Author note: This is my vision of how the phone call went between Rosalie and Bella in Breaking Dawn.

Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer, mistakes belong to me and the glory is God's of course.

Rosalie to Bella


"Why what?" Bella asked in a whisper on Edward's cell phone, looking outside to see if he was back yet from bringing the bags to the boat.

"Why are you trying to save this baby? I thought you didn't want children." Rosalie answered.

"It's not that I didn't want children. I just accepted that my choice would mean that I would not have them." Bella explained.

"So now that you're pregnant, you're willing to have a child."

"Now that I am pregnant with Edward's child, I choose to do whatever is necessary to have this child." Bella continue. "Rosalie, you want a child, yes?"

"Yes" Rosalie answered shortly.

"Emmett's or would anybody's do?" That gave Rosalie a pause and Bella continued without giving her time to speak. "Because for me it was Edward's or nobody's. Those were my choices, Rosalie. I could have a family with children or I could have a family with Edward. I know who I can't live without, so there was no choice to be made. But now there is still no choice to be made, I have a chance to have Edward's child and I got to take it. No matter the cost."

"You know Edward believes that the cost would be your life."

"Well. Edward is wrong. I can do this Rosalie. I just need help in keeping Edward from doing something we both will regret." Bella took a deep breath. This was taking too long; Edward would back from the boat soon. "Are you going to help me or not?"

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