Jakotsu woke up the next morning, walking quietly into Bankotsu's room to wake him up, to find he was already up.

Bankotsu looks back to the door to find Jakotsu shutting it.

"Oh……Ban- Chan, you're up!" Jakotsu in a low tone surprised.

"Uh, yeah I'm up, what do you want?" He asked.

"I just came in to wake you up, that's all", Jakotsu continued quietly.

Bankotsu narrowed his eyes. "Jakotsu, the rest are already up".

"O.o" Jakotsu back in his normal tone. Noticing that Bankotsu's hair is still down and non- braided, he forms an evil idea, as he lets a small smirks from the side of his mouth.

He walks to Bankotsu's futon and sits behind him, combing his hair with his fingers. Bankotsu, on the other hand, turns around.

"What are you doing?"

"I just wanted to re-braid your hair", Jakotsu said.

Bankotsu turns back around. "Fine- okay then- you win; so what do you want in return?"

"In return?" Jakotsu asked.

Bankotsu sneaks his eyes to take a glance behind him, to see Jakotsu putting on his evil grin again.

"How about helping me get ready?"

Bankotsu sighs. "Okay then, go get your stuff and I'll help you out".

As Jakotsu just got done, he jumps to his feet. "Okay".

Bankotsu, not really sure of what he's getting to, sees Jakotsu coming back in a flash. "That was quick".

"Well my room is just across from yours", Jakotsu, now sitting in front of Bankotsu on the mat.

"What the hell is all of this?"

"It's what I wear everyday".

"Like you just can't stick with your war paint?" Bankotsu asked.

"No way" Jakotsu snapped.

"Okay, well, let's just get this done and over with", Bankotsu paused. "What do you want on first?"

"Use this", Jakotsu holding a small candle plate to Bankotsu. "It's for my eyes".

Bankotsu, knowing what he meant, grab the paint off the side and dab's it on, dragging it across Jakotsu's eye lids. (Well that seem easy, I don't know why he needed my help). "Next?"

"The war paint", Jakotsu simply put.

Bankotsu draws two purple lines from the bottom of his eyes and downward to his chin. "Alright, and the last thing you want done is-"

"The paints in that clam shell next to you", Jakotsu now staring at Bankotsu.

Bankotsu grabs the bottom of his chin, pulling him in, trying to find a way to put it on without spreading the war paint. Eye to eye with a grinned Jakotsu, he pauses, swallowing down as he sweats nervously.

Jakotsu narrows his eyes. "Well".

Bankotsu take a deep breath before gently spreading on the top of his lips, by the time he finished the bottom, Jakotsu leans forward, trying to grab his hair pin. Bankotsu, mistaken it for a hug- or more, he backs away as quickly as he could.

"What's wrong Bankotsu oo-aniki?"

"Eh?" Bankotsu blinked, now a little confused.

"I was just getting my hair pin, that's all", Jakotsu half- truthed.

Bankotsu swallows. "O.o". (What was I thinking?)

"What did you back up for anyway?" Jakotsu asked.

"It's nothing", Bankotsu looking aside, now flushed.

"Oh, come on, you always say that, what did you think I was doing?" Jakotsu asked.

"Look, just forget it ever happened okay. I Just over reacted a little bit, that's all".

"What are you ashamed to be close by me?" Jakotsu now suspicious.

Bankotsu snaps back without really realizing what he's saying. "No, of course not".

"Then why did you back away like that?"

"Look, I told you, just drop it already, okay", Bankotsu trying to end the conversation.

"What, thought I was gonna kiss you or something?" Jakotsu asked.

Bankotsu blushed as he turned his head to the other side, away from Jakotsu. "Uh……er….. something….like that….."

Jakotsu laughs. "Would you ever mind if I did?"

"I- uh……." Bankotsu, now running out of words. "Not really…'s just-"

"Really?" Jakotsu eyes now sparkling.

"Look, that doesn't mean anything, okay", Bankotsu now supporting himself.

Jakotsu crawls over closer to Bankotsu. "Then what about a hug then?"

"Jakotsu, really….." Bankotsu sighs, looking down.

Jakotsu gives Bankotsu his famous puppy dog pout, until Bankotsu gives in.

Bankotsu looks up and sighs again. "Alright fine".

Jakotsu, now on his knees, goes to wrap his arms around Bankotsu, as he rests his head on Bankotsu's shoulders. "You know-" whispering in Bankotsu's ear. "We should do this more often".

"What hug?" Bankotsu questioned.

"Well, not just the hug, but I mean helping each other out in the morning like this, it's a lot of fun".

Bankotsu blinks and sighs without another word. They finally slide off each other face to face. Jakotsu narrows his eyes with a wide grin on his face, as he inches closer, as his lips craw on Bankotsu's. Bankotsu widens his eyes in surprise, as he starts to panic a little bit. Jakotsu re- wraps his arms once again around Bankotsu, as his tongue slips in. This time Bankotsu let's go, pushing Jakotsu away from him, as he backs away like the way he did before.

Jakotsu, wearing the same evil grin on his face, goes to crawl over to wall-holding Bankotsu. "What's wrong Ban- Chan, I thought you said you didn't mind?"

Bankotsu puts his head down with his fist in the air, clenched, shaking in his anger, and snaps. "Yeah, but I never told you to do it-"

"I never asked?" Jakotsu put in.

"I never said you could", Bankotsu glared.

"Well, it seemed right a moment. You can't tell me that you didn't feel the same way".

"Who says that I did?" Bankotsu out load.

"Well, it took you long enough to stop me", Jakotsu glared.

"Well, you shocked me there for a minute", Bankotsu put in.

"What, so you're saying you didn't like it?" Jakotsu now kind of angry.

"I didn't say that either", Bankotsu truthful.

"Well, if you liked then, then why did you back off for?" Jakotsu asked.

"Like I said, I was surprised, okay, like I knew that you were going to do that".

"Well it was obvious, I mean we were pretty close".

"That doesn't mean anything".

"Well, you seem like you were in the moment to me", Jakotsu, now staring at him.

"I- ugh….Jakotsu" Bankotsu sighs.

Jakotsu puts his hands on Bankotsu's shoulders.

"You've got some nerve", Bankotsu glared.

"Please, don't me mad at me Bankotsu oo-aniki, I really thought that's what we both wanted at that moment", Jakotsu putting on the puppy dog face.

Bankotsu looks down and away so he doesn't have to look. "That's not going to work this time- out-"


"Out!" Bankotsu ordered.

"humph", Jakotsu get's up and walks away angry, leaving his hair pin behind.