A/N: The other site deleted my chapters. So for those who are offended easily, please ignore the sections labeled as Lemons. As it was much more about the romance when I started writing this story four years ago, I decided that the little … demonstrations from that romance were appropriate.

Early on Wednesday, 31 July, Harry woke up in his now customary position: He was spooned against a mostly naked Hermione with his groin nested against her bum and his hand grasping her chest.

He leaned over and kissed her neck. Hermione reacted to that and groaned in approval.

"Good morning, Hermione."

Hermione opened her eyes and looked over her shoulder. "Good morning, Harry. Harry Birthday."

Harry smiled. "Thank you. It's going to be time to get up soon – your mum and dad have to work this morning so we should really see them off."

Hermione smiled at her boyfriend, had a wicked thought, and then looked at the clock. "Well, it's forty minutes before they're off. We should shower first."

Hermione pecked Harry on the lips – morning breath prevented much more than that – and then Hermione moved to get out of bed. If she deliberately rubbed against him, he didn't complain.

The two moved into the bathroom and Hermione handed Harry the mouthwash. He took a bit and handed it back to her. She did as he did and then they both rinsed. "We'll brush after the shower." The two kissed more fully then. "Now, come help me wash my hair."

The two entered the shower and Harry helped her wash her thick, full hair. He massaged her scalp while doing this and she hummed in enjoyment. After rinsing, Hermione turned toward Harry and said, "Time for your birthday treat." She had a wicked grin.

*************** WARNING: LEMON (Skip if easily offended) *************

Hermione dropped to her knees in front of Harry and looked at his member. She looked up at him, smiling, while moving her hand up and down on it.

She then kept his eyes locked by holding them with her own as she deliberately moved her head forward and took him in her mouth.

Soon, he couldn't keep his eyes open. Hermione became much more enthusiastic in her motions until she felt his bum clench under the hand she was using for balance.

After his release, she grinned up at him until he opened his eyes. She opened her mouth, showing, and then deliberately swallowed.

"Naughty minx."

"Just for you, love."

************* End Lemon 1 **************

The two complete washing and repeated the mouth wash in addition to brushing their teeth. By the time they made it down stairs, Emma and Robert were just finalizing their preparations.

Emma said, "Happy Birthday, Harry. We'll be finished with appointments after lunch. What are you two going to be doing?"

Hermione replied, "Checking a few more books. Have to be ready for the new term, after all."

Robert and Emma grinned. Whatever else that could ever be said about their daughter, unprepared was not one of them. "Well, all right then. We'll see you at approximately two."

Emma hugged and kissed both teens and Robert hugged Hermione, kissing her forehead, and side-hugged Harry. Harry was getting a bit old to be comfortable with hugging men directly.

And the two did as they had told the parents: They studied and prepared for the next year. At two o'clock, Emma and Robert returned and the four went out to a late lunch. At 3:00, Remus arrived to the pub that he, Harry, Neville, and Robert had gone out to earlier in the summer. Tonks came with him.

"Okay. To keep out of sight of the Order, we're going to portkey in. Any questions?"

Emma turned to Hermione. "Portkey? Isn't that where you spin like a top through the air?"

Hermione said, "That's what it feels like anyway."

Remus said, "Just keep your legs moving like you're walking and you should land on your feet, just like a floo connection."

Harry, who had been listening to this, cursed. When everyone looked at him he said, "Why didn't anyone ever tell me? I've had problem with pretty much all magical travel except brooms since I came back into the magical world!"

Remus looked at Harry shocked. "Honestly, I thought you knew. It's one of those things everyone knows."

Harry scoffed and was a bit put out for a bit, but soon other things distracted him.

The group arrived in the hallway of Number 12. Harry looked around and whistled – it looked much better.

"Dobby! Winky!"

The two house elves popped in. "Master Harry! You's called?"

"Great job on the place you two. It looks wonderful." He then remembered something. "What happened to the painting?"

"Dobby and Winky moves it! Nasty Kreacher elf was angry that Dobby and Winky didn't allow him to leave his room. Master told Dobby and Winky to treat him like old wizard. Dobby and Winky heard painting call for Kreacher and so Dobby and Winky move painting to Kreacher." His eyes drooped. "Did Dobby and Winky do bad?"

Harry looked at the elves incredulously – as did the others who had been there previously. "Absolutely not!" Dobby's ears immediately perked up. "That is excellent! I am more than satisfied." He paused and then grinned evilly. "How has Kreacher been doing? Is he more rested?"

