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White. Everywhere I looked was white. Where am I? "Hello?" I called out. I waited with no reply. Where was that voice when you needed it? Where was anyone when you needed them? So what am I supposed to do now? Well seeing that I'm just floating in the middle of white, why don't I tell you a little bit more of what I know.

Something I didn't mention before was that, yes I am the thirteenth member, but there aren't thirteen members anymore. The reason? I'm not sure but they were eliminated when they went to Castle Oblivion. So I guess that means they're dead. By who? Well go and ask the Superior if he doesn't throw you in the dungeon. So now there are only eight members left, seven after I ran off.

So do you want to remember?

Hey look. It's that voice again. Now what's he talking about? "Remember? Remember what? The only thing I have to remember is what I was like before becoming a Nobody. And now I don't want to know."

Not even the time you were with Lea and Isa?

"Lea and Isa? Who are they?" Wait. Axel was Lea. Maybe that's the Lea the voice is talking about. But who's Isa?

Would you like to know your former life?

Without thinking I replied, "Yes." White turned to black as a strange sensation engulfed my body. It felt like sitting in a warm Jacuzzi with the bubbles in full blast.

I hope you shall accept these memories, for if you don't…you shall be doomed to spend an eternity in this darkness.

The next thing I knew was that I was sitting on the edge of a fountain in the middle of some strange place. Like I said, the fountain sat in the middle with houses surrounding the rim. Stones and rocks plated the ground and up ahead of me were steps.

"Oi! Ventus!" I jumped as I heard the voice from beside me. "You OK? You spaced out there." I took my chances and looked to my left. And there was Lea, sitting beside me.

I didn't say anything. Apparently I'm known as Ventus…whoever that is. "What…was I doing?" Only one way to find out some things around here.

Lea blinked at me in confusion. "What you were doing? Are you feeling alright?" He waved a hand in front of my eyes. I pushed them aside in annoyance. "You said you'd have a match with me."

Now it was my turn to be confused. "A match? What match?" Lea just laughed at me and punched my shoulder.

"Oh man. You really got me there. Why don't we go find your friends then? We'll have our match tomorrow." Lea stood up and offered his hand to me. I hesitated for a second but took it anyway. I don't know what's going on, where I am or what I'm supposed to be doing.

"Hey Ven." I didn't answer. I'm just confused about everything as I've said before. And now I'm known as Ventus, someone who I've never known. What am I doing here?

"Ventus!" A sharp pain in my arm torn me from my thoughts.

I rubbed my arm. "What was that for?" Lea scowled at me. Apparently this Ventus person doesn't space out like I am. "Um…I'm really…confused…at the moment…and-" Lea silenced me with his hand.

"You're not feeling the best. I should take you back to my place. Isa won't mind." He grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards the steps. "What's the last thing you can remember?"

I thought for a moment. Should I say the last thing I saw was Axel and everything going white? "I…don't know" I answer. I can't tell him that, he'll think I'm mad.

Lea's grip tightened. "This isn't good…not good at all" he said, more to himself then me. I gave him a quick look over, double checking that it's the Lea that I saw standing in Axel's place. Well it did look like him. Only one way to find out if I'm right.

"Can…can I asked you something?"

"Fire away."

"Fire away little buddy." Axel. That's what he always says to me. Why am I hearing his voice in my head?

"You name…it's Lea…right?" He sighed. Maybe I got it wrong. Maybe it wasn't Lea after all.

"Well at least you remember something. Yea it's Lea. What else do you remember?" So it was a sigh of relief and not disappointment like I thought.

I thought for a moment as we mounted the steps. There was at least fifteen and were quite big. What else could I say to him? I'm not Ventus? My name is Roxas? Hey guess what, you die and become my best friend called Axel?

"Axel?" Lea stops and I nearly bump into him. By now we're a few feet away from the steps. "Who's Axel? A friend of yours?" I panicked. I said Axel's name by accident. Why did that happen? That never happens back home.

