Hey so I've been obsessed with the X-men lately and I just couldn't get this pair out of my mind so I decided to write about them. The first few chapters are pretty much going to go along the arc of the series but then when it gets to a certain point I'm going to continue from were the show ended. Anyways I hope you enjoy and please review, thank you!


Chapter 1: Perseus

Kitty touched the backpack hanging off her shoulder and smoothed out her long chocolate brown hair. Her side bangs hung slightly in front of her eyes and she pushed them away to get a better look at the huge building before her. It was her first day at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters and she couldn't deny that she was nervous. She wasn't sure what to expect from the people here. Of course they would be different like her, but who could know if they would be any more welcoming than those horrible humans? Once they found out you were different, they shunned you like you had the plague. Anyone could be just as cruel as anyone else and it made no difference whether they were human or mutant, a mean person would always be a mean person and vice versa. When she finally reached the big double doors she almost wished she would have let her parents come for moral support… almost. After pushing the door open she was presented to a crowded hallway of children of all ages and a few adults.

A man in a wheelchair rolled up to her and smiled reassuringly, "Welcome Kitty, to the Institute. I hope you'll feel right at home."

Kitty smiled tentatively back at him and the dark skinned woman following him like a shadow. A very beautiful shadow as the woman's hand rested on the Professor's shoulder and her huge mane of white hair was pushed out of her face with the assistance of a black headband. She glanced up at the older woman and after receiving her room assignment, she headed up the large staircase in front of the main doors. So far it had been pretty decent, no one had been openly hostile and it looked like the kids around the place were actually having a good time. This was a promising start she decided.

As she moved upwards slowly holding the banister with one hand, she noticed a cloud of reddish smoke out of the corner of her eye. When she reached the top of the steps she moved towards the spot she had seen the puff at and came face to face with a golden eyed, blue boy. Kitty involuntarily took a step back and snagged her foot on the rug leaving her to make an audible clunk on the floor.

"Ow," she complained as she rubbed her rump tenderly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," the boy stated in a thick German accent. He hesitantly moved his hand as if to offer it to her, but then let it swing back to his side.

Kitty looked up with wide eyes. She'd seen some interesting features as she was observing the outside of the Institute and then inside the walls as well, but so far this was the oddest looking person she'd come into contact with. He was wearing a black and red skin tight uniform, which Kitty assumed was an ensemble for the X-men. It looked like he was a few years older than her, but just as unsure of himself as she was. What really caught her attention was his beautiful pupil-less gold eyes that seemed sort of sad in there own way. Honestly Kitty knew she wasn't the most gracious person and she wouldn't lie and say she didn't sometimes judge people by appearance, but this time it was different. Kitty realized it must have been really hard for him growing up, something she wouldn't normally think when meeting someone. She had this gut urge that she really wanted to get to know him, but she had no idea why.

After what seemed like forever to the both of them she replied, "Aren't you going to help me up?"

His face lit up as he realized she wasn't going to scream and run away. It was a normal reaction when people saw him the first time, other mutants included. He slowly raised his hand to her and offered it. She took it immediately and he pulled Kitty to her feet easily. They stared at each other a few moments longer before they released the grip.

Kitty tilted her head slightly to the left, "Hi."

He raised an eyebrow but answered nonetheless, "Hello."

"What's your name?"

"Mein name is Kurt, Kurt Wanger. Und you are?"

"Kitty Pryde. I just came here today."

"I know. I saw you outside und talking to zee professor."

"So you were spying on me?"

Kurt looked abashed, "No it vasn't like zat, just vhen I saw you…"

Kitty smiled at him reassuringly, "I'm just kidding with you Kurt. Hey do you want to show me around? Like to my room?"

"Ja, of course I vill."

Suddenly a loud sound reached them, something like a huge explosion and everything was in chaos. People were screaming, running, and going crazy. Kitty turned around but she couldn't find Kurt anywhere.