Dobby and Winky both nodded eagerly. Winky interjected, "Yes! Kreacher be staying in bed because Winky make him! Winky knows that old wizards be yelling and screaming but not really need help, so Winky be treating Kreacher like old wizard like Master says! Winky puts quiet spell on walls so that Winky and Dobby work without being interrupted!"

Harry looked at Hermione, then Tonks, then Remus – and then all of them started laughing – Tonks and Harry the loudest. Emma and Robert were a bit confused.

"What's so funny?"

Harry grinned a bit evilly as he said, "Kreacher is the house elf here. He's been letting things go for so long that I ordered him to rest like an old wizard. He hasn't been allowed to do any work."

The two muggle parents nodded, still confused.

"Well, house elves like to work. Being ordered not to work is quite different than not working. It's a bit of punishment for his role in helping to spring the trap that Hermione, me, and the four others walked into back in June."

The two parents were about to get angry that any being was being mistreated – as odd as it sounded that forced rest was mistreatment. Until they heard the last bit.

Their daughter had been horribly wounded in that situation. The idea of punishing the house elf seemed much more palatable then. And it wasn't like Harry was beating this Kreacher, right?

The six made their way into the dining room – and were greeted by a call of "Surprise!"

There were a number of magicals present. The twins, Susan, Hannah, Neville, Luna, and Professor McGonagall were all there.

A great time was had by all. Professor McGonagall delievered the OWL results that hadn't made it to them as they were out of town.

Hermione squealed when she read hers. Harry and her traded.

Hermione had gotten Os on everything except Defense – she had been caught out by the examiner on a couple of practical charms and the Defense OWL was the toughest. Harry was the one who could think on his feet as regards Defense and put it all together in a blink of an eye.

Harry had achieved an O on Defense; Es on Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures; an A on Astronomy; and, a P on Divination. He didn't care about divination anyway.

Harry sighed when he read it. "Well, that's the end of the Auror track."

Professor McGonagall said, "Why do you say that?"

"Because you said that Professor Snape only allows students to move to NEWTs with an Outstanding on the Potions OWL."

"Yes, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of your being accepted just yet. Bring the books with you. At worst, you can use them for independent study."

Harry shrugged and grinned. It cost little to be prepared.

The rest of the party was a great success. Upon speaking to the two elves, he found that there were a number of items that had to be put in the attic as Dark. He told them to box the items and he would see if Gringotts could handle them.

Alastor, acting on the orders of Albus Dumbledore, inspected several properties. The Dursleys were home but he still didn't see the boy. The Granger girl's family wasn't home, apparently, but he saw no indications there. (House elf wards were wonderful things.) There was no sighting in Diagon. (Alastor had stayed a couple of hours at the Cauldron during the most likely times.) He did notice that the Weasley twins' shop only had the witches they had hired on hand. Amelia's house now had too many guards to surreptitiously check – he assumed that's where the lad was as she was now his magical guardian.

He shrugged and sent his Patronus off to Albus to give the report before he made his way home. There were no meetings or other things to do that day and he was looking forward to a quiet night.

Harry, Hermione, Emma, and Robert were returned to the pub after the party and then made their way out. They were going to see a film before ending the day. Harry, as the birthday boy, picked Independence Day. (He didn't think he could get away with Striptease – that Yank woman was very hot on the poster but he was still only 16.)

After a rousing story of overcoming unbelievable odds, he was a bit hyped. There were a few things that gave him some ideas (the idea of doing something to drop wards unexpectedly came from the virus which dropped the shields), but the group really watched it more for entertainment than anything else.

They returned home and Harry decided that it was the best birthday he had ever had.

Ginny had moved on in her planning. It was obvious the Headmaster and her parents had no control over Harry. Whatever. Her silly crush was a childhood fantasy and she had grown far beyond it. Harry wasn't that special. And Hermione seemed to have him locked up.

Unlike the rest of her family, she had no desire to work so hard to control Harry. She only cared that she found a rich husband who was pliable.

Harry was no longer pliable. Therefore, Ginny would move on.

Maybe she could just tell the two that and she could ignore the drama. Should she confront them on the Express?

She knew that whatever else Hermione was, she was very rational. And Harry would listen to Hermione. Besides, if necessary, she could spy on her parents, Ron, Percy, and the Headmaster – as long as she received a Golden Handshake.

Her complete lack of a moral compass was only a liability if she did something stupid. Her Gryffindor honesty would have to carry the day.

Molly Weasley was incensed. It was obvious now, that the two teenagers were avoiding her children. Her reaction at the will reading seemed to have put them off. She and Arthur talked long into the night as to how to overcome that. Albus had been no help.

