Chapter 8


She knows Alice won't mind. Obviously, Alice would love to be the godmother and it would mean a lot to her, but Alice knows that it would mean the world to Rosalie, so she'll be okay with it. And Edward definitely won't mind, Bella's made sure.

"Oh my… God." Rosalie finally manages to utter, after being quiet for what must have been a minute. "Are you serious?"

"Always am." Bella laughs quietly. "So what do you say?"

"What do you think?" she squeals. "Yes! In every language there is – sí, ouí, ja, yes. Yes, yes, a million times, yes!" She throws herself into Bella's arms.

"Oh my God, I have to tell Emmett!" she suddenly exclaims.

"Okay, but don't tell him he's going to be the godfather yet, Edward and I want to do that ourselves."

Edward must have heard their conversation, because he comes up to them and smiles when he sees Rosalie's reaction.

"Oh, he's going to be the godfather? You, guys! I love you", she says, enunciating the word love.

So she does love Bella, it wasn't just something Edward said to make her feel better?

Rosalie hugs Bella one more time and gives her brother a kiss on his cheek. "You won't regret this," she promises and runs off to find Emmett.

"Yeah, we'll see about that. Emmett with our daughter…? I don't know. He can be a little… hmm." Edward thinks for a couple of seconds. "Yeah, I don't think there's a word for it." He chuckles.

Bella laughs at his comment. "No", she says after a while and smiles. "They'll be great."

"Yeah, I think so too", he breathes.

Edward kisses her one time on her cheek and then one time on her mouth. Bella almost falls down as he does that. Gosh, is he the best kisser or what?

Edward chuckles.

"Get a room", they hear Emmett smirk, as he comes up to them.

"We will, as soon as we come to the Denalis", Bella jokes. Well, on a second thought, she isn't really joking… But Emmett doesn't have to know that.

He chuckles. "Remind me and Rosalie not to get the room next to yours."

"Who are the ones to break houses again?" Edward chuckles.

Yes, who are the ones to break houses during their "passionate moments", again? That's right, Emmett and Rosalie. Not Edward and Bella… But then again, Bella's still a fragile human and therefore Edward's always so cautious, but when she's a vampire..? Who knows…

"Bella? What are you thinking about?" Edward interrupts her slightly embarrassing thoughts.

"Oh, uhm, nothing…" she replies nonchalantly, proud of the fact that her face manages to stay skin-colored instead of going all tomato-reddish. This is a perfect example of those moments when Bella's happy that Edward can't read her mind – although he probably wouldn't disagree with her thoughts. Well, hopefully not.

"Guys, are you coming?" Alice yells from the front yard. "We're going to Charlie's house. Then we'll take off."

That's right… Take off. To the Denali coven in Alaska. Without Charlie. Bella had almost forgotten about that.

"Edward, I haven't even come up with a story yet!" Bella starts to panic a little.

"Story?" He raises his eyebrows and frowns.

"To tell Charlie, to why we'll be away from Forks for who knows how long." For who knows how long…, she repeats in her head.

"Don't worry. Apparently Rose and Emmett have come up with something", he says, smiling at her, trying to calm her. But Emmett, really? Andthat's supposed to calm her?

They go to the front yard to the car and Edward opens the car door to the passenger seat and helps Bella to get in, and then hops into the driver's seat.

"So, what story did you two come up with?" She looks at Emmett and Rosalie in the back seat, not able to hide the anxious expression on her face.

"Relax", Emmett smiles. "It's perfect."

"And are you going to tell me what it is?"

"Okay, okay. You'll just tell Charlie that you had to go to a special doctor that lives far from here just to check on something. Something that can be dangerous. That you're worried about or whatever…" Emmett tells her nonchalantly. "Genius, huh?" He smiles smugly.

Bella gasps and looks at Edward as if to see if he's not going to disapprove of Emmett's plan.

"No way!" Bella almost yells. "No way in hell I'm telling Charlie something might be wrong with me or the baby! He'll freak out!"

"Well, don't you think he'll freak out if we come back and tell him you and the baby are dead?" Oh, yeah. Right. Marquis.

"Emmett, shut up!" Rosalie slaps him. "We are not letting that bastard kill, or even come near, Bella and the baby."

Emmett looks at Rosalie and then Bella. "I know. Sorry... We're not gonna let anything happen to you or my little niece in there, sis," he says, stroking Bella's belly twice. "But, you need a story, don't you?"

Bella scratches her head, looking at Edward for ideas.

"Can't we just say we're going on vacation…?" he suggests.

"No, he'll never let me in this condition."

Edward sighs. "No, he won't… So I guess we'll just have to go with what Emmett said."

Bella looks at him with the saddest eyes ever. "I guess we do," she finally gives in.

