I've never wrote a Nessie/Jacob story before! So I'm proud of myself for writing this one!

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Jacob Black was sitting in the living room of the Cullens home when his imprint, Nessie, ran into the room.

"Uncle Jake," She squealed. Jacob smiled. He really loved this girl.

"Hey there, Ness. How's my favorite girl doing?"

Nessie giggled.

"I'm good, but I have a question and no one is giving me the answer to it!"

Jake looked at the tiny girl curiously.

"Well, maybe I could answer your question."

"Good because daddy told me to come ask you what it means."

"He did?" Jake asked now wary of what the question might be.


"All right. Well let's hear it."

"Do you promise to answer it and not brush me off like everyone else did today? Oh and answer it truthfully?"

"Yes, Ness. I promise."

"Ok. Uncle Jake, what is sex?"

Jake paled.

"Uhh…mmm…well…um…I-It's a complicated…uh…process…in…ah…which two people…Oh god. How do I say this? A man and a woman…uh…well they…join together if you will."

"How do they join together?"

This time Jake went cherry red. "You know Ness; you're probably not old enough to hear this yet. Why don't we just wait a couple of years before we get into that discussion?"

"No way cracker jack. You promised to answer my question no matter how difficult. You're not going back on your promise are you?"

Jake sighed. "No, Ness, but…"

"No buts Jake. Just answers please."

"Fine. I'll tell you."

So Jake explained the process of sex to Nessie. Her eyes grew wide with each statement that was made, but she didn't interrupt. Finally after Jake was done, Nessie stood up.

"Thanks for telling me Jake." Then she started out of the room. Before she could go though Jake called her back.


"Yes Jake?"

"What brought this question up?"

Oh, well. You know Melvin?"

"The kid with the lisp?"


"The one who pronounces everything with the letter s?"

"Yeah, him."

"What about him Nessie?"

"He told me that he liked sex. It's weird though. When he said that, he was holding up an egg. I guess there's two types of sexes, huh Uncle Jake?"

With that being said she skipped form the room leaving her Uncle Jake sitting there, stunned.

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