even though I rarely use them. So to make sure I didn't, I was stripped down and forced into red boxers, that co-insolently had Roxas *heart* Axel written all over it, and tied to my bed carefully so that the ropes wouldn't disturb the chocolate sauce spelling "lick me" written on my chest. What else do I have to do but think anyway? And plan how to get away before Axel comes to check on his favorite friend...