It is impossible for a human to survive in the demon world.

Why is that so?

Humans are like flowers, so fragile, ready to crumble at our slightest touch.

I don't believe that.

Well then, let's play a game.

Not interested.

If you win, you'll become the demon king after I die. If you lose, you'll be striped of all rank. Still uninterested?

What do I have to do?

Prove me wrong. Prove that humans can live in a place infested with demons and darkness. Twenty years. If the human you raise can survive twenty years without being noticed or killed by someone other than me and our servants, you win.


Well then, I wish you the best of luck, Vivi.

Vivi glanced up from the book he was reading in annoyance, regretting his bet with the demon king already. The human he had picked up from the streets was so noisy, constantly wailing and demanding attention. His maids were rushing about the huge hall where he lived, trying to find a way to appease the baby. All in all, it was chaos.

Vivi got up, irritated beyond his limits, and was determined to silence the baby once and for all. But as he got near, an unbelievably black aura following him, the girl's cries paused and she glanced up at him curiously.

Finally that infernal wailing has stopped! Vivi thought, turning back to his couch, but as soon as he took a step away from the baby the cries begun again. A scowl marring his handsome face, he turned back to the baby, who miraculously stopped wailing as soon as his attention was on her.

Vivi paused. Normally both humans and demons would avoid him instinctively, cowed into submission by the intense black aura he constantly radiated, but this human infant was different. Frowning thoughtfully, he took a step closer, and was amazed as a huge smile blossomed on the girl's face.

Humans are like flowers, so fragile, ready to crumble at our slightest touch. That old geezer Lucifer had said. Vivi had left the demon world to get this baby, and had left as soon as possible to get away from the blinding sun. He had seen a few flowers, but upon touching them he realised that what Lucifer had said was true. They would wilt at his touch.

But humans are not like flowers, are they?

Well then, Vivi thought grimly as he gazed down at her, to prove that old geezer wrong, her name shall be Hana.

I'll definitely win this bet!