Chapter 8

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Weddings are big businesses, real big.

It's not just the caterers, fashion designers, or the wedding planners.

It's the media.

Coincidentally, the crown prince of Ensturia's engagement was announced just at the same time when Prince William of Wales's relationship with Kate Middleton came into light. And by no surprise, the media were having their field days.

For once a lifetime, the media's coverage on Taichi exceeded the coverage on Prince William of England. News, Twitter, Internet, and magazine—all about Taichi's upcoming wedding, and the family drama of the Yagami. Headlines like "Crown Prince Taichi engaged to former actress Mimi Tachikawa", "Does King Susumu really approve his son's engagement?", and "Duke Motomiya returned to Ensturia—Intensity of Royal Drama" appeared all over the news and people's everyday conversations.

And this morning's headline was "Princess-to-be yawning at the football game".

That was the media's response to Mimi's first public appearance as the crown princess.

Basically, what happened was Taichi was attending the football game between the Ensturians and the Germans. As the former captain of the Ensturian national team, Taichi felt that he need to be there to support his former teammates. And he brought Mimi along. After all, wherever he goes, she should follow, according to the royal tradition that is.

Taichi was quite nervous about seeing his former teammates again. He could understand that they were disappointed to his departure. Yet, to his own surprised, his former teammates greeted him warmly and they presented him an interesting gift—a package of sport-injury care products. It turned out they knew the real reason of his departure all along, except for the part on how he got wounded. In the goalie Wakabayashi's words, "Taichi leaving football for studies as my dog is growing a fifth leg."

As for Mimi, sports were just never her thing. She hardly paid any attention to any sport, not even to the World Cup. For her, watching football was boring, because 1) she didn't know the players and 2) she didn't understand anything about the game. So before she knew it, she was yawning and rubbing her eyes. Paparazzi were not going to miss that.

After the game, Mimi followed Taichi to a charity event. As soon as she stepped on the red carpet, camera flashes were all over her. Immediately, she was blinded by the flashes and almost lost her balance. Luckily for her, Taichi caught her in his arms just before she could fall over her heels. And the paparazzi caught that too. Some people found it amusing, while others found it touching. Overall, Taichi's action as Mimi's protector won him quite amount of approval from the Ensturians.

Whatever the headlines were, they didn't bother Mimi for she hardly had the time to read any of these stuff. She was extremely preoccupied with her upcoming wedding. The wedding gown, the hair style, the tiara, the jewelries, and the evening gowns for the wedding after-party…And she wasn't spared from Anna's iron-fist rules for her expected behavior on this big day. All these arrangement were just so tiresome for her that she could fall asleep while standing.

And then, there was the issue about living in the palace instead of in her apartment with her mother. Since she was officially the crown princess of Ensturia, she had to live in the palace, in her own apartments. Once she and Taichi married, they would then move in together like a royal couple. Unlike at home, there was no more noisy alarm clock or long hours in the bathroom. Instead, each morning, she was awaken by scents of roses. Once awaken, she found herself surrounded by ladies-in-waitings who helped her dress, brushed her hair, and with her toilette. This really was something she was not used to. Not that she didn't prefer the service, but she just liked her privacy more.

Meanwhile, for Taichi, it was a different story. Needless to say, his days are much more relaxing. Except for the wedding preparation, he had nothing else to worry about. He was quite happy that all these things happened during school vacation. The engagement ceremony occurred after the semester ended, and the wedding would be three weeks after the engagement ceremony. So, pretty much, he and Mimi were spared from the suffocating attention from their classmates for now.

In a quiet afternoon, a Mercedes drove into a lovely white mansion. A blond young man stepped out and rang the door bell. After a few seconds, the butler opened the door and greeted him warmly, "Master Takeru, welcome."

Takeru smiled and entered the mansion. There, his half-brother Yamato was waiting for him.

"Now there's my favorite brother," Yamato gave him a slap on the back.

"Nice try, I'm your only brother," Takeru smirked. "What are you up to?"

Yamato looked around, and Archibald took the hint and went away.

Lowered his voice, Yamato, with his arm around his little brother, said, "Something is coming up, and I need your help."

"Why, what have you done now?" Takeru asked, amused.

"Nothing yet."

"Nothing yet?"

Yamato looked around as if it was some sort of MI6 mission. "We are planning a bachelor party."

"What?" Takeru's eyes widened.

"You heard me."

"Who's we?"

"You and me."

"No way, no how," Takeru resisted. "I'm not getting my hands on this one."

