Title: Chase and Potter

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. I only use them in my plot for fun.

Timeline: It's after Book 6 for the HP books and after "The Tyrant", Episode 4, Season 6 of House.

Summary: Guilt catches up with Chase in London with his divorce signed and his carrier saved. Then he finds a saviour in the face of Harry Potter. Was House right? Was the accent the real turn on? Still, the wizard has his own troubles. Can they make it work?

Pair: Harry Potter/Robert Chase

Chapter 1:

The place was dark, the music not half bad and the beer excellent.

Robert chase occupied a spot in the bar. The doctor had been in London a week now for a conference and during this time he had been debating whether it was worth it to return back to the States or he was better off away from that country, away from House, the team, his wife.

'Ex wife,' he mentally corrected himself. He briefly eyed his so called ring finger. He never really wore his wedding ring; as a surgeon and a doctor it would be a hassle to put it on and off all the time. Chase had started losing himself in his thoughts when a heavy sigh came from the new occupant of the seat next to him.

The doctor turned his head and caught sight of a young, dark haired man. Robert was unsure what it was about this guy that caught his attention and would not leave it. The man was not any taller than him; at least it looked this way now that he was seated. His raven hair was a bit shorter than his, messy and untamed and they only made those uniquely emerald coloured eyes stand out. He was in jeans and a shirt. And from the way he stood, Chase could tell he sported some sort of injury.

"Finished staring?" a deep voice drawled.

The stranger was looking at him now and Robert Chase could feel his face burn.

"Sorry," the doctor hurriedly apologized.

"Oh! An accent! You don't sound particularly British," the stranger seemed to all but dismiss his previous comment.

The blond was a bit surprised. Usually his accent did not make people aware he was not really British. "I'm from Australia," he finally admitted.

Those green eyes seemed to be studying him now. Then a hand was offered to Chase.



"Well, Robert, how about another one?" Harry smiled as he pointed at his now empty beer glass.

"Sure," Chase said.

"Just out of curiosity, how many have you had?"

"Three," Chase admitted.

"Really? I'm on my third pub," Harry replied with a soft, pained smile.

"But break up?" Robert asked, taking an educated guess.

"And a shitty divorce," Harry added. "You don't look any better."

"Gee, thanks!"

"You're welcome."

The next hour was the most fun Chase had since he left the States. Harry was raised in Surrey and then in Scotland for a time but now lived in London and worked in law enforcement. He admitted to having been divorced for six months now, without any children.

"I caught that lying bitch with one of her exes. Apparently while I was out risking my life she was having fun," Harry scowled into his beer, though his words came slurred and angry.

Chase could only nod. "Mine couldn't handle what I did to a patient and walked out," he admitted. His speech was affected by the five beers he had had.

"You know, you're easy to talk to," Harry mumbled. "Like you."

"Like you too," Chase sighed. "'Specially the eyes."

Harry smirked. "Say, want another one?"

"Don't think so lads," the barman cut in.

Both men pouted. And then they realized they never pouted and complied with the other man.

"I'll call you a cab," the barman said.

"Mmm, you do that," Harry said as he threw some bills on the counter to cover for both him and his drinking buddy.

"I can pay," Chase muttered.

"You heard me rant," Harry replied.

"Right back at you," the doctor said.

"Do you need one cab or two?" the barman made his presence known again.

"One," Harry muttered. To Chase he said, "My house is near; got plenty of room."

The blond just sighed and nodded.

Together they stumbled out of the pub and into the cold air. Robert tripped on his feet and he nearly fell into Harry, making them both fall on the wall of the pub.

They both broke in giggles.

"I'm more drunk than I thought," Robert admitted when the giggles stopped.

"Mmm," was the sound Harry made as he was busy burying his nose in the blonde's sweet smelling hair. "That's nice."

"Really?" Chase whispered.

"Mmm, and soft," Harry slurred. He pulled back with a soft sigh.

Chase absently noticed they were close, too close. As soon as the thought came to him their foreheads touched and soon enough their lips as well.

End of chapter

A/N: I noticed there weren't enough crossovers of House and Harry Potter or Chase Harry so I decided to make one. I'll try updating once a week.

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