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"Vongola knows the truth now, Earl. Even Mukuro had betrayed us." The Earl just hummed and shook his head.

"Don't bother. We will just get the 14th ourselves. The Vongola isn't a threat; they are none of our business anymore."

_black Order_

Everyone was surprisingly quiet at the dining table that day, most of them staring at Tsuna's tense face. Tsuna refused to meet any of her friends' eyes, thinking how she was going to tell her friends her decision to leave Black Order.

Raising her head slowly, Tsuna smiled nervously and cleared her throat, gaining everyone's attention.

"I know the truth about the betrayal of Vongola…for that, I am very sorry!" Tsuna bowed sincerely before glancing at the mixed expression the other exorcists had on their faces. It was time for her to break the news.

Tsuna had not told any of her guardians her decision to leave, except for Reborn, who approved of her choice. The tutor had instead, encouraged Tsuna to follow her heart and do what she deemed right. Tsuna was not sure if her guardians would understand her action, but she would not stop them from staying in the Black Order as exorcists…

As for her, Tsuna was going to leave the Black Order and disappear…

Calming herself, Tsuna straightened her back and stared ahead, prepared for her next words.

"I'm leaving the Black Order. I, the tenth boss of Vongola, am going to stay out of the battle between the Black Order and the Earl. I'm willing to offer help…if you want…" Tsuna continued hesitantly, but she was determined. Almost immediately, everyone at the table burst out.

"What, what are talking about?"

"Why are you leaving?"

"You can't be serious!"

Frowning a little, Tsuna refused to be shaken and decided smirked coldly, her eyes glowing orange with a tint of red.

"I apologize that I have to leave, but I won't waver in my decision." Tsuna announced as she took a sip of her tea.

"Are you going back to the Noah family?" Kanda unexpectedly asked as he stood up, his eyes narrowed in silent anger. Was Tsuna going to betray the Black Order?

Tsuna stood up and glared into Kanda's sharp eyes; a little irritated by the taller exorcist's demanding tone. "Yeah, so what if I join the Earl?" Tsuna challenged, smirking when Kanda's face stiffened.

"I got Komui's agreement about my departure, so please don't bother me. I'm leaving now." Tsuna concluded coolly before she turned and walked away, not caring if she was rude or not.

"I would appreciate if you don't stop us." Reborn snickered before he pulled his fedora down and followed Tsuna.

Yamamoto, Gokudera and Ryohei looked at each other before shrugging and too followed their boss. They were a bit confused, but since Tsuna was their boss, they were willing to try and understand the brown-haired teen.

Hibari was nowhere to be seen.

"I guess we can't stop Tsuna. He had to follow his own path." Allen sighed in understanding, yet he was slightly worried that the brunette would do something silly. Lenalee nodded in agreement as she watched Tsuna's retreating back. They would really miss the brown-haired exorcist…

However, they could not do anything to change Tsuna's mind, Lenalee was sure of it.

"So, Tsuna is still our friend…right?" Lavi asked cautiously, feeling the tense atmosphere around him, mainly radiating from Kanda.

What he got in response was Kanda storming off, towards where Tsuna had headed.


"Boss, so we are leaving the Black Order?" Gokudera asked curiously when he managed to catch up with Tsuna, who stopped. No matter what Tsuna chose, Gokudera was willing to follow, no questions asked.

"No, I'm leaving the Black Order, not you. You can choose to stay if you want." Tsuna stated quietly before she continued her way towards the exit. Reborn was silent beside her, deciding to let Tsuna handle her own guardians.

Yamamoto, Gokudera and Ryohei instantly surrounded their boss, their eyes full of disbelief.

"So you are just going to leave us here?"

"I'm going with you, boss!" Gokudera declared as he patted his chest. Yamamoto nodded in agreement, his eyes serious.

"There's no way we are leaving you alone." Honestly speaking, the rain guardian was a little annoyed with the shorter brunette. Did Tsuna not trust them enough to share with them her problems?