"Why not? Don't tell me that I cannot even count on my only brother." Yamato was disappointed.

"Look brother, the king and queen will never hear it. And you really want both you and me to be on the next headlines in the news next to Paris Hilton? What's our father going to say?"

"That's why we are not telling them."

"Not even Taichi?"

"Nope. We are going to surprise him," Yamato gave a devlish smile.

"What does Sora think of this?" Takeru asked.

"She doesn't know."

"Because she'll talk you out of it?"


"So what's your plan?" Takeru brought out the bottom question.

"I don't have one," Yamato let out a sigh.

"Okay, like in any story, there's who, where, when, why, and how. So let's start with who…" Like a journalist, Takeru took out a note pad and start writing.

"Who…" Yamato tapped his arm and start wondering. "Of course, there's me, and you, and Taichi…"

"Just three of us?"

"Well, no. You can't have a bachelor party with just three people…but we must have people we trust…so who can we trust…"

"Izumi Koshiro!"

"That nerd from the computer lab?"

"Why, what's wrong with having him? He's a good friend of mine, and he doesn't talke to anyone."

"Okay, he's good. Who else…"


"Daisuke!" Yamato made a face. "No way, no freaking way."

"Come on brother, you got to have him there."

"And why?"

"One, he is Taichi's favorite cousin; two, he is my best friend, whether you like it or not; and three, how are you going to afford this party?"

The last part got him. Although he could never stand Daisuke, he had to admit that he had to turn to him for finances.

"So, just five of us?"

"Do you really want that many people? I thought you want to be discreet.."

"True," Yamato admitted."

"Now, next up, where?"

"It can't be a bar or a night club, that definitely attracts attention." He still remembered that headline of him and Taichi being gay lovers after hitting the bar in the night of Taichi's birthday party.

"So let's book a place in a fancy five-star hotel, and Daisuke will pay for it," Takeru suggested.

"Excellent!" Yamato agreed.

"Okay, now when?"

"At the end of this week."

"This soon?"

"Like I said, I don't want to attract attention. If it's right before the wedding, the paparazzi will definitely catch it."


"And it will be booked in your name."

"Okay," Takeru didn't mind, since he wouldn't be paying. Afterall, it would be much safer using his name. Who knows or cares for a "Takeru Ishida"?

"Let's skip why since it's obvious, for the fun and amusement. So how?"

"How? Simple—you and Daisuke will go book the place together and inform me on where and when. Then on the night of the party, I'm going to make sure Taichi's getting there. And we'll have fun."

"Wait," Takeru remembered something. "What about the stripper?"


"You can't have a bachelor party without a stripper."

"Just have Daisuke take care of that." Yamato relaxed. Come think of it, Daisuke was not that bad of person to have around. In fact, he began to like him.

But very soon Takeru remembered why his dear older brother couldn't stand him in the first place.

Apparently, something went wrong with the reservation. Either Daisuke just couldn't done things right or the hotel front desk couldn't manage right. Bottom line, the place was already booked for another party. And the gang didn't find out until they got there.

"What do you mean it's already taken?" Daisuke demanded angrily. "Who's using it anyway?"

"A Russian gentleman," the hotel clerk replied. "By the name of Vladmir Patalov."

"Look, I don't care what 'mir' or 'ov', you told me that the place is available!"

"Until tonight."

"Until tonight?"

The hotel clerk leaned over and lowered his tone, "Mr. Patalov is a very important person and it is my advise to you that if you can just leave quietly."

Daisuke was livid. "You certainly got some guts to say that to me! Do you know who I am by the way? I can assure you that I'm not someone you want to mess up with either!"

With that said, he rushed into the reserved bar. "Come on Takeru, let's get our party started!"

Only then they realized what the hotel clerk meant. Mr. Vladmir Patalov was indeed an important person, only that Patalov wasn't his real name. It was Putin.

Prime minister Vladmir Putin of Russia, and some of his friends.

And Daisuke was the only one who didn't recognize him.

"Look sir, I don't know who you are or what you are here for, but you have to go somewhere else—" Before he could finish, Yamato made his grand entrance with a blind-folded Taichi, not even realizing what's in front of him.


And when the blind-fold came off, both Taichi and Yamato were stunned.

Takeru and Koshiro remained silent. Takeru just didn't know what to say while Koshiro was just being his regular self.

Putin himself, however, seemed to be amused. He stood up and walked to Taichi and said sometime very politely, in Russian.

