Hey peoples ^O^ Woolfy here! I'm here just to note that I've finished Silver Bullet and that I am posting a chapter a day (26 chapters total =.= ) ^-^

Just thought I would let you know in case some of you wanna read it ^-^ If you don't know, it is Matt and Mello's point of view of Baby Blue ^-^

Sasori, Deidara and even Mikoto appear in it at some points =D

Since I'm apparently not allowed to put a chapter up without any writing in it, here is the

first part of Silver Bullet =D


The blond frowned down at the piece of paper.

i'Love is Infinite, but I am not
Very soon my life will rot.
Why must I believe you're always right?
My, you're so beautiful tonight.

Your beauty, sorrow and your woe
They are your own seeds to sow.
You speak over me as you always do.
Why so unbelieving in my love are you?
But still, Maybe you'll bear the urge to say,
Even though everything in my eyes is okay,
That the life you live is just too hard,
Without my light you let down your guard.
Sorry, Love, our world is now dead.'
Forever Without, -Quotro Rafed/i

He knew there was something important about it, but he couldn't put his finger on whatever it was.

"What's that, M?"

The blond looked over at the red head, sitting next to him beneath the apple tree.

"I'm not sure, S. I know that it is something important…" M looked back at the note, frowning once more. He knew there was something important about it, like a hidden message or something.

"Maybe your name is hidden within it."

M blinked down at it faintly, and then looked back at the red head.

"Do you remember your name yet, S?"

S gave a sad expression, shaking his head softly.

"No, I don't." They sat in silence for a few minutes. "Do you remember who you are looking for yet?"

M sighed hopelessly, shaking his head.

"I can't even remember anything anymore, not even my own name…What about you? Can you remember who you are looking for?"

S looked up at the bright red apples of the tree, and then looked past them, towards the baby blue sky.

"All I know is that I'm supposed to be there for them."

M nodded solemnly.

"Do you think we will ever find them, S?"

The red head gave a sigh and looked down at the lush grass on which they sat.

"I don't know. All I remember is that we have to find them somehow."

A pulse suddenly sounded through the world, a flash of light that distorted everything momentarily.

M frowned.


S looked over at him.


Another pulse shot through the world.

Mello's eyes widened.

"My name is Mihael Keehl…I am looking for a man named Mail Jeevas."

He looked over at the red head sitting next to him.

Another pulse.

The red head was smiling at him softly and genuinely.

"Nice to meet you, Mihael, my name is Saso-"

There was one last pulse, and the world turned black.


…Yeah, anyway, I hope you decide to read it ^-^

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