"Carlisle, Esme and Jazz just drove off with the other car," Alice suddenly says and hops into the backseat next to Rose and Emmett. "I wanted to go with you, Bella. We have so much planning to do!"

Bella looks at her, confused. "Planning?"

"Well, yeah." Alice rolls her eyes. "The baby's gonna be here in just a couple of months! How are we going to decorate the nursery? Who do you want to invite to your baby shower? I've made my point; we have a lot of planning to do."

Edward sighs from the driver's seat. "Alice, not now. Bella's going to her father to tell him a false story she really doesn't want to tell him. And after that we're going to the Denali's, even though we don't know if they'll let us stay there. So, not now."

"Alright, alright." She mumbles, looking bummed out.

"So," Emmett starts, trying to change the subject. "Have you two come up with a name yet?"

"Uh, no," Edward and Bella admit in unison, as Edward starts driving off to Charlie's house.

"We haven't really had time to think about that," Edward says.

Emmett lights up. "Great! Cause I kinda have…"

Bella and Edward look at each other at the same time with the same look on their faces, saying "oh no".

Emmett, of course, doesn't notices and continues with excitement. "I was thinking…perhaps Rosette? You know, like a Rosalie/Emmett mixture. Huh? Huh?" He looks at them with confirmation-seeking eyes and exaltation written all over his face.

While Rosalie just sighs at her husband, Alice, Bella and Edward all look at him, wondering if he's serious. But, he's Emmett. Of course he is.

"No," Bella mutters. "Just…no."

"No? Cause I have a couple of more ideas… And I mean, you can have a veto."

"It's our baby, Emmett," Bella protests. "We can have all the vetos we want."

"Alright. Three vetos."

"And I'm married to him…" Rosalie sighs once again.

"Yeah, why did you marry him, again?" Edward smirks.

Emmett rolls his eyes. "Because I'm hot, duh."

Everybody starts laughing, and by the time they've become silent, they stand parked behind Esme, Carlisle and Jasper outside of Charlie's house.

"So…" Edward starts, as he helps Bella out of the car. "You ready, love?"

This reminds Bella a lot of the time they stood here, preparing to go inside and tell Charlie he was going to be a grandfather. "Not even the slightest," she confesses. "Let's go."

"Good luck, Bella." It's Esme who comes up by her side and kisses her on her cheek. "We'll wait for you out here."

Edward takes Bella's hand in his as they approach the door. Bella knock one time, but doesn't bother to wait for Charlie to come get it. She turns the doorknob and they step in.

"Oh, hi kids." Charlie comes out from the living room with a beer in his hands, probably leaving a baseball game on the TV. "Didn't here you coming."

"Yeah, we wanted to talk to you, dad." Bella tries not to sound as messed up as she is.

"Alright…Why don't you follow me into the living room?"

They do as he says and take seats on the couch in front of the television, which is, as expected, showing a baseball game.

"So, why such serious look on your face, Bells? Do I need to worry?" He doesn't really look so worried, he probably thinks it isn't something serious going on.

"Uh, actually…" she starts.

"Oh my God, you're pregnant!" he interrupts her, joking.

"Busted." Bella plays along and laughs a short, joyless laugh. Edward holds a tight grip around the one hand of hers he never let go.

Bella takes a deep breath. "No, dad. Listen, there is something I wanted to tell you and I don't know, but it might be serious. So I need you to let me finish. But please, just don't worry, okay?"

He nods shortly in assurance, but by the look on his face, he already is worried.

Bella sighs miserably as she starts telling the story Emmett partly came up with, but she partly would have to improvise on. "Look… I let Carlisle exam me, and… it looks like the baby might not be doing as well as we thought she was. I don't know exactly what's wrong and Carlisle doesn't either. It probably has something to do with my placenta breaking. Carlisle could just tell this baby is really sick and he can't do anything about it as long as the baby's inside of me. And obviously, it's way too early for induced labour or c-section. Carlisle is as a doctor too limited to help this baby. Most would be. To get to a doctor that has skills and equipment that qualifies to what this baby needs, I have to go to Europe." Obviously, she can't say Alaska, that's probably not exactly the place of magical doctors. "Switzerland, to be more exact," Bella informs him while looking at him, searching for emotions in his empty facial expression. "This might be dangerous for me and the baby both, dad. Really dangerous." She doesn't have to fake the tears.

"Bells… I don't what to say." With his still empty facial expression, he approaches her on the couch, as if to hug her. She helps him along the way by stretching out her arms, and they embrace each other with such unconditional father-daughter love.

As they sit there, hugging each other, Bella states the obvious. "I'm going to Switzerland, dad. And I don't know when I get back."


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