"Kurt!" she yelled, "Where are you? Kurt!"



Kitty sat bolt upright in her bed. It had been months since she had seen Kurt or any of the other X-men group members. She'd thought about them often enough, but this was the first time she had had such a vivid dream. She shifted onto her other side and looked out the window. The pitch black made her stomach twist in unforgiving knots. Kitty dearly missed everyone. She had almost forgotten the details about the first time she met Kurt; the way he smiled, the way he moved, his rich voice. It had been a nice normal day. After chatting for a bit he had given her the grand tour of the mansion and in the months she spent there, she had considered Kurt one of her best friends and liked to think he considered her the same. Then why had he never contacted her? She wasn't going to deny the fact and blame it all on him because truthfully she hadn't attempted to contact him either. Just after not seeing him for such a long time and thinking or wondering what he was up to made her come to terms with realization. She was in love with him; she had been for some time now. And he had no idea. Plus there really was no way to contact him. She didn't think he'd be the first person to go out and get a cell phone. Who knew if he even still remembered all the fun times they had had together. She sighed tiredly, trying to push the ideas out of her mind and concentrate on the dream again. Why had her first memory of Kurt coincided with the day of the explosion? It's not like they should have gone together at all.

Before Kitty could think into it any farther a loud crack sounded and a flaming wooden torch landed on her carpeted floor. Kitty jumped out of bed and stomped out the lit wood. She walked to the now smashed window and looked out. A mob had formed in front of the Pryde residence and they didn't look happy.

"You should go back to where ever you came from mutie!" one of the men shouted.

"Yeah we don't want you in our neighborhood," another agreed.

Suddenly Kitty's parents were in her room, her dad with a piece of ply wood that he placed in front of the window.

"I thought mobs like this only happened in the movies," Kitty half-joked to lighten the mood.

It did no such thing. Her parents looked at her critically until her mother wondered nervously, "Are you ok, hunny?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"They've been getting worse lately," her father stated matter-of-factly.

"Maybe its time for me to go."

"You know that's not what your father was getting at, Kitty!"

"I know Mom, but I don't want to cause you guys any trouble. And I've kind of been thinking of leaving for some time now. Maybe I'll head to Genosha. I want to see what's going on there," Kitty explained.

Her mother gave her a doubtful look, "Are you sure? You know we really don't mind if you stay with us."

"Thanks Mom that means a lot to me, but it's been months already. The professor is gone, the X-men have been disbanded, and it's time for me to forge my own path."

"Well if it's what you really want you know we'll support you."

"I know, but if anyone asks don't tell them where I'm headed ok?"

"Are you sure? What if…"

"No one is going to come looking for me," Kitty repeated sternly.

Kitty hurriedly packed clothes, books, a toothbrush, hairbrush, money, and a few other trinkets into her backpack, the same backpack she had used on her first day at the Institute she remembered fondly. After she changed out of her pajamas, she hugged each of her parents in turn and told them not to worry. She promised to keep in contact and then was out the front door without even opening it.

The mob jumped back at her surprised entrance but she quickly put them in there place as she growled, "Look I'm leaving ok?" She tipped her shoulder to show the backpack residing there, then continued, "If my parents complain that you people are still bothering them, I'm going to come back and teach each and every one of you a lesson in manners, so let's keep it civil, alright?"

With that clearing it up, Kitty hoped desperately, she turned her back and started walking down the street with no notion of where she was headed. Yes she'd told her parents she was going to head to Genosha but she still wasn't sure. It wasn't that she didn't want to go there, it was just that she was a former X-men and she wasn't sure how welcoming Magneto would be about it.

Kurt, where are you right now? Kitty wondered as she glanced up at the stars overhead. Was he looking up and noticing the exact same picture she was?


Kurt wrapped his overcoat around his body tighter and leaned back. His head rested against the alley wall he was currently residing in and he couldn't help but notice Perseus, the constellation that was magnified just over his head. The two main star clusters were gleaming against the moonlight and he thought it looked absolutely beautiful. Absolutely beautiful like someone he knew very well, or used to know well. Slowly Kurt's mind wandered back to fun times he had at the Institute and the first time he'd really took notice of the stars.