After he was done, his interpreter came forward that said in English, "Mr. Putin find it a pleasure to meet you in person, your highness. He congratulates you on your engagement ."

Taichi smiled in return, "It is my pleasure to meet you again, Mr. Putin, for I have always admired you. And thank you."

Yamato, aware of their awkward situation, stepped up and tried to explain, "Well, sir, may I explain, we were supposed to be somewhere else—"

Before he could finish, Putin stopped him and said to Taichi, this time in English, "Our last meeting was a year ago, and I have to say, you have become more matured."

"I thank you for your compliment."

The two began to have their conversation with the topics ranging from everyday life to politics, until they were interrupted by another grand entrance: a huge gift box. Just before the cover was about to fly open, Daisuke and Yamato launched at it and forced to cover to remain shut.

"Now, can you tell me what is this all about?" Putin asked, keeping a straight face.

"I wish I can tell you," Taichi replied, even though he already guessed the answer.

To his surprise, Putin began to laugh. "My oh my, your highness, let that girl out. And I sincerely hope that you wouldn't mind if my friends and I can join your little fete. I never have been to a bachelor party my entire life."

With that said, he waltzed to the gift box, and led the dancer out like a gentleman. That blonde dancer gleefully jumped into his arms. Hearing his Russian accent, she began to hum a Russian verse. One thing led to another, the two began to dance together.

Turning his attention to his friends, Taichi demanded, "So, this is my surprise?"

"Don't ask me, ask Daisuke."

"Hey don't look at me!" Daisuke was no happy camper either. "I paid for all this, for Mr. Vladmir Putin's own amusement."

"I'm so disappointed," Takeru added.

"Why, what are you disappointed about?" Daisuke asked.

"Do you have any idea how big of a story this could be? This could be the breakout story of my journalist career! But I can't say a word because—"

"Because I'll put you in the tower if you say one word!" Taichi finished the phrase for him. "Now, let's see how we can get out of here—"

"Come now, young men," Putin appeared before them. "Let's have some amusement. I have vodka at your service."

With such a nice offer, the young men couldn't refuse. With only exception of Koshiro, all other four prayed that Putin wouldn't tell their fathers or uncle, in Daisuke's case. As Yamato, Koshiro, Takeru, and Daisuke all went for their vodka, Putin pulled Taichi aside.

"Just between you and I, can you tell me your true motive behind your fairytale wedding?" Putin asked, with his voice lowered.

"My true motive?" Taichi asked, not knowing what he was referring to.

Putin laughed. "Marrying such a beautiful commoner, not like Miss Kate Middleton, but a real commoner. I have to say, it is a great way to get closer to the people."

"Can I know what are you referring to?" Taichi now felt uncomfortable.

"Wouldn't this be all part of your plans on keep your crown and maybe being the future prime minister of Ensturia?"

Taichi was stunned.

"Looking at you," Putin chuckled at his reaction. "I see a lot of potential in you. Frankly, I must admit, it is a great shame that I don't have a son like you. But remember this, you are certainly not Prince William; you are bound to do something greater."

Hearing that, Taichi felt complimented and somewhat offended. Throughout his entire life, his own father never said something as such. On the other hand, how dare he accuse him to marry Mimi as a political stunt! He was marrying for love, not for politics.

And after months of waiting, the wedding day finally arrived.

The night before the wedding was the last night Mimi shall spent in her own room back in her apartment shared with her mother. It was quite an emotional night for her, for she will never return again.

Nor was she allowed to bring anything with her. As crown princess of Ensturia, she must forfeit all her belongings from her commoner life. This had caused her much tears. After much begging and Taichi's interference, the palace finally permitted her to bring along her teddy bear, a gift given by Jyou.

Her mother was not in a happy mood either for she was going to part from her daughter. Mimi and her mother had a good cry together and promised that they will never stop loving one another.

And now, the morning arrived; it's her wedding day.

The palace officials, ladies-in-waitings, make-up artists, and hair-dressers were all there to prepare the bride. Like an actress preparing before Oscar ceremony, Mimi sat and stood for 5 hours straight before turning from an ordinary girl-next-door to a princess bride. Classic wedding dress in white silk embroidered with crystals, white gloves, diamond tiara and jewelries—looking at herself in the mirror, Mimi could hardly believe it was all real. Although she already had the engagement ceremony, this experience was like no other. Being the bride, this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. But was she happy? All she knew was that her nervousness was about 200%.

