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Marrying a prince has been viewed as a fairytale for centuries by people all over the world. But in reality, it isn't so, at least not today. Just look at the princes around us: in Japan, there's Crown Prince Naruhito, who pursued Masako Owada for years before she finally give in. In England, there's Prince Charles of Wales, whose fairytale marriage to Diana Spencer was nothing but a sham; his brother Prince Andrew, Duke of York had done no better. He and Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson divorced after six years of marriage. They are still friends, Fergie confirmed, but they'll never remarry. And then, there are princes in Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Monaco…but who needs to marry them? Nowadays, any girl can get good education and earn good money on her own. Don't believe me, get yourself a Forbes magazine and you'll see that "woman's job" is now men's "dream job".

Back in the old days, the princes had to get married, especially if they were the heir apparent. If they didn't like their brides for their lack of beauty or intelligence, three words, "suck it up". They had to be more open-minded, that was what they were told. Worst case scenario, they can be killed by their bride's suffocating odor while performing their "duties", but that's only 0.0001% chance of that. In normal cases, they would get a kid or two within two or three years of marriage. After that, if the prince still find the bride loathing, then he could spend time with some other nicer-looking, better smelled gals, a.k.a., mistresses. That's right. There's nothing to lose; after all, it had been a pattern in all royal families. Look at Henry VIII, Charles II, and let's not forget Louis XIV. Back then, they were the role models of all kings. But today, they are the arch-enemy of the feminists, which represent at least 75% of females in the world.

So, today, in the 21st century, when girls are free to marry whoever they want, the princes, on the other hand, remained in prison by the ancient traditions. If a prince remained single by age 30, the press would kill him, even though it's quite obvious that the average age men get married nowadays is 35. To make things worse, no woman would want to marry him. For god's sakes, who want to live in a life where everything is scheduled and restricted by a hundreds of rules? And how is living in a palace different from living in house? Just in case if you are wondering, your dorm room might be more comfortable than that Buckingham Palace, for her majesty the queen has to turn "off" the heat in the evenings to save money from electric bills. As result, the rooms are freaky cold. And the stories of Princess Diana and Crown Princess Masako are not making life as a princess consort more appealing. How ironic, the princes in the fairy tale are used to fight for the throne in order to impress the maidens to marry them. Now, they are "forfeiting" the throne so they can find wives. Oh wow.

But still, Cinderella's story is still appealing to us, right? Or else, why are shows and films like "Goong" and "Princess Sissi" are hot? I guess that in our imaginations, happily ever after still exists. So forget reality, let's imagine....

That in Western Europe, there's a kingdom called Ensturia, reigned by the royal family, the House of Yagami...

The first Yagami king was a warrior king who ascended the throne after winning victory over William the Conqueror. And then, he passed his crown to his eldest son, who passed his crown to his eldest son, and so on...

The Ensturian kings followed Salic laws, which means women were barred from ascending the throne unless all Yagami males die. The first Yagami king married late; his first eight children were all girls. He did not beget a son until age 56. And so to prevent the demise of the Yagami dynasty, before his death, he passed a new law: the reigning king and crown prince must marry by age of 21. If not, then he must forfeit his status as king or heir apparent. Apparently, it worked, for House of Yagami lasted for centuries.

The House of Yagami ruled Ensturia as absolute monarchs until World War II, when Adolf Hitler invaded Ensturia and ousted the royal family out. The king took his entire family to England, where they were given refuge by King George IV. After the war ended, the royal family returned to Ensturia; they kept their crown but ruled as constitutional monarch, which was a favor done for General Dwight D. Eisenhower. And thus began the series of modern reforms...

Forfeited absolute power meant that the king can focus more time on his family. For the first time, he realized how he had neglected his wife and children. Thus, the king ended the royal family tradition of handing royal children to tutors and nannies and allowed the royal family members to raise their children as their own. Then, his son, the crown prince, on his fateful twenty-first birthday, announced to his parents that he is engaged, to a commoner. They met at the tennis court and he promised to marry her if she won the match. And she did. So, to keep his promise, the crown prince married her. The queen was outraged at first; she just couldn't allow a commoner to become the queen after her. The court and parliament were not supportive either. They wanted the crown prince to marry the prime minister's daughter or an English princess or at least, a noblewoman. But the crown prince remained stubborn on his choice. On the bright side, the marriage was popular to the people. They were fascinated with that the crown prince is marrying for love and viewed it as a fairytale. Due to the couple's popularity and the crown prince's refusal to give in, the king and queen decided to let him have his way. So, the crown prince married his commoner-born true love.

The crown prince and princess had two children. The first child, a boy, was named Taichi. The second was a girl named Hikari. Five years later, the king died; and the crown prince ascended the throne as the new king. His wife became the first commoner-born queen consort in the history of Ensturia.

And sixteen years later, the crown prince Taichi turned twenty-one. By the tradition, he must now marry or forfeit his place as heir. But the question is, who will be his bride?

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