"Kurt, look at that one!"

Kurt turned his head to glance at Kitty then looked up in the direction she had pointed. His first thought was that those couldn't really be stars because they were so bright. They later looked up the constellation on the internet and found out it was called Perseus and that it was brightest during early December. It had been like the stars had been waiting for the pair at just the right time and day.

"That one is definitely my favorite constellation. It's so beautiful."

"Yeah it is," Kurt breathed, although his gaze was no longer lingering on the sky.

Kitty seemed to sense his eyes and turned to look at him. Kurt quickly turned his head back to the stars and was glad the combination of him being blue and the darkness couldn't give away the embarrassment present on his cheeks. He stared up at the bright stars but could still feel Kitty's gaze burning a hole into him. Kurt turned back to her and almost caught his breath. With the silvery shadowed moonlight half across her face and those gorgeous blue eyes searching his face intently he couldn't stop his next actions. In an instant he had leaned his head in and pressed his lips against hers. Kitty eagerly answered the kiss, adding more pressure to his lips.

Kurt couldn't deny that it felt amazing, but he regretfully pulled his mouth away from hers. Her eyes blinked dreamily, and then refocused on his face.

"What's the matter?"

"I'm sorry Kitty, its just zat you're only sixteen and you haven't been at zee Institute for long," Kurt tried to say.

Kitty's cheerful expression darkened immediately and she stood up.

"Vait Kitty please…"

"Its fine Kurt, don't worry about it," Kitty shot back as she stalked into the mansion, not bothering to use the door.

Kurt dropped his head into his three-fingered hands and let out a soft sigh. He hadn't meant to hurt her feelings. In fact he had been deeply faltered by her apparent interest. The issue was that he'd never really had anyone seriously interested in him before, for obvious physical reasons. Kitty was the first person to actually take the time to get to know him before she passed judgment on his appearance and he was so grateful to her for that. When he first saw her walking up the steps he had thought she looked nervous and shy, but more than that he thought she looked kind. She had made a few faces when she saw certain mutants, but he couldn't help but take the chance to get to know her. When he had teleported to the top of the steps, he hadn't meant for her to seem him, but she had noticed anyways and he'd been absolutely thrilled when she talked to him like he was normal. Yes, he'd definitely just messed up with the approach he had taken in the aftermath of that kiss.

The blue fuzzy man turned his head back towards the sky, letting the starlight shine in his eyes. Why that memory had suddenly come back to him he didn't know but it darkened his mood instantly. He hadn't been able to convey what he was trying to say to her and before he could clear up the mistake the explosion had separated them indefinitely. Kurt regretted not being able to tell her his feelings because he was deeply infatuated. And she had no idea. He shifted the coat he was wearing once again and hoped she was doing better than he was. Hopefully she was warmer than he was too.

Since everyone had gone their separate ways, Kurt had wandered around the country aimlessly. He had of course helped mutants in need when he was around but it wasn't the same. If something happened to him there would be no one to bail him out and that was hard to think about. Not that he would stop what he was doing because that's not what the professor would do, but being solo wasn't all it was cut out to be. For one he was extremely lonely. He could occasionally have a good conversation with a fellow mutant or one he had been lucky enough to rescue from the MRD, but those were few and far in between. The realization of his solitude was hard to cope with. Where his next meal came from and what his plans were for the future was always left in the open and occurred unexpectedly. He'd had a few ideas of stowing away on one of the ships heading to Genosha, but hadn't acted on it yet. It wasn't that he didn't want to go rather than if he did, the X-men if they attempted to reassemble the team, which he highly doubted, probably wouldn't look for him there.

Kurt sighed; maybe he would just try it anyways. He glanced up at the stars once more before letting his eyes flutter shut.