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Chapter 1

The meeting


Today is the first day of school. This year is my first year of high school. I guess I should be excited or at least nervous, but I'm not. Maybe it's because I always liked school in a way, as I'm a straight A student. Or maybe it's because I have never had real friends. Well, acquaintances yeah. But friends, nope. I always sit on my own at lunch but I am okay with that. I get to read my favorite books again. That's one of the reasons why I don't have friends. People think I'm a crazy geek.

Only Angela Weber is good to me. She is a very nice girl. She has had a crush on Ben Cheney since we were 10. We are alike in many ways but we have a very important difference. She's one of the popular kids, even here, whereas I'm a loner, an outsider. You may think I'm weird, but I like the way things are.

Besides, I have my brother and sister to help me when I need it. My brother, Emmet, is a senior in high school this year and my sister Alice is a junior. You would think that we would fight and argue often but not us. We are very close, especially me and Alice, since we're sisters.

Emmet is like the goofy older brother that is always making fun of everything and everyone. But when you need him , he will be there to help you. He is also very protective of me, since I'm his little sister. That's why no one at school messes with me. Well, who wouldn't be afraid of Emmet Swan, the star of the Forks football team? He's huge and anyone would be intimidated by him. But if you know him you'll see that he's just like a giant teddy bear that you want to hug.

Alice on the other hand is really tiny, like a pixie with short spiky hair. You could say she's my best friend but I can't talk to her about everything because we don't like the same things. She's very energetic and likes to shop a lot and I'm , well, I'm me. Boring little Bella Swan, Chief Swan's daughter, the geek, who likes to read classics in her free time.

Our parents now is a different story. My dad, Charlie, is the chief of police in our little rainy town, Forks. My mom left us soon after I was born so my dad had to play both roles. I'm happy though with the way things are. And when I needed a girls talk I had Alice. I couldn't hold a grudge to my mom. She had her reasons.

Okay, so first day of school. It's a special day today because we have some new neighbors move in across the street. They are the family of the famous doctor Carlisle Cullen. Everyone says we are lucky that he accepted the Forks Hospital's offer and agreed to move here. I don't know much about him except that he has three kids and his wife's name is Esme. I overheard my dad saying that on the phone.

I'm nervous about that more than I am about school. I never had neighbors. The house closer to mine is one block away. So I start wondering, what would the Cullen kids be like? I know for sure they're older than me. But are they nice?

These are the things I'm thinking about as my dad drives me to school today. When we arrive I'm a little reluctant to get off but my dad encourages me with his words. I kiss him goodbye and get out. On my way to my first class I saw Angela. She just waived at me and smiled. I did the same and went on.

The popular kids included Angela and Ben, the only people worth mentioning but anyway, Lauren Mallory, the most mean girl at Forks High, Jessica Stanley, Lauren's dumb follower and Mike Newton, who has a crush on me since forever but is dumb as hell.

School was boring as always and lunch came soon. I sat at my usual table, alone and started reading my favorite book Wuthering Heights while eating my apple. After that, school finished in a blur and I found myself in my dad's car once more, anxious to meet my new neighbors.

The first thing I saw when I got out of my car was my siblings talking to the Cullen kids, I assumed. So, I went to introduce myself.

"Um, hi."

"Oh, hello dear! You must be Bella. I'm Esme Cullen, nice to meet you. Your brother and sister were talking about you." She said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too Mrs. Cullen" I said shyly.

"You can call me Esme my dear. Well, I should leave you kids alone now. I have stuff to do anyway." And with a wink, she left. I liked her.

"Well Bella, let me introduce you to Jasper and Rosalie Cullen," my sister said.

"Nice to meet you Bella," said Jasper. He was tall and nice built, with blond hair. He was handsome I guess.

"You too," I answered lamely. He seemed very nice.

Rosalie on the other hand, was more intimidating and definitely the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She's tall with long blond hair and blue eyes. She greeted me I assume but I didn't hear it because then I saw the most handsome man I have ever seen. He had bronze hair that stood out in every direction and a defined jaw. But that's not what I noticed first. His eyes were the most perfect shade of green and they were so deep you would think that you could see his soul through them. I must have been lost in his eyes because next thing I know he was right in front of me and he had his hand extended to me. That's when I heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.

"Um hi? Can you hear me? I'm Edward."

"Oh sorry. I dozed off for a while. Um I'm Bella" I said and I shook his hand.

When I touched him though, the most bizarre thing happened. It was like an electric current went through my whole body and it wasn't unpleasant. I just stood there, looking into his eyes while our hands were still connected until my sister spoke.

"So Bella, now you have met all the Cullens I think we should throw a welcoming party for them!"

Ugh, Alice loved parties. I hated them. Let's leave it at that.

"Oh no, you shouldn't do that just for us." Jasper said.

"Well, listen now my friend." Emmet said, "when Alice decides something, you can't get it out of her head."

I didn't hear what they said next because Edward started talking to me.

"So I see you like The Beatles?"

"Um how do you know?"

"It's on the badge you have on your bag." He said smiling.

"Oh. Yeah I like them. They're one of the best bands ever." I said, blushing a deep shade of red.

"Yeah, I love them. So how old are you? Aren't you a little young to like the Beatles?"

"I'm fourteen and I don't think there's a proper age to like good music. How old are you?" I said shyly.

"I'm 22 years old."

"Aren't you supposed to go to a university or something?" Alice intervened.

"Um yeah I study at the Seattle University."Edward answered.

"What's your major?" I asked. I couldn't take my eyes off of him and all I wanted was to keep him talking so I could hear his velvet voice.

"I'm majoring in music."

"Eddie here is a piano prodigy." Laughed Rosalie

"Piano? Really? Bella always wanted to learn playing the piano!" Alice said excitedly.

Everyone turned to look at me then and I felt like all my blood concentrated on my face at that moment, blushing hard.

"Well maybe I can teach you if you want." Edward told me, smiling.

"Um yeah, that would be nice."

"Cool. We'll start whenever you want then."

"Tomorrow." I said a little too quickly, causing him to laugh at my excitement.

"Okay then."

"Well, we have to go now so we'll see you at school." Alice said.

We all said our goodbyes and we parted ways. I heard Edward calling after me and I stopped and turned around.

"Tomorrow, after school come here and we will start our lessons. Is that okay with you?"he said

"Yes."I said lamely.

"Okay then." he smiled. He began to walk away, leaving me watching him and before he entered the house he said "Oh and I like the T-shirt." And with that, he was gone.

I looked down at me and I realized that I was wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm not normal".

And with that, I had my very first crush on the one person that was bound to change my life.

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