Ron was angry. He had spent most of the day degnoming the garden after getting angry that he wasn't getting any mail from Harry or Hermione. His mother was sympathetic – but she was still bossy and annoying. (Hermione would call her "dictatorial." Harry would modify it to "dictatorial bitch.")

Albus Dumbledore sighed when he received the report. It was apparent that he wouldn't see his pawn until term started. He began making plans.

Severus Snape had a single drink to salute a suddenly much more Slytherin Potter and then went back to his regular activities. The Dark Lord required energy potions and he was tasked with providing them.

************** WARNING: Lemon 2 until the chapter's end ********************

Harry and Hermione entered her room.

Hermione said, "Okay. You get ready for bed," she had a wicked grin when she said this so Harry was under no wrong conclusions as to what that meant, "and I will be back in a few minutes. You sit right there." She pointed to the comfortable chair that she often used to curl up in when reading.

Harry carefully covered the chair in a large towel and sat down with only a small robe on. He wasn't even wearing boxers.

Hermione soon returned and Harry gulped when she appeared again. She was in a sheer robe with Breast supports, stockings – and it was obvious that there were no other coverings beneath the frill at the bottom of the robe. Two small vials were tied across her chest in red ribbons.

She walked over and said, "Unwrap your presents."

He grabbed the ties and the vials easily came off. She grabbed one and said, "I take this one." She uncapped it and drank quickly. "You take that one – it will allow us to celebrate repeatedly. Mum and dad know we won't be up tomorrow to see them off."

Harry was wide eyed as he took the potion. He felt an almost immediate effect.

Hermione wickedly grinned and made no effort to keep her robe closed that had opened when the ribbons were released.

As she did earlier, she dropped to her knees and once again took Harry into her mouth. She actually quite liked the control she enjoyed during this act – Harry was at her complete mercy.

She hummed as she took him all the way to the back of her throat. Her book said he would feel the humming. Harry groaned as Hermione played her flute.

"Hermione … I'm going to …" he groaned again before he could finish that. Hermione never paused. Very soon Harry's reaction was inevitable and Hermione calmly just swallowed without making a show of it – there were better things planned.

Harry was now totally relaxed. Hermione stood and drank a little water as she laid on the bed, completely exposed. Harry looked over and Hermione crooked her finger him and her finger said, "Come here."

Harry stood and made his way over. He stood at the foot of the bed. She lay before him, her elbows holding her up, her sex completely in view. He started to drop to his knees so he could pleasure her fanny with his mouth but Hermione said, "Uh Uh," while shaking her head.

Harry was confused. Wasn't this where he was supposed to return to favor?

"We're both fully 16 now. And it's time for the next step," she said to him as she grinned.

Harry was wide-eyed. "It's your first time. Umm. The book said it'd hurt."

Hermione shook her head a little. "Bicycle took care of it years ago. I just have to get used to it. Just start slow."

Harry carefully climbed up and kissed Hermione even as he fumbled around a little with his member. Hermione smiled gently even as she kissed him and reached down herself. She grabbed him and directed it to the entrance. "Slow at first," she quietly said.

Harry nodded and, heeding her words, he slowly pushed forward. Hermione concentrated on the feeling of the first time Harry entered her. It was a bit tight, but she was so aroused that there was no problem with lubrication.

Both groaned a bit when he was fully inside. She wrapped her arms around him and he used the little leverage he had to slowly pull out before moving in again. Having never done this, it took a few shiftings before a good position was fully in place.

Hermione had now gotten used to the full feeling and urged him to move faster. Harry complied and kissed her again even as he did so.

Very soon, Hermione felt the first small peak and the clenching caused Harry to moan again as well. "Should .. I.. pull … out?" he panted as he moved.

Hermione moaned, "Pepper up … and … contraception … are … safe ... to mix … don't .. pull out!"

At hearing that Harry sped up even more and both were now moaning loudly. Thank Merlin for silencing charms!

Suddenly, Harry lost all control and cried out her name. Hermione had just come off of her largest peak yet and so could concentrate on milking his member with her fanny muscles.

Harry finally took a deep breath and grinned through his sweat and panting. "That was brilliant!" He slipped out as he turned to rest on his side next to her.

Hermione grinned as well. "Absolutely! Much better first time than the books said."

When they both caught their breath, Harry was still rock hard and Hermione pushed him onto his back. She then got up and threw her knee over. "Ready to go again?" she asked.

Harry nodded enthusiastically. She slowly lowered herself onto him and grunted a bit as new parts of her seemed to come into contact with him.

The two tried several positions as the evening passed into the night. Harry even took her from behind while standing next to the bed while she had her fanny raised and her torso lowered so much her face was buried in the bed.

All in all, both enjoyed their first times immensely.