"We will extremely follow you!" Ryohei added, staring fiercely at the female exorcist.

Tsuna was stunned for a moment, unable to speak. She was touched to have such supportive friends…

"So…you are all willing to leave with me?" Tsuna asked, breaking into smile when her three guardians nodded.

"Of course, after all, we are your family!" Yamamoto grinned, patting Tsuna's back in comfort.

"Tsuna, we better go now. Hibari is at the entrance, waiting." Reborn suddenly interrupted, causing Tsuna and her three friends to stare at Reborn in confusion. How did Hibari know? Tsuna did not tell anyone…

"Okay, I need to tell you something before to head to the exit." Tsuna took a deep breath. It was time for her guardians to know the truth of her identity. She decided to trust them all.

"I'm a girl."

For a moment, everyone's face was priceless; even Reborn's mouth was opened in shock. It was obvious that it did not occur to them that Tsuna might be a female… They were speechless...

"Well, now that the secret's out, I feel relieved!" Tsuna beamed as she ran a hand through her hair, as if she had not say anything shocking a few seconds ago.

"Let's go find our lightning guardian!" Tsuna cheered as she pushed the other four males to the exit of the Black Order HQ.

"Who's the mist guardian?" Gokudera asked when they all reached the entrance.

"He's right here!" Tsuna grinned and pointed to the empty space beside her.

Soon, mist surrounded the empty space and a purple-haired man stepped out.

"Kufufufu, I'm Mukuro, please to serve you, my love." The illusionist smirked as he kissed Tsuna's right hand, earning himself glares from several sources.

He had been following Tsuna ever since she left the Earth Mountain. It still amazed him that the brown-haired heir could actually pin-point his position, even when Mukuro was hiding.

As Tsuna was trying to calm Gokudera down from bombing Mukuro, a blue-haired exorcist had stepped forward, gaining the others' attention.

"Kanda, why are you here?" Tsuna inquired shyly, taking a step towards the taller exorcist.

"I need to talk to you." Kanda said curtly and he expectedly Tsuna to come over to him.

Unfortunately for him, Tsuna was determined to leave as soon as possible, before the others came to stop her or bade her farewell.

Tsuna did not want to confront Kanda, she did not dare to.

"I need to leave…now." Tsuna whispered as she hid behind Reborn, who stared coolly at Kanda, daring him to move. Reborn stood protectively in front of his studnet, a dangerous aura emitting from him.

"She doesn't want to talk to you, leave." Reborn demanded coldly before he put an arm around Tsuna and led her away from the Black Order HQ, from the expressionless Kanda, none of them turning back.

As Kanda watched Tsuna walked away, he knew that she was gone—for good. Even if she did say she would offer her assist to the Black Order, Kanda knew that they would not easy locate Tsuna and her family.

Closing his eyes, Kanda walked away.

"Bye, Black Order," Tsuna sighed as she leaned against Reborn's shoulder.

"I'll miss them all." It was her choice to leave, so Tsuna could not regret. Yet, Tsuna was unwilling to leave such kind friends like Lavi, Lenalee and Allen.

She had decided to not have anything to do with the Earl and his plans. She had warned Komui of the Noah family's schemes.

Well, she had her own family now…but Tsuna was not sure if she was ready to face future challenges.

Feeling a hand on her left shoulder, Tsuna turned and saw Hibari looking at her, his eyes narrowed in rare concern.

"I'll protect you." That was the mumbled reassurance that the cloud guardian gave Tsuna. Hibari knew of Kanda's mixed feelings for Tsuna and Mukuro's unusual interest in Tsuna.

Since Kanda was out of the picture now…

Hibari had a chance.

However, the bounty hunter failed to notice Mukuro's challenging gaze and confident smirk.

"Thanks Hibari-san!" Tsuna grinned gratefully before giving the latter a quick hug. She then ran to hold Reborn and Gokudera's hands.

Glancing at the sky, Tsuna took a deep breath and shouted, "Alright, let's go!"


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