This continues from last chapter. Done in both Adrian and Lissa's point of views.


Today was such a long day..

"Rose!" I yelled for the 17th time. I'm not joking either... I counted, this was 17 times.

"Shoosh!" Rose said but it was muffled.

I looked around anxiously hoping no one could see what was happening. Phew, no one was here. Thank God. If anyone sees me here, I would never live it down... neither would Rose... not that she cared right now.

I sighed loudly. "Rose, can you please get out of there!"

"It's...gotta.. be. in here...somewhere!" She mumbled.

"Rose, just hurry up! This is disgusting"

Finally she lifted her head, a banana skin was sitting on top of her hair. "What is your problem?"

Was she serious? "Your in a garbage dumpster, that's my problem!" I said though it sounded a little strange as I was talking with my fingers holding my nose to try and block the horrible smell.

She rolled her eyes at me like I was being completely over dramatic. "You saying you've never dumpster dived before?"

"No...what, you've done this before?"

"Of course!" She said.

"Well that's... unhealthy." And absolutely disgusting, I thought.

"I have to find my stash, Adrian! You are being so selfish, the least you can do is help me!"

"No way am I getting in there. I can smell it from over here. You are crazy for ever going in ther-"

"Oh. my. God!" She yelled.

"What?" I hesitated briefly before walking closer to the dumpster... Rose's head was under bags of garbage so all I could see was her butt. If it wasn't for the disgusting food around her, I would find this kind of hot.

Her hand, and then her head shot up and she was holding a half eaten candy cane.

"How could someone chuck this out!?" She asked astonished.

I cringed. "Uh.. I dunno, just put it back who know's what's been on it... hey! Rose! STOP, don't eat it!" I yelling while reaching out trying to grab it off her.

"But IT'S SUCH A WASTE!" She cried her mouth full of candy cane.

"Christmas was seven months ago Rose! That thing is old!" Ignoring me, she went to take another bite. "Ew! Stop!"

"Yummy! Yummy I have candy cane in my tummy!" She sang.

"Most candy canes are red and white! This one is white and brown... Rose drop it now!" I started pulling on her hands doing anything to make her drop the disgusting candy cane. Before I even knew what was happening she had pulled me into the dumpster.

I screamed... yes, screamed.

"MWAHAHAHAHA!" Rose laughed, her mouth was open wide and tiny bits of the candy were falling out.

I felt things that were wet, dry, sloppy, stail and sticky all over me. This was the worst day of my life. I was trying to get out but I felt Rose keep dragging me back in. "HELP!" I screamed. "HELLLLP!"

Rose kept laughing and was moving her arms and legs around as if she was having a pool party in the garbage. "This is sooooooooo much fun!"

I was franticly trying to get out and had almost made it when...

"What the hell are you both doing?"

At the sound of the new voice I lifted my head up, spitting what seemed to be potato skins out my mouth.

Christian and Lissa both stood there, their mouths hanging open looking at us in confusion. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

What the hell could I say to this? "Oh um.. we uh, Rose she pulled me and.."

"Hey is that my stash!?" Rose asked joyfully, beside Christian and Lissa were two bags of all Rose's 'happy food' Looking at her I could see her once perfect hair was now full of speggetti and meatballs. She didn't mind at all.

"What is going on?" Lissa questioned.

Rose blinked. "With what?" She asked, confused.

"I think Liss is referring to that fact you are both in the school's dumpster." Christian said.

"Oh!" Rose said, she put her leg around the dumpster to get out. I think she meant to gracefully leap out but instead she fell flat on her face. Lissa was about to rush to her side but Rose quickly got up and waved her off. "I totally meant to do that." She said.

Lissa just looked her up and down before pinching her nose. "Oh my gosh, Rose you stink!"

Rose just shrugged. "This was all Adrian's idea" She said before pointing an accusing finger at me.

I spat the rest of the crap out before jumping out of the dumpster, well actually, I fell out of the dumpster just as bad as Rose had.

