Pain. That was the first sensation Ryu experienced as he slowly opened his eyes to the bright light of flourescent bulbs. Eventually his vision cleared enough to show him his surroundings.

"Where am I?!" he wheezed as he looked around the small room.

"You're in my laboratory young man. Please try not to struggle."

Ryu's head slowly turned in the direction the voice had come from and beheld an old man in a lab coat. The old guy appeared harmless, but as Ryu tried to move his arms and legs he suddenly realized he was strapped to an operating table.

"What's going on? Who are you?" Ryu forced out. Whatever drug they used on him was quickly wearing off. "That's not important right now. I strongly suggest you stop that."

By now Ryu was trying his best to break his bonds, but they proved to strong for him and his only reward was a pair chafed wrists.

"Sir, the specimen is awake," the old man said to a large figure just outside of Ryu's vision.

"Hello again...Ryu." the owner of the voice slowly stepped into view.

"You! I thought you were dead!"

"As the great Mark Twain said 'The reports of my death were greatly exxagerated'. Doctor, continue the treatment."

The doctor reached above Ryu's head and flipped some switches. Suddenly Ryu became motionless except for the occasional twitch. The training had begun.


Streetfighter the Animated Movie: Two

by Eric Schepers


I've always wanted to write something about Streetfighter we are. If it helps, try thinking of this story as a parallel universe.


Ken slowly drove down the streets of Los Angeles searching for the place he was supposed to meet his old friends, but it was getting late.

"Dee Jay's Night Club? You'd think an old warhorse like Guile could give good directions....ah, here it is."

Ken parked his car and went into the brightly lit building bearing the name of the world famous musician Dee Jay. He manuevered his way through the large crowd outside and worked his way to the entrance.

"Who the hell are you?" the flamboyant kick boxer bellowed as Ken reached the door, "We can't let just anybody in!"

"It's ok, he's with us."

Ken turned his head and saw the large Special Forces member Colonel Guile and an incredibly beautiful chinese woman. The last time he saw Guile was after Guile got whupped by Bison, the man responsible for Ken's kidnapping and brainwashing. "Hey Guile. You give lousy directions, you know that?"

"Next time I'll draw you a map!" Guile said said as he slapped Ken on the back, "Oh, by the way, this is Chun Li."

"Hello Mr. Masters. The Colonel has told me a lot about you. Too bad he didn't mention how cute you are!" Chun Li said as she elbowed Guile in the ribs.

"He's engaged...." Guile whispered to her.


The three of them picked out a table and began to talk about old times. Slowly, time passed and it was time for the club to close.

"Hey, next time bring Ryu. I'd like to meet the guy that helped beat Bison!" Chun Li said as they made their way out of the club.

"Ryu may be hard to pin down, but I'll let you know. Seeya," Ken yelled as he navigated the parking lot. 'That's the last time I park so far away.' he thought as he reached his car.

"Hold it right there, mate." a voice said from above him. Before he could move, a large form dropped down behind him and looped a large chain around his neck. "Don't make a move. Me and you got a date with Lord Bison."

"Bison's dead!" Ken gasped.

"Try telling that to 'im, guv. I'm sure he'll be tickled pink to hear it."

Suddenly Ken threw his assailant over his shoulder. Lungs aching at the sudden influx of air, Ken slowly straightened up and prepared to fight. "They told me you could fight. The name's Birdie, and I've got orders from the Master himself. You're coming with me conscious or not."

"That's a shame, I'm suddenly feeling very uncooperative. Nice hair by the way." With that said he suddenly leapt into the air.

"Thanks, I did it meself." He held out both hands, neatly catching Ken's foot and throwing him against a wall. After a slight pause he charged at Ken hair-first.

A pause was all that Ken needed. As soon as Birdie was in range he round house kicked him right in the head. Birdie ducked and tried to knock Ken off his feet, but Ken already moved out of the way. With a roar Birdie leapt at Ken, but Ken grabbed Birdie's shirt and threw him over the railing. Birdie landed with a thud several feet below.

As Ken looked down on Birdie's unconscious form he said ,"It's starting again...."


It was early morning and Chun Li and Guile had been called in for a new mission. Both knew, deep down, that it had something to do with Shadowlaw.

The general leaned back in his chair, then turned to face the monitor once again. "I thought Shadowlaw was shut down, but new intelligence shows several incidents in Brazil and Thailand that demonstrate Shadowlaw is alive and well. Not only that, but evidence indicates Bison may be alive also, but we have no confirmation on that."

Guile pushed a button on his arm rest. "There's more sir. Even though Shadowlaw activity has not abated, there haven't been any reports of monitor cyborgs. My guess is, Bison has figured out a new way to get his info or he's decided to make his own streetfighters in that lab of his."

"It may be he's making his own guard dogs, but own of our top operatives managed to secure this photo," the general pushed a button and a new image appeared.

"My god, that's Ryu!" Chun Li and Guile yelled at the same time.

"Correct. If I read your past mission reports right, Bison wanted this guy to be the star of his goon squad. Now it looks like he might get his chance."

Chun Li looked worried ,"This is not good, if Bison's influence has the same effect as when he used it on Ken we could be in serious trouble."

"Speaking of Mr. Masters, what is his condition?"

"He's fine, but I can't say the same for his assailant."

"Ah, yes. Mr. 'Birdie'. What do we have on him?" Chun Li pushed her button and a profile appeared.

"This bruiser recently escaped from an English prison, which would explain the chains on his wrists. He also is an aspiring Bison flunky, but he hasn't been able to locate Bison to file a resume."

Guile scratched his chin thoughtfully ,"That has probably changed. If Bison brainwashed Ken and Ryu we'd be in some serious trouble. And Birdie would become employee of the month."

"Right. Moving along, has there been any word on Bison's new enforcers?"

Chun Li pressed another button and different information appeared on the monitor. "After Balrog and Vega were defeated Bison went on another membership drive. This is Rolento, a mercenary capable of great brutality especially to his men. He was recently involved with the Mad Gear gang, but had left for obvious reasons. Next is Adon, a Muy Thai master trained by Sagat. After Sagat's defeat by Ryu, Adon lost want little respect he had for him, but Bison keeps them in line. Last is Sodom, an American who is a self-proclaimed student of the Japanese culture. He also has had connections with the Mad Gears."

"Also, Rolento and Sodom seem to have it in for a guy named....well, Guy. Seems he and some friends went after their operation and wiped out the whole gang. Saved us a lot of trouble."

"Hmmm....yes. If that's all, then you're dismissed." and with that they all stood up and left.


Meanwhile, on an island near Japan an ancient evil stirred.

'I sense great power....not as great as mine but very strong. I may have to become involved...'


The end. ______________________________________________________________________

Streetfighter 2, Streetfighter 2: The Animated Movie, Streetfighter Alpha, Streetfighter EX, Final Fight 1-3, and all their characters (whew) are owned by Capcom.