Once all ready, she was set to led to the limousine to take her to the royal chapel. Looking at her mother, Mimi suddenly ran to her and hugged her tightly. The two embraced each other as if this were the last time. Finally, after the palace official politely reminded them the time limits, the two finally parted. As Mimi stepped out the apartment, she found herself surrounded by her neighbors, many whom she hardly ever met before. To them, it was a great honor that a resident of this apartment complex is to be the crown princess. Seeing so many people around her, Mimi suddenly felt as if she was walking on a wire. Her arms were shaking, and she almost fell.

The palace officials escorted her to the limousine. Before she entered the car, she looked at the apartment complex, particularly her mother, as if this was the one last time.

As the limousine drew away, from the window, Mimi gave the crowd a good-bye wave; and the crowd waved back.

Overcome by her emotions, Mimi burst into tears. Sitting next to her, her newly-assigned bodyguard, Yusei, handed her a handkerchief.

"Don't cry your highness," he urged. "You might not want to ruin your beautiful face."

Mimi nodded and carefully wiped her tears away. Quietly, she was taken to the chapel while having millions of butterflies in the stomach.

And finally, they arrived. As Mimi stepped out of the limousine, a lady handed her the bouquet of roses. Now, the princess bride arrived and by tradition, she shall walk on foot to the chapel. There was a marble-white road from the palace gate to the chapel; it was decorated with flowers and gold. All wedding guests, from royal family members to socialites, were standing on the sides of the road welcoming her.

Only she never expected that walk to be that long. And her shoes were not made for walking. With so many people watching her, she felt like walking on a wire.

By the time she arrived the chapel, Daisuke went to her and took her by the arm; it was his duty to give the bride away.

Although it should be Mimi's own father who gives her away since he was the father of the bride, however, he could not be in the country. Only a few weeks earlier did the royal family discovered that her father owed the government a good sum of tax that was enough to sentence him up to five years in prison. Thus, to save himself from this humiliation, he would not dare to return to Ensturia; even if his daughter was marrying the crown prince. As result, Daisuke took the duty of giving the bride away; this allows Yamato to fill in as the crown prince's best man.

Slowly, the two sauntered all the way to the alter, where Taichi and the archbishop were waiting for them. There, Daisuke "handed" the bride to the groom. And now the bride and groom shall exchange their vows to each other.

Now, here's the moment where the entire world was watching them.

"I, Taichi Yagami, take thee Mimi Tachikawa, to be my wife and my faithful partner in sickness and health, in wealth and in poverty, and in joy and sorrow, until death—" he was delivering his lines well, until the word "death". Somehow, it reminded him the conversation he had with Mr. Putin days ago. He just stumbled upon that word, while Mimi was surprised, not knowing what was wrong.

Realizing that everyone was watching him, Taichi cleared his throat and resumed his lines, "—until death torn us apart."

Now it was Mimi's turn.

"I, Mimi Tachikawa, take thee Tochi—"


Taichi's eyes widened. At first, Mimi thought he was mad, but then realized that he was trying to suppress his laugh. That made her relaxed a bit.

"—Taichi Yagami, to be my husband and my faithful partner in sickness and health, in good times and bad, and in joy and sorrow, until death torn us apart."

Her face was red as crimson. Luckily she was behind the wedding veil.

After they placed the wedding ring band on each other, Taichi parted her veils and planted a kiss on her lips.

That was her very first kiss.

And the whole world just exploded at that moment, with camera flashes and applause, and some emotional tears among the guests.

Mimi kept her eyes closed during the kiss, and unexpectedly, she felt Taichi used his tongue into her mouth. Shocked and a little disgusted, she shut her jaws, a little too quickly.

As result, she probably bit him, because she could hear Taichi's groan.

What an interesting royal wedding!

Leaving all the mishaps and awkwardness behind, the newly wed walked down the aisle. On the way, one of the flower girls approached to Mimi; she wanted a rose from her bouquet. That was part of the wedding protocol in the Yagami family. The number of roses is calculated carefully so that each unwedded Yagami girl will receive one. This was to bless all Yagami ladies to have good marriages. By the time Mimi walked out of the royal chapel, all of her roses were given out.

Throughout the ceremony, the king's face remained regal; the queen was quietly wiping her tears with her handkerchief. Hikari was crying too, in a mixture of joy and awe; while admiring looking at her brother and her new sister-in-law, she peered at Takeru and began to imagine herself walking down the aisle with him. Miyako was crying and squeeing out loud; she was just completely fascinated with this fairytale wedding. Several times, her father tapped her on the shoulder to remind her to compose herself. Shaking his head, he was wondering who will marry such a daughter, not knowing that all this time, a dark blue hair young man was watching her all along.

