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Jacob's POV

"Let go Jacob. Let the wolf out, let him reclaim what is his."

I hear Bella purr through our mind connection. She's kissing my chest, rubbing her hands up and down my arms, and moving her hips so that my very hard member becomes saturated from rubbing against her wet heat. In my mind everything Bella wants plays out, like a movie. The scent of her, her arousal, her sweet skin, her damp hair, surrounds me, drowns me. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I am still raw from almost loosing her today, and now turned on more than can be imagined.

"Reclaim her, reclaim her." My wolf howls at me.

Bella can hear him and she smirks. She kisses up my neck to my ear, capturing the lobe in her lips, she nips on it gently.

"Listen to him. Reclaim me baby."

It is all too much. With a loud roar exploding from my chest, I launch myself at her. I grab her wrists and pin her to the bed, I am now on top of her. Bella wraps her legs around my waist, moving her hips up and down so her ass lifts off the bed. She seeks friction against her core, her arousal heavy. I look down at her and our eyes lock. With one swift thrust of my hips, I enter her, as her hips thrust up to meet me, driving me in deeper and harder.

We moan out loud in unison, the wolf inside me howls. I want to take it slow, this is only the third time we have had sex, and I am not sure if she is still sore or not, but it seems impossible for me to slow my movements. The wolf has emerged, and while I am still physically human, my emotions, my wants and needs are all wolf. And at this moment, he needs to fuck the ever living shit of his mate. My mate. Our mate. At this moment I am the wolf, and the wolf is me. I do not need to physically be in my wolf form to be him now.

There is a surge of raw energy running through the room. Bella and I are wrapped in it as we continue this passion neither of us can control. There is no sign of discomfort from Bella. She thrusts as hard and as fast against me as she can. I remove my hands from her wrists, and plant my arms on either side of her head, lifting my upper body, and bend my knees slightly. This new position gives me more power to thrust harder and fast. Bella drops her legs from around my waist, but bends her knees on either side of my hips, her feet planted firmly in the mattress She digs her nails into my shoulder, and uses her new position to thrust her hips harder against me as I thrust into her.

It is animailistic, primal. It is a need in both of us. The need to claim the other, to have the other, to know that the other is not gone. We pour all our fears and all our terror from this afternoon into this act. I look down at Bella. Her eyes are closed, her hair splayed all around her, her mouth open slightly and she is making wonderfully delicious sounds. Grunts, pants, and moans come from both of us. My name falls from her lips, chanted like a prayer.

I feel the walls begin to spasm around me, and I know she is close. I sit up on my knees and grab her hips to pull her further on my cock. I hit a new spot, deeper. Then one hand goes to the small of her arched back to give support, while the other goes to her mound. My thumb finds her clit and rubs fast circles around it, while my palm and four fingers dig into her upper thigh.

And then I feel my own climax approaching. And the wolf needs to claim her. With the jerk of my hand that is on her lower back I whip her up so she is sitting on my thighs. She plants her feet in the mattress and bounces herself up and down on my cock, grinding against my thumb. Her walls begin to clamp down on my cock in a vice grip as she screams my name. My hands fly to her shoulders and jerk her forward, my head falls to the crook of her neck. I can smell my mark, and I feel my canines elongate. I open my mouth and as my climax hits, I bite into the mark on Bella's neck.

And the wolf howls. He has once again claimed his imprint. And for now he is satisfied.

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