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"From today onwards, Tsunayoshi Sawada here will be joining us in the Black Order." Komui introduced a brown-haired "boy" to the other exorcists.

"Hello! I am Allen! Nice to meet you!" a white hair boy smiled warmly at Tsuna.

"I'm Lenalee and this is Lavi and Kanda!" a girl with long ponytails pointed to herself before pointing to Lavi and Kanda, who were standing beside her.

"I'm Tsuna, please take care of me!" Tsuna bowed.

"Pathetic. Fancy a boy acting so girly and weak." Kanda smirked, glaring coldly at the "boy" in front of him. That new boy is weak, but there is something about him that he couldn't place. Tsuna shivered under Kanda's glare, not knowing what to do.

"Come! Let me show you around! You are so cute!" Lenalee said, pulling Tsuna with her. The brown-eyed "boy" blushed.

"Hmm… I wonder what his innocence is.." Komui stroked his chin as the exorcists are gone.

This, is the start of Tsuna's new life in the Black Order. (heehee)

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