Yamato and Sora were happy for Taichi; he got his bride and kept his crown. Looking at his wedding, they just couldn't wait for theirs. Daisuke, on the other hand, was solemn and quiet, unlike his usual self. He looked very uncomfortable and as if he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, all Mimi's commoner acquaintances—cousins, neighbors, and classmates—watched the entire wedding ceremony on television. Unlike the wedding guests, they could express their reactions freely at their homes. Of course, they did not miss all the mishaps occurred, and laughed uncontrollably, especially at the kissing and tongue-biting scene.

After the ceremony, the royal couple climbed into the royal carriage to the wedding reception in the palace. The purpose of this ride was to show the bride her capital city of her new country. But there was nothing to see, since people and paparazzi were everywhere. Mimi looked down at her hand and played with her rings. Here she was, with a new title, new status, and married with a husband. Only months ago she was a working waitress and college student. She then looked at Taichi, now her husband.

"I'm sorry," she managed to say.

"Sorry for what?" Taichi asked.

"For saying your name wrong, for biting you. That was an accident by the way." She felt guilty.

Placing his hand on hers, Taichi said, "I wouldn't worry about that right now. Frankly, my dear, we have more things to worry about, tonight."

"Tonight?" Mimi was confused. What about tonight?

"Why, don't tell me you have no clue on what is going to occur tonight between you and me?"

"Well—" And suddenly, it hits her like a lightening. Marriage consummation. Her eyes widened.

"It has to be done tonight," Taichi added.

Now all Mimi could do was shake. Marriage consummation was the only thing that occupied her mind for the remaining night.

Finally, it was all over—the ceremony, the royal tour, and the reception.

By now, Mimi was so tired that she felt she could sleep forever. Her feet hurt so badly from all that walking and standing. And her head aches from the heaviness of her diamond tiara. All she wanted to do was to lie down.

Changed into a white, silk nightgown, Mimi quietly laid on the large Victorian bed. And then the door opened, Taichi entered.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him. And that was a stupid question.

"This is my bedroom too," he replied with a yawn and sat on the bed next to her. Mimi's face immediately redden like a tomato.

Seeing her holding her teddy bear, Mr. Poopyface, Taichi took it from her and made a face, "So, this is the famous Mr. Poopyface that I have to personally intervene to allow you to bring here. What an ugly thing!"

"Hey, give me back my Mr. Poopyface!" Mimi cried and tried to grab it back.

Taichi held it high in the air while fighting Mimi off. "Why don't we through this away and I'll buy you a new and bigger bear?"

"No way!" Mimi protested. "This is a gift from Jyou!"

"Jyou?" Taichi stopped. He stood up and looked all serious. "Who is Jyou?"

"A friend", Mimi responded and tried to grab her bear back without success.

"A friend or more than just a friend?" Taichi questioned.

"Hey, what are you implying?" Mimi was getting mad. She grabbed a pillow and used it to smack Taichi. "Jyou is just like my brother. And if you're to accuse me of an unclean past, you are not so pure yourself!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Then, your highness, who is Catherine?"

"What?" Taichi was surprised. "Where did you hear about that?"

"Yamato," Mimi sticked out her touge.

"I'll kill him!" Taichi muttered under his breathe. Then, without warning, Mimi launched at him to grab her bear, but instead, she fell upon him on the bed. Both were face-red at their current position, then they remembered about their first night duty.

"So…" Mimi really didn't know what to do or say about that.

"I have an idea," Taichi whispered.

"You do?"

"Shhh!" Taichi shushed her. "They can hear us!"

"What?" her eyes widened.

"Anna didn't inform you about that?" Taichi was surprised.

Suddenly, Mimi remembered. Yes, indeed, there were people outside their bedroom door listening and recording the marriage consummation. This was so weird.

"So, what's your idea?" Mimi asked.

"Here's what we going to do: you are going to yell real loud, as if you are in pain," Taichi uttered.

"Really?" Then, with an evil smile, she grabbed Taichi's hand and gave it a hard bite.

And Taichi cried his guts out.

Standing outside of the couple's bedroom, the palace officials heard the loud cry. Looking at each other, they had some doubt, but then decided for the best, they took this as a "yes, it happened". They quietly noted down the time and place when the supposed consummation occurred.

The next morning, the ladies-in-waitings went to provide their service for the newly-wed couple. They found them sleeping with Mr. Poopyface between them.

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