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"Hey Bella, you're looking fine today." Are you freaking kidding me? I looked up, eyebrow already raised at the fact that Mike Newton thought he could try it on with me, again. His blue eyes almost pleading as I knew what he was about to ask next. He knew I had a boyfriend, and he also knew that I wasn't remotely attracted to him in the slightest. Yet still the moron persisted. Perhaps it was because he was on the football team, and thought he could have any girl he wanted. Just because you're good with balls does not mean I want to have sex with you...Asshole.

"Get lost Mike" I said, barely trying to keep the disdain from my voice. His face immediately fell and he turned around in his seat to face the front of the class. I sort of felt a little bad for the poor kid then. I mean, he wasn't that bad as long as he wasn't hitting on me. But I didn't have time to apologise, because at that moment the door slammed shut, and Mr Mason walked into the room. So began the joys of English.

It's not that I don't enjoy English, it's just the simple fact that Mr Mason spits when he talks, which could potentially hit me, even though I'm sitting in the third row. I'm not kidding; that man's spit is almost like a force of nature. I grimaced and attempted to concentrate on what he was saying. This was in fact working pretty well until my phone started vibrating.

I looked up, good, he hasn't noticed anything. I inconspicuously got my phone out of my jeans pocket and checked my messages. The first was from my boyfriend, Aiden, the second from my best friend, Angela.

'Hey baby, what's up? Listen, I can't make it tonight, I forgot Coach Clapp told us we had an extra practise.

I Love you,



I sighed, secretly relieved that Aiden wasn't coming to the movies tonight. Aiden himself was the almost the perfect boyfriend; hot, smart, funny, and the star quarterback on the football team. The only problem was, after our six month anniversary last week he had started to end every text, email and conversation with the words 'I love you'. I couldn't say the words back to him, because I didn't. I don't think I had ever loved him. There was just no sparks when we touched, no butterflies in my stomach, and I certainly didn't miss him whenever he wasn't around. I knew it was unfair to him to keep stringing him along, but he was completely devoted to me, and whenever I seemed to bring the subject up, he changed it almost immediately. And I was far too weak to put my foot down. Shaking my head, I opened the other text.

Hey girl, don't suppose I could borrow your maths homework? I made the mistake of lending it to Eric, and low and behold he got coffee stains all over it. I nearly killed him.

I smiled to myself. Angela and Eric had been going out since junior year, and they were completely made for each other. Eric was a bigger klutz than I was though, so it was no surprise he'd messed up Angela's homework. I replied to her text and then tried to focus on the last half hour of the English lesson.