"I don't know" I lie. It's best he don't know.

"You're lying" he poked my head. "You're lying and I want to know who this Axel person is." Man this really is Axel. Axel's very persistent when something interests him, and he did tell me that he was the same as he was before he became a Nobody.

"What's a Nobody?" What!? ARGH! Not again! Why do I keep saying things out loud!? What am I supposed to say now? I'm not even sure what we Nobodies are, just that we don't have hearts.

I pull my arm away from Lea, stepping back a few steps. "Why do you keep asking questions to something that I don't know?" I asked sternly. Lea held his hand up in defense.

"Whoa there Ven. Don't-"

"Stop calling me Ventus!" That's it…I lost it. "My name isn't Ventus or Ven or…whatever other names you call me!"

Lea tried to get closer to me but I back away further. "Calm down Ven. Something happened to you and I'm going to fix it." Lea held out his hand but I smacked it away from me. "Come on Ve-"

"It's not Ventus!" I screamed. I'm really not in the mood for small talk. All I want to do is go home so I can have sea-salt ice-cream with Axel, to sit on top of the Clock Tower and talk about unimportant things. Why can't everything go my way for once?

"OK smart mouth. What is your name if it's not Ventus!?" It seems I'm not the only one who's loosing their temper. Lea's getting impatient with me. Does Axel get impatient? Don't think so. Seems he left that part of him behind.

"Like I'm going to tell you? Give me a break. I don't even know you!" Lea charged at me. I jumped backwards and lost my footing. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as I fell backwards. Since when do I loose my footing jumping backwards?

"Ven!" I landed on my back, hearing a crack. Hey look I rhymed. Well it was more of a sickening crunch actually. I kept falling, landing on my arms, awkwardly on my legs and I think my head as well on something sharp. How was I still falling?

Everything went still. I couldn't feel anything. My eyes were closed shut in pain and I tried to open them. I tried to move. "Ven! Ven are you OK!?" 'Do I look OK to you?' I wanted to scream at him, but my body just won't listen to me so I couldn't find my voice to speak.

"I'm so sorry. I'll fix this." Lea tried to help me up but a severe jolt of pain shot through me body. I screamed. "Ah! I'm sorry!" He's panicking. Axel doesn't panic as far as I know. And I've only noticed now that I keep comparing him to his Somebody.

"Lea! What are you doing?" Who's that? Who's there? Damn you body! It was another male's voice which reminded me of Saix's.

"It wasn't my fault I swear. Ven fell down the steps." Not your fault? Not your fault!? Of course it was your fault! You charged at me and knocked me off balance! Who would have thought Axel was such a jerk.

"Don't try and lie, Lea." Hey look. That person rhymed like I did. Oh Kingdom Heart, what's gotten into me? "I saw you push him down and you can't deny it!" Someone's finally on my side for once…apart from Axel, but that's not the point.

"I swear I didn't push him!" Oh great. They're going to argue and forget I'm here, probably bleeding to death and feeling numb. I wonder if I even have a body anymore. Argh! Snap out of it. Of course you have a body you just felt pain duh!

"Would you both shut up!?" It was a female's voice this time and she didn't sound very happy. "What did you do to Ventus!?" I don't feel so good. I should just go to sleep now so I can wake up back in The Castle That Never Was, in my own bed, doing missions if the Superior would let me…to see Axel.

"Lea pushed him."

"Shut up Isa!"

"Both of you shut up!" I hear footsteps coming closer to me and stopping beside me. "Don't worry Ventus. You'll be fine." As if. Oh look. It's a white light. Did my eyes open? Naw…I'm dying that's what. Heh. I thought I'd die in darkness, not some white light.

Something was pressed against me neck, making me flinch. I think my body's more numb now than painful. "Not good. Ven stay with me!" Too late…Everything went white as I could feel that bubbly sensation again.

I'll admit I was slightly angry at something which I now forget. *shrug* go figure.

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