SasoDei – Baby Blue – Prologue

Playing Games

Deidara's POV

Deidara ran his soft hands along the mouldable clay sculpture. The blonde wore a stripped red and white shirt, along with a pair of clay covered blue overalls. His blonde hair was tied up in a pony tail with his usual hair bang covering his left eye. Deidara was 24 years old and still as youthful looking as ever. He was an artist two, himself and his handsome spouse-

Deidara felt a pair of arms snake around his slim waist from behind and someone rest their chin on his right shoulder.


The red head was wearing a light blue silk shirt. Sewn onto the pocket of it was their Art Gallery's emblem. A bird and a scorpion. Exactly like the one on their bedroom door at Deltek's.

"What's my little Dei-Chan up to?"

Deidara chuckled. He'd played this game with Sasori before.

"I'm making a sculpture, un."

Sasori started to nibble at his neck.

"Really, Dei-Chan?"

"Yes, Danna, really, un."

"Why, Dei-Chan, you're all covered in clay."

Deidara chuckled once more.

"What can I say? I'm a messy artist, un."

Sasori chuckled a little against Deidara's neck.

"Yes, but you're my little messy artist."

"Indeed I am, just like you're my handsome Sasori Danna, un."

Sasori kissed Deidara's neck lightly.

"Indeed I am, Dei-Chan. I'm all yours. Did Dei-Chan remember to take his medication this morning?"

"Course, un."

"Just making sure. I don't want my little Dei Dei Brat going blind."

Half true. Deidara was suffering from nerve damage in his left eye. He had been taking medication that was repairing it, though it needed to be taken once a day. But it was worth it.

"It's not like I really use my left eye anyway, un."

Sasori nuzzled the side of Deidara's face.

"I love you Dei."

"I love you too Da-" Deidara suddenly retched, bringing his clay covered hand to his mouth.

Sasori's POV

Sasori used his stomach cable to grab the red bucket he had been using to mop yesterday and moved Deidara to kneel on the floor, his head over the bucket. Deidara threw up into the bucket while Sasori held his blonde hair out of the way; rubbing his spouse's back sympathetically with his other hand.

"That's the third time you've vomited this week Deidara. Get changed out of those filthy clothes, I'm taking you to the doctor."

Deidara gave a slight nod before throwing up once more into the bucket.


Deidara's POV

Deidara now wore a black shirt with short red sleeves, along with a pair of faded blue jeans and a belt which had a Superman 'S' symbol on it (A/N I have the same belt X3).

He sat on the examination table, waiting for the doctor, with Sasori stroking his hair, comforting Deidara.

Deidara wasn't fond of the doctors, though he was brave for Sasori.

The receptionist came into the room. She had four piggy tails and a dull blonde hair. Deidara waved to the girl.

"Hey!! Temari, un!!"

"Deidara!! Sasori!!"

Temari had gone to Deltek's; in fact she was the one whom had served Sasori and Deidara when they were on their double date with Pein and Konan.

"I just came in to tell you that the doctor will be with you in just a minute."

Deidara and Sasori both nodded and said good bye to their old friend. The world is such a small place!!


Both looked to the door as it opened, revealing the doctor.

Sasori and Deidara both stared in shock at the familiar lady.

She stared at them or a second and walked back out the door, closing it behind her. After a few seconds the door opened once more and she walked in, closing the door behind her.

"I thought that I was imaging things!!! Well, well, well, if it isn't the little friends of the Tourettes boy!!"

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Miss Boobnade!!"

Tsunade glared at Deidara.

Indeed it was a small world.

"So you two are still together?"

"We're married, un."

Tsunade rolled her eyes and opened her file.

"Deidara Akasuna. 24 years old. Suffering from chronic vomiting. Well, lets get this under way. Hold this under your tongue."

She handed Deidara a thermometer and he placed the end under his tongue. After a bit she pulled it out and looked at the results.


"What is it, un?"

"You don't appear to have a temperature."

"Then what is causing Dei to vomit?"

"Not sure. We should do an ultra sound to see if there is something wrong with your stomach."

Deidara gave a nod and hopped off of the bench, immediately regretting it. He put a hand on Sasori for balance, immediately feeling tired.

Tsunade lead both of them down the hallway of the doctor's clinic. Left turn, straight ahead, right turn, another left turn and then right turn (A/N from chapter 1 of School of freaks, when Sasori was showing Deidara to their room =3 ). They entered a black carpeted room with light creamy brown painted walls. On the right side of the room was a chair built so if you were to sit in it you would be lying down.

Next to the chair was a machine which had a large screen on it. Deidara sat back down on the chair and lifted his shirt up a bit to reveal his slim waist. Sasori sat on the ground next to his spouse, watching the machine screen. Deidara cringed when he felt the cold gel on his bare skin.

He felt Tsunade roll the scanner over his skin. She stopped at a certain place and made a confused noise.

"Deidara, how long have you been feeling nauseas?"

"About 3 weeks, un. Why?"

Sasori, whom had been watching the screen, suddenly grabbed Deidara's hand.

Tsunade looked at Deidara with a puzzled expression.

"Because, Mister Deidara Akasuna, it appears that you are Pregnant."


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