Christian bursted out laughing holding his stomach.

Lissa grabbed my arm, trying to help pull me up. "I'm fine, I'm fine." I grumbled, trying to hold my vomit down before glaring at Rose. "It was so not my idea to get into a dumpster!"

Rose raised her eyebrows. "Then why were you in there, Adrian?" She asked.

"Yeah, Adrian why were you in there?" Christian asked inbetween laughing.

"Shut up." I growled at him.

"Stop it!" Lissa said, she was looking at us both in disgust. I finally took a chance to look down at my clothing. I had really chosen a bad day to wear white. My shirt was stained with green and brown markings everywhere.

I couldn't hold it in any longer. Turning back to the dumpster I started puking my guts out, hearing the sounds of Rose and Christian laughing behind me.


Christian and I had decided the best place to get rid of Rose's stash was in the school's big garbage dumpster. The idea was to take the stash away from Rose, but it turned out we were walking right to where she was.

For a few seconds Christian and I just stood there taking in the scene in front of us. Rose was laughing hysterically at Adrian who was frantically trying to get out of the dumpster. Every time he almost made it out, Rose dragged him back in. Rose looked like she was having the time of her life, Adrian looked like he was going to be sick.

Christian and I looked at eachother and it was pretty obvious we were both thinking one thing. Why exactly are our friends playing in garbage?

They hadn't noticed us, so Christian was the one to speak first. "What the hell are you both doing?"

Both heads quickly snapped to look at us. I felt so sorry for Adrian, his face had turned both green and red from being sick and extremely embarrased. Rose looked fine and instead smiled and waved casually at me.

"Oh um.. we uh, Rose she pulled me and.."

"Hey is that my stash!?" Rose asked, smiling.

"What is going on?" I asked.

Rose looked at me like I was asking a weird question. "With what?"

"I think Liss is referring to that fact you are both in the school's dumpster." Christian said.

Rose tried accusing Adrian of being the one to start the whole dumpster thing. I wasn't suprised at all when Adrian eventually starting throwing up everywhere.

Poor Adrian.. I thought. Just another one of Rose's victims..

When Rose had stopped laughing at Adrian she seemed to notice what was most important here. Her stash.

I watched her face go through a mix of emotions. First she looked unbelievably happy, then confused... I could almost see the wheels turning in her head and I knew she had figured out it was us who stole all her alcohol, sugar and energy drinks.

"Lissa..." she said slowly. Her eyes were dark. She was mad.

I started backing up slowly, and I saw Christian do the same. "Rose," I said calmly. "We were just trying to help you."

She took a step forward. I took another one back.

I continued. "All of this stuff isn't good for you, Rose. It's made you do, crazy... I mean really really crazy things that I know you will regret." I tried to reason with her.

She wasn't having any of it. "Drop the food, and no one get's hurt." She said looking between Christian and I.

Christian snorted. "No way, psycho."

"Christian!" I growled at him.

Rose's eyes widened in anger. "HOW DARE YOU! You are such a... such a..." She struggled to find a word, she was breathing heavily and even looked to be shaking. This was beyond ridiculous. "MEAN BOY!" She finished.

"Mean boy?" He laughed. "Really?"

"Christian, be quiet." I warned him. He didn't know Rose like I did, and I knew things were about to get ugly.

At the same time though, I knew I couldn't give all of this stuff back to Rose. She would just get even worse!

There was only one thing to do. "Your on your own." I whispered to Christian.

He looked at me in shock. "What?"

I did feel bad but hey, he was the one stirring her up even more. "You should probably start running..." I told him.

"Whaa-" Before he could finish he saw Rose start to charge. Christian took off running faster then I thought he could. Rose was right on his tail.

They rounded the corner and were out of sight. I started to feel guilty.

"Crap... maybe I should have gone with him..." I said feeling like the worst girlfriend ever.

"Nah." Adrian said. "He'll be right." He whipped his mouth and then smirked. I knew that he was lying.

Oh dear.. Christian.